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Mass arrest of Palestinian legislators

About 40 of the 132 member Palestinian Legislative Council have recently been arrested by the IOF and put into administrative detention – a military, not judicial, process. As they are not charged, the assumption is the detainees are thought to have links to any of the organisations which Israel has dubbed illegal. Britain’s FCO did not answer Lady Tonge’s question about this but did repeat its judgement that Israel makes ‘excessive’ use of this extra-judicial process.

Rise in torture of imprisoned children

Two recent reports state that the number of Palestinian children being imprisoned under administrative detention orders is rising as are the children’s complaints of torture and humiliation. Posting something hostile about Israeli forces on Facebook (‘incitement’) is the new cause of arrest. How many laws and conventions are being broke here?

Shabak knock hilltop youth off their perch

The exploits of ‘hilltop youth’, especially the murder by burning of three of the Dawabsheh family, have done more harm to Israel’s reputation. The Shin Bet at last has begun a programme of detention of the main actors and there has been a corresponding fall in the number of attacks on Palestinians. Doubts may be raised about the legality of the detentions.

Palestinians organise for Bilal and all political prisoners

The detention without charge or trial of Palestinians thought to be enemies of the Israeli state has long been a crude Israeli weapon. Protest about its use – here focusing on Bilal Kayed – is now quicker and more widespread than it was at the start.

Sharp rise in Palestinan women prisoners

The sharp rise in the number of Palestinian women prisoners since October 2015 may be the best measure of the engagement of women in the public realm. A new generation has been charged with Facebook incitements, protecting terrorists or carrying a knife. Prison accommodation for women is particularly cramped and squalid, the women subject to strip searches and threats of sexual violence. Needless to say the military courts and prison service are breaking multiple laws, and conventions on the treatment of prisoners.

Palestinian astrophysics professor arrested for criminal incitement

Criminal incitement is the Israeli term for critical Facebook comments about the Occupation. As such they can put astrophysics professor Imad Barghouti into administrative detention (no charge, no due process). Sign the petition.

Journalists more dangerous than terrorists

The success of BDS has largely been due, says Dr Daud Abdullah, to the collaboration of citizen journalists and media networks in the occupied territories. Hence Israeli repression putting it between Uganda and Gabon in the RSF’s 2016 press freedom ranking. With 19 Palestinian journalists under arrest claims of a free press are untrue.

What clowns have imprisoned Abu Sakha?

Mohammad Abu Sakha is a well-known and much-loved circus performer. He teaches his skills to children with learning difficulties. For no known reason he was arrested in December and has been held in administrative detention since then. There is a petition to sign.

Time to call it what it is: Israeli apartheid

An anguished Bradley Burston, who immigrated from LA to Israel in 1976, has finally had to recognise that the mesh of laws which the Israeli state has amassed to restrict every possible form of independent Palestinian life can only be called apartheid. Every self-respecting Jew should oppose this injustice.

The big search

On Thursday 12th June, 3 boys from a yeshiva in a West Bank settlement disappeared when they were hitchhiking home, assumed abducted following a phone call from one of the boys (treated at the time as a hoax). Since then, this has been, in essence, the only subject of news and comment in Israeli and, to a lesser extent, Palestinian media. As has been pointed out, the abduction of young men is a routine practice by Israeli security. It’s called ‘administrative detention’, the cause of the current hunger strike in Israeli prisons. What news outlet broadcasts its outrage at such kidnappings or the need for such desperate protests? The profound media distortions compound the injustice. As B’Tselem and JfJfP state, the abduction of any person is an absolute violation of their human rights; it seems more grievous when those abducted are more frail through age (as here) or sex or health or disability, than usual. The search for the boys has been added to a planned extirpation of Hamas from the West Bank. This posting provides an index, by category, to the many postings this week on these issues.

