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Security cabinet – just smash the protest

Three comments on the violence outside Haram al-Sharif/Temple Mount. A despairing Chemi Shalev says ‘You know the tragedy can be avoided, but no one seems to care’; Al Jazeera – of course the security clamp-down is increasing resistance; Hamas leader Haniyeh calls on “all Palestinians, all Muslims and Arabs to assemble for Al-Aqsa and mass demonstrations following tomorrow’s [Friday] prayers.”

‘The real bosses are the Palestinians of Jerusalem’

These are three articles from Nir Hasson, Haaretz’s man on the spot. He sees that the nonviolent protest by Jerusalem Palestinians has held the Israeli state at bay not least because the decision, by police and government, to use violence to control protests at Israeli state interference in Palestinian worship at the Al Aqsa mosque seems likely to engender nothing but more violence.

Displays of defiance at Al Aqsa

It is highly probable that most Palestinians-Muslim, Christian, unbeliever-were shocked and angry at the abuse of the Noble Sanctuary by 3 Arab-Israeli gunmen as a place from which to kill two police officers. The Security Cabinet decided they are complicit in the murder and so had to be punished by denying them access to the mosque and installing metal detector checkpoints. This has been met with communal defiance throughout the oPt. To punish all Palestinians for the sins of 3 is to defy common sense and the biblical law of retaliation – an eye for an eye…

Suspicions about Israeli closure of Al Aqsa complex

The decision by Israel’s security cabinet to close the Haram Al-Sharif/Temple Mount complex as a reprisal for the shooting dead of two Israeli officers by three Palestinians seems short-sighted. The offence caused to hundreds of thousands of Palestinians by this and by the installation of metal detectors at their holy sites seems an inflammatory collective punishment.

Breaking taboos at the holy sanctuary

In these two pieces from Haaretz Gideon Levy says there has been a taboo against noting that the killers of two Israeli police officers were Druze and Amos Harel notes that the taboo against violence in the holy compound has been broken.

Closing Al Aqsa a ‘collective punishment’

Media in Palestine and Israel treated the gun attack by three Palestinians killing two Israeli policemen at the Al Aqsa compound as being different from the usual routine of attack and retaliation. It breached the sanctity accorded to the compound by Jews and Muslims. The thousands who usually attend Friday prayers there were angry that they were being punished for no fault of theirs and that police arrested the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, breaching his authority.

War against ISIS legitimises any act Israel wishes to take

The headline comes from Ilan Pappe who writes the 2nd article here on the banning of Raed Salah’s branch of the Islamic movement. ‘We will still be very close to the final stages of the settler colonial project of zionising Palestine and destroying Palestinian life in it’ he concludes. First, Jonathan Cook give us the most detailed analysis yet of Salah’s strategy and popular success.

Holy cow!

Throughout human history crazy cults have flourished, and died. The apocalypse hasn’t come, they run out of money and backers. But as the Temple Institute, dedicated to dreams of building the Third Temple, is backed by wealthy Christian Zionists the cult can go on for eternity, on its way commissioning the creation of a red heifer which will restore Jewish control over Al Aqsa. Jonathan Cook takes the threat seriously.

Kerry asks all to calm down and watch the camera

John Kerrry, on a brief dash to Palestine-Israel, greeted King Abdullah’s suggestion of 24-hour camera surveillance of the Al-Aqsa compound warmly. It’s not clear what it would achieve. Palestinians say it does not touch the root of the problem and suspect a trap. Al Jazeera and John Reed comment.

Muslim Council of Elders and Jordan call on Israel to respect Haram Al Sharif

Jordan is the formal custodian of Haram Al Sharif / Temple Mount which houses the Al Aqsa mosque . It is totemic to Palestians both for religious reasons and because it is the one spot in Israel which is officially theirs. Thus it has also become totemic to settlers and the right-wing who want to flout the custodial agreement. Jewish incursions into the site have been the cause of frequent protests here from the peace-seeking Jordanian government and new Muslim Council of Elders.

Far right push for a violent victory

In the third of Haaretz’s five articles on a 3rd intifada Chaim Levinson argues that a new right-wing crowd has pushed aside a relatively balanced settler movement in favour of direct action to crush and exclude Palestinians. Plus Monndoweiss article on right-wing rally to get rid of ‘the cancer’ and let police shoot freely (at Paestinians.).

Police allowed to use live fire to quell mosque protests

Despite almost continous mass protests by Palestinians in Jerusalem about the presence of settlers at Al Aqsa mosque, PM Netanyahu’s solution is not to prevent the settlers’ intrusion but to propose increased sentences for stone-throwers and allow police to use fire against the protesters. King Abdullah proposes outside intervention against Israel

Right wing again try to provoke a riot

The Al Aqsa Mosque, Haram al-Sharif, has since 1967 been formally under Israeli control but Palestinian Muslim management is accepted. As the Jewish right wing has grown in size and ambition they have opposed Muslim control and tried repeatedly to assert their right to ‘pray’ there. The most recent of their provocative incursions this week.

Right-wing dream for ‘Temple Mount’ meets rock of reality

It is clear why Haram Al-Sharif / Temple Mount has become the epitome of Palestinian /Israeli conflict. Its principal building, the Dome on the Rock, was completed as a Muslim holy shrine at the end of the 7th century CE and the area protected by Israeli authorities until a Likud leader entered it in 2000 on the basis that Jews, though not Israelis, were there first. Now Jewish zealots are insisting on praying there screwing tensions ever higher. Many warn of this dangerous path.

US and Jordan insist on compromise on Al Aqsa

PM Netanyahu’s hardline stance on protesters in Jerusalem has so alarmed those who want peace in the region – Kerry, the king of Jordan, President Abbas and, by phone, President al-Sisi – that he got Netanyahu to confer with them and agree to allowing men under 50 to visit Al Aqsa mosque. Daoud Kuttab doubts if this outside intervention isn’t too little too late for a PM who cannot see the dangers.

Leaderless in Silwan still fight on

E. Jerusalem has been in a state of serious unrest for months despite the creation of a special police force. Jewish extremists are persisting with attempts to get control of all property and the Al Aqsa compound. Daoud Kuttab looks at the possibility of Palestinians resisting encroachment when they have no leadership.

Provocation and security clampdown in E. Jerusalem

In an order that does not bode well for the future, PM Netanyahu has instructed police to stop Palestinian protests – which have been going on for 3 months – in E. Jerusalem ‘in a fundamental manner’. And in a knowingly provocative move, police have joined forces with right-wing religious groups to assert their right of access to the Al Aqsa compound, E. Jerusalem.

Broken promise: no halt to Israeli colonization in return for peace talks

Details of what inducements John Kerry offered to Palestinian and Israeli leaders to start negotiations have not been made public. Palestinians certainly thought that if they entered talks Israel’s colonizing policies of land seizure, new Jewish settlements, demolition of Palestinian homes and amenities, military checkpoints etc would be halted. Two brief reports from the Land Research Centre show this is not so.

Target Al Aqsa: settler incursions into Muslim shrine

There has been a mosque on Temple Mount since the eighth century. It is the third holiest centre in Islam, as well as having religious significance for Jews and Christians. For the last month it has been under attack by Jewish zealots who claim the right to pray and practise Jewish rituals there – endorsed last week by a Jerusalem magistrate. Calls are growing for an Arab summit to protect the Muslim site.