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Sacred Jews

Ever since Palestine-supporting Jeremy Corbyn was elected Labour party leader charges of antisemitism have been fired at him and all left-wing party members. This is the heaviest of all charges of racism, designed to sink him. Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi examines the growing reach of defenders of all Israel’s actions.

‘Holding Palestine in the Light’

The conference on Palestine held by Lichfield Cathedral has drawn much praise – and some of the usual trolling about antisemitism. Here a joint letter by the several groups involved, including JfJfP, regrets the hostile attacks and renews the praise for the courage and solidarity expressed by the cathedral’s clergy and congregation.

Now is the time to value Jewish critics of Israel

American Jews, safe and settled for decades, thought antisemitism was a demon of old Europe. Now they find it in their faces in the shape of Trump’s white nationalists who love Israel but not Jews. What will Jewish fans of Israel do now?

How can a Select Committee publish such tosh?

David Plank is a respected former local government chief executive and parliamentary adviser on social services. He has chosen to subject the Home Affairs SC report on antisemitism to his usual rigorous reading – and is shocked by the utter sloppiness of the committee which doesn’t even define its remit or the subject it’s supposed to be investigating. It brings parliamentary standards into disrepute.

All Jews are not responsible for Israel’s actions

Here is another very valuable contribution to the debate about what constitutes antisemitism and, where it occurs, how to respond.If all Jews are blamed for Israel’s actions they are also then guilty of dual loyalty. It is written by 3 academics and was sent to the Home Affairs select committee inquiry.

Chuck facts, go with the flow

As a founding member of JfJfP Richard Kuper draws on his personal experience and his extensive knowledge of Israel to analyse the Home Affairs report on antisemitism which floats on a raft of fixed assumptions that Labour antisemitism is a fact for which no further evidence is needed.

Zionism needs antisemitism

Perhaps the best thing about the Home Affairs Select Committee report on antisemitism is the debate it has provoked. Here Asa Winstanley puts forward his view of what Zionism is and argues it is the correct word for Israel’s raison d’etre.

Can’t get Corbyn, let’s get Walker

Jonathan Cook, writing in support of Jacky Walker, comes into confrontation with the revived Jewish Labour Movement. Cook’s criticism of their anti-Corbyn and anti-Walker stance is, according to JLM, ‘antisemitic’. No wonder Ms Walker finds this term confusing.

Invention of the sacred and the heretic

The word antisemitism has cast a spell over a large part of British media and the Jewish Labour Movement. The unique suffering of the Jews is sacred, any questioning of that is heresy. The persecution of Jackie Walker for her questions has reached across the Atlantic and Richard Silverstein takes up the case.

Farewell to all that antisemitism – the world longs to love Israel

Israel is widely seen, not because of antisemitism but because of its actions, as a pariah state, deaf to all warnings and advice. Yet the masses came to honour Shimon Peres, not because he was heroic but because he was the least bad of its leaders and statesmen longed to embrace that.

Bullying Right fire ‘antisemitism’ bullets at left-wing women


It is hard to make sense of the current hot pursuit of so-called antisemitism of left-wing women (Malia Bouattia, Naz Shah and, here, Jackie Walker, a JfJfP signatory and none of them Anglo-Saxon white.) Is the charge of antisemitism the Right’s Trojan Horse to carry their racism, sexism and right-wing sectarianism?

Nazi motifs in Trump rhetoric

The Nazi motif in question is that of the power of just one Jew to destroy a whole nation. Those who think the Left, Labour, Europe is awash with antisemitism would do well to find out how that poison actually worked.

The Board of Deputies and its siege mentality


The Board of Deputies of British Jews and the UJS have produced a campaign resource to help students to combat the BDS movement on campus. What strikes us is how terribly thin it all is. We offer some brief rejoinders to their assertions.

Is ‘Right to Exist’ denial really antisemitic?

signatories blog_square

JfJfP signatory Murray Glickman elegantly disembowels the argument, most recently put forward by Jonathan Arkush, President of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, that denying Jewish people ‘self-determination’ is, by definition, antisemitic. An unconditional national right to self-determination in a territory for any particular group of people immediately violates that very principle for others in that same territory, whatever justified claims they might have to it.

Jewish Voice for Peace – statement on antisemitism in the US


In the United States, as in Britain, accusations of the prevalence of antisemitism abound and are used as sticks to beat those – protesting too vigorously? – at Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians. But some antisemitism is real and it is important to make the right distinctions, to clarify the difference between expressions of antisemitism and support for Palestinian human rights. Here is a JVP policy statement on the issue.

The invention of antiJewish myths

This consists of two articles from Open Democracy by two JfJfP signatories in sharp disagreement. The first by Labour History professor Mary Davis attacks what she thinks is the monolithic view of Zionism – she doesn’t name who she means. JfJfP website has consistently pointed out the lack of consensus on what Zionism and especially anti-Zionism mean. Then she suddenly launches into an attack on BDS as monolithic. Where has she been during all the arguments about boycotting only settlement products or companies which profit from the Occupation? Jonathan Rosenhead responds, equally surprised at Mary’s lack of homework before going into print.

Jackie Walker Responds to Accusations of Antisemitism

signatories blog_square

On 4th May this year Labour party activist and a vice-chair of Momentum, Jackie Walker, was suspended from the Labour party. The charge – alleged antisemitism.

Jackie is a signatory of Jews for Justice for Palestinians. Here we discuss the affair with her, partly in our words, partly in hers.

Seeing Jew-hatred in every gesture

The idea of antisemitism came at a time when Jews were a politically weak, often poor, persecuted minority in Europe. That has ended. Israel today has one of the most powerful military forces in the world and Jews are the richest ethnic group in the USA. So what’s with this persecution complex? Lisa Goldman on how the Olympics were viewed through the glasses of persecution.

Shameless lies by US Zionists

This is an extraordinary story by Tom Pessah in +972 in which, in order to demonise Palestinians – who wanted to celebrate their culture in a Californian town – Zionists and know-nothings simply make things up. You couldn’t make it up.

All Jews are…

Up to the 1970s the idea of American Jews as progressive on civil rights was dominant – making black critics of Israel seem antisemitic. This article from The Forward makes it clear that the movement for black rights had people who used a standard leftist critique of Jews becoming ‘white’ and joining the establishment and those who used an antisemitic one of Jews controlling all financial transactions. The desire to put all Jews in one category seems itself racist.