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Against Aipac’s attempt to criminalise campaigning for Palestinian rights

In the US a draconian bill, the Israel Anti-Boycott Act, is before Congress. It threatens individuals and businesses who actively participate in boycott campaigns in support of Palestinian rights conducted by international governmental organisations with up to 20 years in prison and a $1,000,000 fine. Roger Waters of Pink Floyd argues strongly against it in the pages of the New York Times.

AIPAC – don’t spoil our dream with facts

AIPAC’s motto could be that of the passively complicit through history – we don’t want to know.But it’s impossible they know nothing of the land-expropriation, the rough-handling by soldiers, and that great big wall cutting through Palestinian land with such destructive effect. A withering critique by Chemi Shalev.

What’s the point of AIPAC?

AIPAC has no role in relation to Jews or Judaism. It exists solely to press politicians and government in the USA to favour the state of Israel. For this reason it has generous donors and supporters. And very vocal critics. IfNotNow and Peter Beinart.

Keep it secret

AIPAC’s modus operandi is cultivating direct lines to Congressmen and the White House. The MO of both Trump and Netanyahu, says Bradley Burston, is to work under cover, never letting the daylight in.

Agenda of pro-Israel groups not shared by American Jews

The close identity between Israel and being Jewish is breaking down. Now strong support is more likely to come from Republican Christians than Democrat Jews – especially the young for whom Israeli policy on Palestinians and against reform Judaism is abhorrent.

We will move embassy to Jerusalem, er, maybe

It couldn’t have been clearer. Trump told the AIPAC conference last March that ‘we will move the embassy to the eternal capital of the Jewish people, Jerusalem’. That promise is now frayed by uncertainty.

Obama’s twisted legacy on Palestine

This is a long essay by Josh Ruebner in the Journal of Palestine Studies. It sets the words and expressed hopes of Pres. Obama about and for Palestine – none of which was realised – against the realpolitik of keeping Israel as a military ally.

AIPAC ditches Jews for Trumpery

As D. Trump is still commandeering the news this commentary from New Republic on AIPAC’s reception for the big man is still timely. AIPAC, less influential than people imagine, is afloat on money, not Jewish support.

Clinton’s clients – despots and Bibi

This is a withering attack by Glenn Greenwald, interviewed by Democracy Now! on Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy in her years as secretary of state and now as presidential candidate. Her pandering to AIPAC prejudices was demeaning.

Being pro-Jewish trumps being pro-Israel

There was not the mass walk-out predicted or hoped-for. But there were lively protests and what was called the ‘If Not Now’ demonstration outside. Those cheering him on can form a bloc with the apocalyptic Christians. Trump is a Presbyterian, but pretty apocalyptic.

Shame on the Jews who applauded Trump

Some Jews did walk out, and protest outside, when Trump addressed the AIPAC conference. The large majority didn’t. They may have been excessively polite, they may not have wanted to put their attendance at this high profile event at risk. They may have agreed with him. Lisa Goldman sees a schism between them and Liberal Jews.

All AIPAC wants is man with power who loves Israel

There was no walk-out of principled Jews from Trump’s speech at AIPAC. You shouldn’t be surprised says Richard Silverstein. The AIPAC crowd don’t care what a chap believes, only that he is close to power and close to Israel.

American Jews plan mass walk-out on Trump

Donald Trump is going to address AIPAC’s annual conference next week along with all other presidential candidates. But he is the only whose name is so associated with hatred of others that many Jews plan to walk out when he speaks.

Bibi’s gamble

Insofar as Netanyahu can be said to have a foreign policy (not very far) he has lost all his recent bets – Iran, Congress supporting him rather than their President etc. Now he’s gambling on snubbing Obama and getting a President who will give him even more money.

Christians lead the largest pro-Israel lobby

It’s the right-wing politics, not religion, that fills evangelical American Christians with zeal for the Israeli security state. Christians United for Israel, in conference this week, aims to lead the Republican fight against Obama. Unlike AIPAC, Nathan Guttman points out, CUFI does not pretend to be bipartisan.

US activists must raise the political cost of defending the occupation

In this essay Mitchell Plitnick surveys the post-war history of US policy towards Israel and concludes the Administration’s unflinching support for Israel is more to do with its assessment of national geo-strategic interests – Israel is a reliable military partner and anti-communist bulwark – than the over-rated power of the Israel lobby.

No place for a reasonable discussion about Israel in Washington

There has been more reaction in the US to John Kerry’s use of the word ‘apartheid’, and his apology for that use, than there has been to the failure of the peace talks. Josh Rogin says he was ‘damn right’ to have taped the speech. John Cassidy (Kerry was wrong), and Ben White (he was right to defy the thought police), comment.

News! Americans put more trust in their president than in Israel

There’s nothing like war or the threat of war to engage the public in otherwise remote policy issues. The clear public decision in the UK and the USA that most people do not want to launch a war against either Syria or Iran has put a spoke in AIPAC’s normally smoothly rotating wheel. Finally, congresspersons and Obama have recognised that AIPAC is willing to harm American interests in the name of Israel.

AIPAC loses its grip on the White House

Talk of AIPAC’s weakening clout in Washington is based on its failure to block Obama’s diplomatic approach to Iran and the expected ‘framework agreement’ from John Kerry. AIPAC’s demise has been predicted before (its power defies rational analysis) and there are other ‘Israel right or wrong’ lobby groups, notably NORPAC as well as the ADL. But tactically Kerry is in the winning position, not Jewish spoilers, hence their retreat.

The job of the mayor of NY: to defend Israel

The mayor of New York City is a powerful political figure, elected to promote the well-being of the city and its residents. No. The job of the mayor is to promote the interests of a foreign country – Israel. The first words of the US Oath of Allegiance are “I hereby declare, on oath, that I absolutely and entirely renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince, potentate, state, or sovereignty”. Is Bill de Blasio guilty of treason? It is a trick of the mind that some Americans cannot see the difference between American and Israeli interests.