Action urged against force-feeding to end longest prisoners’ hunger strike: UPDATES


On the advice of Israel’s security junta – Shin Bet in this instance – Palestinian prisoners (who have refused food for over 47 days) should be force fed. They are protesting against administrative detention. Rather than introduce the rule of law the Israeli state has rushed through an act to make barbaric force-feeding ‘legal’. Addameer urges protest letters. The Israel Medical Association ‘voices its strong opposition’ to force-feeding.

Protests mount for hunger-striking prisoners

Palestinians imprisoned without charge or trial (administrative detention) have again launched a hunger strike, eliciting mass protests in support and a letter to the EU’s Catherine Ashton asking for intervention against this illegal practice. At the same time, protests against the Wall have again broken out in the Hebron area.

Women lead protest as men go on hunger strike

Elderly woman sits amongst crowd holding posters of Palestinian prisoners

Over 180 Palestinians are being held in Israeli prisons as administrative detainees; (no charge, no trial, no lawyer, no habeas corpus). On April 24 they began a hunger strike in protest against the practice of administrative detention. Women have been quick to take to the streets in public protest against this illegal form of ‘security’.

What other ‘civilised’ state uses its prison system in this way?

To Israel loyalists, there is no problem; the huge number of Palestinians in Israeli prisons is simply evidence of their terrorism, including women and boys (Israelis are easily terrified). But as we know, there is often no evidence as they are held under ‘administrative detention’- just the say-so of a military tribunal. Amahl Bishara looks at who becomes a prisoner under Israel’s arbitrary military rule.

Outside the law: Israel’s political prisoners

It doesn’t take much for a Palestinian to end up in an Israeli jail, often without being charged, tried or convicted of any crime. Throwing stones, speaking in public against the occupation, being a leader of a political party or a member of Palestine’s legislative council – any of these is enough for the IDF to abduct you and lock you in an Israeli prison. Say the word ‘security’ and due process dies. A global week of action started October 17th.

Protests force G4S to give up West Bank contracts

Protests against one of the world’s biggest companies, G4S, which provides Israel with paramilitary and prison services, has forced the company to give up its contracts in the occupied territories. The cost to its reputation – it was voted the world’s third worst company last January – is not worth it.

International calls to save life of hunger striker Samer Issawi UPDATED

Samer Issawi, who comes from a family with a history of resistance to the Israeli occupation, was released from prison in the prisoners’ swap in October 2011 then quickly re-arrested. He is being held in administrative detention – no charge or trial. He has been on hunger strike for over 200 days and is close to death, causing wide protest.. MK Danny Danon says ‘we do not need to listen to these efforts because they are terrorists’.

No charge, no trial, no food for 4 Palestinian prisoners on protest fasts

Three Palestinian prisoners in Israeli gaols (illegally moved from the oPt) and one on a total fast in a PA gaol are near death, without ever being charged.. Samer al-Barq, Hassan Safadi and Ayman Sharawna are held by the Israeli military under administrative detention. Zakaria Zubeidi has resumed his total fast after a Palestinian court refused to free him on Monday, despite PA assurances.

Palestinian who renounced violence for theatre begins death fast until PA frees him

Zakaria Zubeidi, child of a refugee camp, was a member of Al Aqsa Brigade. He decided to renounce violence and co-founded the Freedom Theatre in Jenin with Juliano Mer-Khamis. Mer-Khamis was assassinated in 2011. Last May the PA arrested Zubeidi. He has been held without charge or trial since then. In protest, he began a ‘death fast’ on September 9th, refusing all fluid as well as food. See Action Alert for what you can do.

Fight for life of Mahmoud al-Sarsak

Mahmoud al-Sarsak, a young Palestinian footballer was arrested on his way to a match from his home in Gaza 3 years ago. He was illegally moved to a prison in Israel where he has since been held as an ‘unlawful combatant’. He has been on a protest hunger strike since some date between 15th and 24th March and is now gravely ill. Physicians for Human Rights have been denied access to him.