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29 November: JfJfP, with many others, signs a "UK must protest at Bedouin expulsion" letter

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11 Jan: JfJfP supports public letter to President Obama

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Forcing Jews into a nation

A forgotten dissident Jew, Moshe Menuhin, is acclaimed in Mondoweiss. “It is a mystery why Menuhin’s scholarship is not prominently celebrated as a pioneering work in the canons of Jewish and Zionist history.” His religion was “Prophetic Judaism – universal and ethical”.

What made me a hardline Zionist

Gary C. Gambill, a specialist in Arab affairs says that he turned from supporting Palestinians into being an active Zionist because of the habit of ‘militant anti-zionists’ and leftists of loading onto Israel or the US all power and responsibility for the unmet needs of all Arabs.

M. le President – what of the anti-Zionist Jews?

Shlomo Sand, the Israeli historian who renounced his Jewishness, writes a letter (CounterPunch article) to President Macron who, after a promising start, said in a speech welcoming PM Netanyahu “Anti-Zionism is the reinvented form of anti-Semitism”.

NYT trying to make anti-Zionism into hate speech

It’s too much for NYT pro-Israel staffwriter Bari Weiss to see Palestinian activist and BDS supporter Linda Sarsour becoming an accepted leader in the wider radical movement in the States, (she was one of the organisers of the Women’s March in Washington in January). So she has to be taken down and her legitimate anti-Zionism transmuted into “hate speech”.

Rushing for ways to define criticism of Israel as antisemitic

These are all about efforts to define antisemitism which is not really a problem except for those who want to silence critics of Israel by coming up with definitions which condemn them as anti-Semites

Students’ choice of president attacked as antisemitic

The NUS choice of a black, Muslim woman president has had the rightwing press scurrying to find bits in her past to discredit her. Saying that media is ‘Zionist-led’ is something she should have checked out – and not said. Hannah Weisfeld sticks the boot in in one of the 3 articles plus some notes on Zionism to help you decide.

Bias against Palestinians not thought worthy of study

The best hope of Zionism was that it would cause antisemitism to wither in face of the strong Jewish state. The greatest vicitims of this Zionism are the Palestinians. With the fatal conflation of opposition to Jews, to Zionism and to Israel, the demon becomes the Palestinian – and anti-Palestinianism is rife says Jerry Haber, unremarked, condoned.

Is anti-Zionism the PC form of antisemitism?

The board of Regents of the U. of California are to vote on whether anti-Zionism is a form of anti-Jewish bigotry. They are proposing a document which defines anti-Zionism. We agree with Denis MacShane on one thing – this argument is not going away.

Deafened by his splatter-gun attack on ‘the left’

One-time leftie Alan Johnson, now at BICOM, fired loudly in the general direction of the left, critics of Israel, those wanting to destroy Israel, supporters of BDS, antisemites and anti-Zionists – indistinguishable it seems to him and the Jewish Chronicle which published it. Richard Kuper wrote a calm piece in response – which the JC has refused to publish – eventually saying that was for lack of space. Richard tells the tale of those who can’t hear what critics are saying for their own noisy attacks.

Anti-Zionist hate is tantamount to antisemitism German court rules

Taylor Can, a protester in Germany who attended an anti-Israel demonstration in Essen last summer during Operation Protective Edge, maintains that his chants were ‘purely political. An appeals court has ruled otherwise. Germany’s history is obviously very sensitive when it comes to possible antisemitism, however a court case there highlights a larger debate about when anti-Israel or anti-Zionist sentiments become anti-Jewish .

Jews are our brothers, Zionists are our enemies says German Muslim

These two articles exploring antisemitism in Germany date from 2014; they are posted now because of the the recent court case, posting above, as well as very many reports in western media about German antisemitism. Reports say it is increasing, but interviews suggest that the sight and sound of angry protests about Israel are being read as antisemitic.

