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A 2-state solution is no longer feasible

This is not an argument for one binational state. It is a bleak assessment by Mohamed Hassan of Turkey’s TRT World of the possibility of dividing the land between 2 states (none he thinks). It’s the policy of the West which has no will to deliver it.

No Plan B for Palestinian state

The 2-state solution has been the alibi for inaction on Palestine and Israel for decades by the big powers. The shock at its possible death is felt by those who want that alibi as well as those who think it the only feasible solution. That shock shapes all the media coverage – it’s too soon to know how serious Trump is or what the alternatives might be.

The world now sees Israel through the clouded prism of the settlements

‘If we do not take action to avoid profit from settlements and annexation by concrete, we will be answerable’ said 1 MP in this debate on settlements. The MPs’ debate did not follow party lines – unlike most party members – and the debate informs you of all the arguments. There were persistent demands for the government to say how it would further a 2-state solution.

A president’s final reminder

At his last press conference as president Barack Obama reminded people the situation in the MidEast was volatile and any sudden change of policy – like moving the US embassy to Jerusalem- could have explosive results. He also reiterated that his actions were steps towards a 2-state solution, the only hope for peace.

Paris conference – 1967 borders and 2-state solution

The Paris conference on peace in the Mid-East attracted representatives from 70 countries and organisations. They re-affirmed the principles of enforcing the pre-’67 borders and pursuing a 2-state solution. Either the delegates were an anachronism – or these in reality are the only basis for peace. The UK began its isolationist position here, sending no representatives.

Amira Hass: face the facts Yehoshua

Writer AB Yehoshua, a long-term critic of the Occupation, argues that granting Israeli residency status to Palestinians in Area C would give them access to many rights until 2 states can be achieved. Amira Hass challenges his argument saying all it does is create yet another division amongst Palestinians – and many of his facts are wrong.

Parting Shots 1

John Kerry’s bravery is evident in the hugely hostile response to him and his speech in both Israel and the USA. Here we post the two favourable responses from Barak Ravid (‘3 years too late’) and the NY Times.

For peace-makers John Kerry says it how it is

John Kerry, outgoing Secretary of State and indefatigable worker for Palestine/Israel negotiations makes a definitive speech because he thinks that the incoming administration will be a disaster for the 2-state solution – ‘we cannot, in good conscience, do nothing, and say nothing, when we see the hope of peace slipping away.’ Full transcript.

GOP no longer regards Israel as ‘occupier’

Shockingly, the Republican party (Grand Old Party- GOP) no longer sees Israel as an occupier or settlements on Palestinian land as illegal. Mitchell Plitnick says don’t despair – Trump is a wild card and a more pragmatic Left could shift the shape of things to come.

The USA and Arab states in Trumpland

Scholars from the Middle East Institute, a Washington DC think-tank, judge that Trump’s policies towards the MidEast are incoherent and contradictory. But he will certainly drop ‘the 2-state solution’ and favour Israeli regional power.

Trump means Israel won’t have to accept Palestinian state

Donald Trump has dropped Palestine from his understanding of the conflict and thus ‘the 2-state solution’ to Naftali Bennett’s delight. He now focuses exclusively on the US-Israel bond.

American values in the MidEast

The US commitment to Israeli security is not in question said Matthew Duss to the Democrats’ Platform committee. But unless it acts on American values of justice and freedom for all there will be no 2-state solution.

American-Jewish groups get serious about 2 states

Turmoil in the Israeli government, anxiety about its direction among even conservative Jewish groups plus an initiative from the Israeli Policy Forum prompt serious steps towards a 2-state solution. The alternative is no end to violence. Plus where Adelson is putting his money. Articles from JTA and Intercept.

Labour must not use smears to close down debate

The international discussion that must be had on Israel and its borders and the future of the Palestinians cannot be avoided by banning it as antisemitic or ‘delegitimising Israel’ says MP Richard Burden. Israel exists. It’s not going away, but as a normal nation-state it has to behave like one, define its borders and stop breaking international law.

Biden hopes Labour views again dominate in Knesset

There are many fissures behind the straight face of support that the US shows Israelis. These were on show at JStreet’s Gala when V-P Biden spoke of his frustration at Israeli settlements and refusal to talk – true of the PNA too. So what will US do?

The real fact says Bibi is Palestinian ‘culture of death’

After 13 years in government, 10 of them as PM, Netanyahu’s one contribution to a Knesset debate on ‘the 2-state solution’ was to insist the one fact on the ground was the Palestinian ‘culture of death’. After all this time he has no knowledge of or interest in Palestinians, substituting the lurid TV news about ISIL.

Ramping up security will not stop the violence

car-ramming nr nablus-november-2015

I am the messenger says Ban Ki-Moon bringing you, Israel and you, Palestinians, a warning: continued occupation, continued violence lead only to ‘a corrosion of the moral foundation of Israeli and Palestinian societies, ever more inured to the pain of the other’.

Critics of Israel are antisemitic by definition

But what if those critics are Jewish, if only by ancestry? Uri Avnery struggles to find the term for Laurent Fabius, French foreign minster, who has said France will recognise the state of Palestine if no progress to two states is forthcoming.

Making our presence felt in US with an Arab-Israeli lobby

Ayman Odeh, Joint List leader, named as one of Foreign Policy’s 100 Global Thinkers, has just returned from a tour of the US. Although he won cheers from the Jewish Left he is convinced “US foreign policy is predicated on interests and not on morality. They shouldn’t be selling this democracy fiction to us. Americans are best friends with tyrants and primitive leaders in the Persian Gulf.”

Kerry questions what Israel’s policy really is

In a recent speech to a MidEast policy centre at the Brookings Institute, the US secretary of state has clearly given up on reaching a 2-state agreement. For the Israelis, he says, it is just a ‘slogan’ a ‘throw away remark’ contradicted by their practices of settlements and demolition of Palestinian homes.
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