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Palestinian Jews aghast at Balfour

Sephardi and Mizrahi Jews from long-settled Palestinian/Ottoman families responded to the Balfour Declaration with dismay. They thought it a ‘needless provocation’ and hated the idea of western culture being imposed on the Arab-Jewish semitic culture.

A calamitous British blunder

Ian Black does a formidable job of lucidly condensing 100 years of history into a newspaper essay. With the privilege of hindsight we can see that the Balfour declaration was one of the last loud gasps of empire. The attempt to govern Palestine, 1922-47, was “a colossal blunder” and the beginning of the end for Britain as a world power. But it’s hard for British politicians to close that chapter honourably.

The iterations of the “Balfour Declaration”

The exhibit presented here was part of Judy Price’s show, Still, an exhibition of work she had made around Palestine over the last 10 years. It was shown at the Mosaic Rooms earlier this year.

84 words that killed Palestinian aspiration

What did Weizmann offer the British in 1917 in return for their ‘favour’ towards a Jewish home in Palestine? After the 1947-8 war the commitment ‘nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities’ was dead. Ramzy Baroud says the Declaration was ‘equivalent to a decree calling for the annihilation of the Palestinian people’ and yet they survive.

Don’t blame Balfour. It was the wily wizard

This is the report of a 1931 meeting on Palestine and Jews organised by the English Zionist Federation. Lloyd George is the main speaker. It reveals a lot about how the British government regarded its duty (to Arabs and Jews), how Palestine was presented (a wasteland due to Ottoman neglect) and how Zionism was understood (the ideology of ‘the only race to have made a success of Canaan in the last 3000 years’.

Worshipping St. Balfour is profane

To treat the Balfour declaration as holy writ, to be honoured and unquestioned is, like PM May, to be compliant in the dispossession of the Arabs living in Palestine writes Robert Cohen. The modern trawl for Judaic vindication of Israeli domination of the land is the invention of a fake tradition.

Please – stand by us Arab Christians

A coalition of Christian organizations in Palestine – also speaking for ‘persecuted Christians in Iraq and Syria’ – write an open letter to the World Council of Churches asking for urgent support; ‘We are on the verge of a catastrophic collapse’. For some reason, the BoD chose to attack them. The task is allotted to someone whose blog and letter so jostle with insults, and spurious ‘facts’, the citing of pogroms and persecution, that her argument is not taken seriously by the Methodists whom she addresses.

Christian imperialists saw Palestinians as worthless infidels

100 years later and the British government is proud of the decision by the 1917 Liberal government – known as the Balfour Declaration – to ‘look favourably’ on the creation of a Jewish homeland in Palestine. Why? Because it can pride itself on the birth of Israel of course. The crushing of Palestine as a potential nation-state is an unfortunate side-effect.

Love, sex and the Balfour Declaration

Law professor Nathan Brun rescues a remarkable British Jew – Edwin Montagu – from the dustbin of history. He – strongly opposing Zionism in theory and practice – spoke and wrote a coherent anti-Zionist argument in his post as minister for India in Lloyd George’s 1916-19 government.

Blindness of BoD on Balfour

Robert Cohen values a report from the Church of Scotland (Protestant Christian) on the centenary of the Balfour Declaration. It says, inter alia, that ‘justice, equality, dignity, equal access to natural resources and freedom of opportunity for all’ should be the basis of UK gov’t policy on Palestine. However, establishment Jews flipped the ‘outrage’ switch; such views are ‘unbalanced’. In the desperation to defend today’s Israel they seem to be saying the universal value of fairness is biased and antisemitic.

The two-state solution was never devised for implementation

Ramzy Baroud, the influential Palestinian journalist and intellectual writes that the unattainable 2-state solution was only ever a means to pacify Palestinians. We should all focus instead on creating a state of equality and justice for all.

The danger of false history about Zionism

As we move towards the 100th anniversary of the 1917 Balfour Declaration Robert Cohen advises us to prepare. The air will be filled with inventions, the ground with unseen pits of oblivion. To begin – propaganda that Zionism is and always has been part of Jewish life is simply make-believe.

Delusions of British power in MidEast

One thing is known by Palestinians: their ills are caused by the Balfour Declaration. Good politics perhaps but terrible history. The declaration was highly conditional, made to get the US on side during WW1. Many UN committees later, the British hurriedly left Palestine, allowing the US to step in as the primary outside force backing very unequal partition and the mass immigration of European Jews.

‘UK bears primary responsibility for Nakba’

balfour declaration

Palestinian FM Riyad al-Maliki has asked other Arab states to help the PNA sue the UK for what they see as the consequences of the 1917 Balfour Declaration.

Students’ choice of president attacked as antisemitic

The NUS choice of a black, Muslim woman president has had the rightwing press scurrying to find bits in her past to discredit her. Saying that media is ‘Zionist-led’ is something she should have checked out – and not said. Hannah Weisfeld sticks the boot in in one of the 3 articles plus some notes on Zionism to help you decide.

Netanyahu legacy: ‘Israel will forever live by the sword’

Israel’s secret services, Shin Bet, Mossad, have been equally feared and admired. They have not, before, been ignored by Israel’s governments. They are today. Netanyahu has chosen to treat Palestinians as a permanent threat to which the only answer is military repression. JJ Goldberg’s very gloomy analysis.

Reality behind the myths of the Balfour declaration

What exactly the British government assumed, wanted and expected when its foreign secretary, Lord Balfour, wrote the letter now known as the Balfour Declaration is mired in competing myths of the UK’s relationship to Jews, Arabs and Palestine. James Renton, an expert on the history of those relations, here argues that Lloyd George’s government was under the antisemitic delusion that all Jews were influential and would swing support for the UK in the war. They set up a ‘Jewish Section’ in the Foreign Office to further this narrow and short-term aim.

Interpreting the Balfour declaration

A 95th anniversary is not usually the occasion for significant commemoration but such is the pressure to untangle the strands of the Israel/Palestine conflict that much activity about the 1917 Balfour declaration has already begun. Here, letters on Balfour declaration and report of Balfour Project conference. UPDATED 12.11.12

Campaign for apology from UK for Balfour declaration: UPDATED

The London-based Palestinian Return Center is trying to get 1 million signatures for a demand that Britain apologise to the Palestinians for its mandate over Palestine. A news report first, then the text of Arthur Balfour’s letter to Lord Rothschild, 1917, with a bit of history. UPDATE: Unconnected to the PRC petition, The Balfour Project and Edinburgh conference, last item