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Action Alerts



Human Rights Defender Mohammad Othman Receives his First Administrative Detention Order


After 61 days of detention for the purpose of interrogation by Israeli Security Agency officers, human rights defender Mohammad Othman received his first administrative detention order for a three month period, during which time Mohammad will be held without charge or trial…

Act now to free Mohammad Othman!

War on Want urgently needs to you take action to free one of our partners detained in Palestine Mohammad Othman, a prominent Palestinian human rights defender has been arrested and is currently being detained without charge by Israeli authorities. It is believed that Mohammad is the first Palestinian to be imprisoned by Israel in response […]

Support Amnesty International’s call on the UK government…

amnesty-int spare no efforts to ensure war criminals do not get away with murder

Send an email to Foreign Secretary David Miliband NOW! We have only three days to influence the UK government’s decision on the Goldstone report […]

Toronto International Film Festival – “numerous lies and distortions”


Following John Greyson’s withdrawal of his new film “Covered” from the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) [(see our report on this “Jewish Peace News – what kind of BDS campaign?” at] those who signed a letter of support are now being vilified by Stand With Us, a US-based right wing Israel advocacy organization […]

Ezra Nawi update


The good news is that the judge accepted the filing of a petition in support of Ezra with over 20,000 signatures. We now await the verdict… Ezra Nawi’s sentencing hearing took place yesterday (Sunday), and Jewish Voice for Peace was there with over 20,000 of your signatures. The judge will render her  sentence on September […]

Ezra Nawi in his own words


Ezra Nawi will be sentenced tomorrow, 1st July. He writes about his activities in the Nation on 29 June 2009.

“Was I the one who beat young Palestinian children?

Did I hit the elderly?

Did I poison the Palestinian residents’ sheep?

Did I demolish homes and destroy tractors?

Did I block roads and restrict movement?

Was I the one who prevented people from connecting their homes to running water and electricity?” […]

Model protest letter to the Israeli Embassy at

Support Ezra Nawi – an appeal from Naomi Klein, Noam Chomsky, and Neve Gordon


Jewish Voice for Peace has just circulated this letter from Naomi Klein, Noam Chomsky, and Neve Gordon. Read it, write to the Israeli embassy (model letter below) and see our previous posting and links to the Free Ezra website…

An update on New Profile investigation and a request for further support


This report contains:

An analysis of the escalating abuse of state power
A sample letter of protest
Government officials to protest to
A list of Israeli Press Contacts for ‘Letters to the Editor’

Persecution of New Profile – update and call for action


On 27 April we carried a report on the police raids of New Profile. Here is an update from the Jewish Peace News website, dated 3 May, called “New Profile: in their own words”.
It contains a list of 16 possible solidarity actions. Please follow the link to them and see which you feel are appropriate for you.