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Comments in 2012 and 2011



Heir to throne deplores US ‘Jewish lobby’

When Prince Charles writes of the ‘Jewish lobby’ in the US what is he referring to? The pro-Israel lobby has more Christians than Jews. Or is he thinking of some secretive and nefarious group trying to manipulate government policy? His judgment that ‘the exodus of foreign Jews’ to Palestine after WW2 ‘helped cause’ current problems is not wrong though it’s badly put.

Two faces of Zionism

In his eloquent talk on antisemitism and the Left, Brian Klug deplores the specious attacks from the Right, but argues that the Left’s simple view of imperialist hegemony has blinded them/us to the Zionism that meant, for E. European Jews, their only hope of emancipation.

Fake claim of antisemitism

Lawyer Alan Dershowitz is for civil rights but not Palestinian rights; he is for free speech, but not speech that is critical of Israel. These contradictions are caught in a student cartoon (shown in post) in which an Israeli soldier has shot a Palestinian man who is lying in a pool of his own blood. Dershowitz hits back with a phrase that few will dare argue with lest they be thought antisemitic – blood libel.

Protests as Israeli ambassador interferes to censor free speech

Students at Manchester University booked Marika Sherwood, distinguished Hungarian historian and Holocaust survivor, to speak as part of Israeli Apartheid Week organised by the BDS campaign group. Then Mark Regev surfaced in Manchester to inform the president/VC this was antisemitic. Panic – and measured letters to the press warning that this misuse of ‘antisemitism’ is harmful to Jews.

Trump rides on unspoken Republican racism

The Republican elite in the US despise the vulgar, racist Pres. Trump. Actually, he is saying and doing much that they want but can’t be seen to support. The anti-racist convention that has held the USA together is broken.

Dispute over antisemitism goes mainstream

The IHRA definition of antisemitism, and its controversial link to Israel in its examples of the prejudice, has achieved an unexpected success.The backlash against the blithe acceptance of the definition and examples by many official bodies has pushed the question to the top of several agendas including the Labour conference’s next week.

Antisemitism in contemporary Britain

The Institute for Jewish Policy Research has published one of the most comprehensive studies of antisemitism ever conducted in Britain. “It finds that only a small proportion of British adults can be categorised as ‘hard-core’ antisemites – approximately 2% – yet antisemitic ideas can be found at varying degrees of intensity across 30% of British society.” It draws important distinctions between anti-Israelism and antisemitism but finds some correlation between them in some contexts. “Yet, importantly, most of the antisemitism found in British society exists outside of these three groups – the far-left, far-right and Muslims; even at its most heightened levels of intensity, only about 15% of it can be accounted for by them.”

Jewish nationalism and antisemitism

In a meme posted by Yair Netanyahu to his Facebook account on Friday last week, and hastily taken down Sunday evening, the face of Jewish tycoon George Soros was put on a neo-Nazi character known to symbolize the imagined world-manipulating Jew, beneath the distressing headline “food chain”. Not a word of condemnation from the prime minister – and the right understands his silence as approval

The Establishment’s Outsider Group

The largest Jewish minorities in the West used to be stalwarts of the Left but since the 1970s have become increasingly right-wing. Despite this absorption into the Establishment such Jews have not discarded their heritage of persecution. Emma Green of The Atlantic on the dissonant identities of American Jews.

Arab-Jew hatred is founded on the Occupation

The strongest antisemitism today is found among the victims of Israeli power who often refer simply to ‘the Jews’ as the cause of their penury. Hatred of Muslims strong among many Jews but more widespread. Tony Klug looks at the recent of rise of hostility between them – those who defend Israel’s occupation have a lot to answer for.

M. le President – what of the anti-Zionist Jews?

Shlomo Sand, the Israeli historian who renounced his Jewishness, writes a letter (CounterPunch article) to President Macron who, after a promising start, said in a speech welcoming PM Netanyahu “Anti-Zionism is the reinvented form of anti-Semitism”.

Jewish Socialists’ Group speaks out on the IHRA definition of antisemitism

The Jewish Socialists’ Group joins those who have spoken out against “the IHRA’s politically skewed definition/ statement on antisemitism”. It offers instead “a simpler, clearer and more accurate definition” which local authorities and others, pressurised to adopt the IHRA definition, can use in their fight against antisemitism and other forms of racism.

UNESCO vote for Hebron decried as antisemitic

Of course Israeli spokespersons condemn a UNESCO vote that recognised Hebron and the Cave of the Patriarchs/al-Ibrahimi mosque as a World Heritage site deserving protection. It is situated in Hebron, the largest Palestinian city. Those who really care about the preservation of this ancient site won’t care whether it’s called Israeli or Palestinian. Those whose first concern is detecting antisemitism in the world order will care, very much. Raf Sanchez and Barak Ravid report.

Against antisemitism, against Israeli policy

This is a gem of a discussion from 2002, discovered by chance by the JfJfP postings team. The views put forward by the panellists were, at the time, fresh. Now they’re hackneyed. The terms of the debate have changed but not the sentiments – except, perhaps, for Zionism.

EU parliament ignores advice and votes for muddled definition of antisemitism

Last month, the EU parliament voted, 479:101 , to accept the now notorious definition of antisemitism by the IHRA. A QC’S opinion found it not fit for purpose; Jewish groups wrote to the parliament urging them not to support the motion. All were ignored. Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi reports

I can’t be antisemitic because…

Anglican clergyman Giles Fraser, who has an Israeli Jewish wife, was in conversation with Dorit Rabinyan whose book on an Arab-Jewish love affair has been banned in Israeli schools. They were at Charleston, the Sussex outpost of the Bloomsbury group whose members could not claim not to be antisemitic.

Confident Rivlin rejects PM’s despair

Pres. Rivlin says Israelis must ask themselves if they should change their self-perception from that of a persecuted victim to one rooted in strength and self-confidence. The PM says enemies surround us and always will.

Include the Zionists

For many radicals involved in the BDS movement Zionism is an anathema, nothing short of Jewish racism. Think again says Ahmed Rizk. There are Zionists who are highly critical of Israel and their presence would add weight and counter the antisemitism that lurks in the movement.

Abuse of the term ‘antisemitism’

When PM May decided to adopt the IHRA definition of antisemitism as hers she kept private why she chose this one, or why she chose any one at all. Retired judge Stephen Sedley says why the definition fails on all counts.

May sets up attack on free speech

The British PM doesn’t appear to have strong views on anything. She adopted the IHRA definition of antisemitism without, it seems, any discussion. The line in the guide to the definition that states that it is antisemitic to deny the Jewish people their right to self-determination or claim that the existence of a State of Israel is a racist endeavour is obviously not OK with many British voters. Or did she hope for what is happening – a clamp-down on support for Palestinians? Over 140 academics sign a letter of protest.