Settlements nurture anti-Zionism in many Jews

When President Obama appeared to define antisemitism as a denial of the right of Israel to exist as a Jewish homeland he trampled on history. This is the argument being so actively promoted by pro-Israel propagandists. Even anti-Zionists may not question Israel’s existence – merely the actions it carries out in the name of the state’s god-given destiny. Anti-Zionism is growing in the US as elsewhere. Sometimes it is a cover for antisemitism. But generally it is in the tradition of solidarity with a people oppressed by rampant nationalism.

Israel policies at heart of Jewish-Muslim hostility

In his submission to the Parliamentary inquiry into antisemitism Tony Klug recognises instances of classic antisemitism – hatred of Jews as Jews – but argues that Palestinians would have hated any religious group that created a state in their country and ruled over them. It is in Jews’ best interest to distance themselves from the propensity of the Israeli government to infringe Palestinian human and political rights.

Expert on antisemitism attacked for being anti-zionist

Anti-semitism, anti-zionism, anti-Israelism are slippery categories and many actors in the dramatic stories of Jews, Israelis and Palestinians move in this slipperiness. Here, the rightwing JPost drums up opposition to an invitation to Britain’s Brian Klug, respected student of antisemitism, to speak at a Kristallnacht event in Berlin. As far as they are concerned, his questions about zionism make him unacceptable.

The ethics of cohabitation

Judith Butler is revered for her original political thinking and scorned for her activist criticism of Israel. On the publication of her new book, ‘Parting Ways, Jewishness and the Critique of Zionism’ Ray Filar questions her about her commitment to Jewish/Palestinian cohabitation; it may seem impossible but it’s the only ethical and necessary path to take. In a review, Joseph Finlay asks why purism has superseded her usual playfulness.

Anti-zionist activists join with Haredi in protest against conscription

Once upon a time the IDF and all the Israeli citizens who had to serve in their citizen army were seen as the ideal embodiment of Israeli vigour, civic commitment and egalitarianism. Now that the primary role of the conscripts is to police the occupation many see military service as ignoble, troubling and morally dubious. Hostility to the Haredim ‘get out of conscription free card’ boosted Naftali Bennett’s vote in the January election. Perhaps the recent support given to the Haredim by non-Zionist Israelis will just prove the point of his Jewish Home party.

Defining non-Zionist Jewishness

In Judith Butler’s understanding, Zionism is opposed to the Jewish diaspora traditions of co-existing with others,of nations of mixed identities and the non-macho man. Carlo Strenger, in this review of her latest book, enjoys her use of Jewish thinkers such as Arendt and Primo Levi but is critical of her view of Zionism as a monolith.

A conversation on ‘no normalisation’ that we need to have

At first ‘normalisation’ meant those processes which assumed the oppressive power relations between Israelis and Palestinians were normal, and those who ‘collaborated’ in them were supporting normalisation. In the last year, more hard-line Palestinians have argued that any relations between Palestinians and Israeli Jews, whatever their politics, wrongly assumes that working together can be ‘normal’ in the unequal state of Israel and should cease. Posted here an anguished article from +972 and some excerpts from previous postings in which others warn that this veers over the edge into racism and apartheid or rests on a delusion that Jews should leave the land as they have somewhere else to go.

A Rabbi tells how he came to see his zionism as racist nationalism

In a slow and painful account Rabbi Brian Walt describes his journey from being a keen zionist in apartheid South Africa to understanding, via a visit to the West Bank, that the democratic Jewish state is an illusion and zionism – the ‘religion of American Jews’ – a discriminatory ethno-nationalist system. Now he works to separate Judaism, with its central tenet of justice, from zionism.

Could BDS destroy Israel, and do Palestinians want it to?

Richard Silverstein weaves his way between those who hope or fear the BDS campaign will bring about the destruction of Israel to look at what long-term polling shows about the attitudes of Israeli Palestinians to Jews and to Israeliness