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Action Alerts



Campaiging against Veolia – particularly for those in North London


We in JfJfP, as part of our policy of boycotting the occupation, support the campaign to boycott Veolia in the UK where it is a major provider of municipal waste collection services. The North London Waste Authority is moving towards awarding a new contract and plans are afoot to lobby its members…

North London ‘Bin Veolia’ Campaign – act now – there is a 10th December deadline


Veolia is a company benefiting from the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territory. It has interests in the UK, in particular in waste collection and its contract with the North London waste Authority (Barnet, Camden, Enfield, Hackney, Haringey, Islington and Waltham Forest) is coming up for renewal on 10th December. Act NOW to make your voice heard and to prevent this contract from being renewed

Veolia out of Jerusalem light rail, but still heavily into the occupation


In a major victory for the BDS campaign, Veolia has finally signed a principled agreement to sell its shares in the Jerusalem Light Rail project. But it still has many other interests in the occupation…

Veolia under pressure in the UK


On 17 June 2010 Swansea City Council took the historic decision to bar future contracts with Veolia on the grounds of its illegal activities in the West Bank. It is the first resolution of its kind to have been passed by any UK authority making explicit its reasons for ruling out any future contracts with Veolia…

Many delays on Jerusalem rail line


Jonathan Cook writes:”An ill-fated light railway under construction in Jerusalem was originally heralded by Israeli officials as a way to cement the city’s “unification” four decades after the city’s Palestinian half was illegally annexed to Israel.
But the only unity generated… is general agreement that the project is rapidly becoming a white elephant…”

Veolia still intertwined with Israel’s occupation


Adri Nieuwhof writes in The Electronic Intifada (16 September 2009) that: “Contrary to Veolia’s reported intention to abandon the light rail project, the company seems to be conducting business as usual with Israel…

Derailing Injustice: Palestinian Civil Resistance to the “Jerusalem Light Rail”


Omar Barghouti, writing in the Jerusalem Quarterly, Summer 2009, places the campaign against the Jerusalem Light Rail and its role in the Judaisation of Jerusalem in the context of wider calls from within Palestinian civil society for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions. […]

Veolia reported to have pulled out of Jerusalem light rail project


Haaretz, 8 June 2009: In a body-blow to the future Jerusalem light rail, the French company Veolia, which was supposed to run the train system after its construction, is abandoning the project… The political pressure on Veolia has been mounting in another direction. According to various reports abroad, the French firm had been losing major projects in Europe because of its involvement in the Jerusalem job. Observers claim that’s the real reason Veolia opted out.

French Court to Hear Israeli Tram Case


David Gauthier-Villars reports in the Wall Street Journal (17 April 2009) that “Palestinian lobby groups that contest Israel’s authority over East Jerusalem have found they might be helped via an unexpected route: a French court” which has decided it will look into the substance of a case against Alstom and Veolia. These are two companies that – along with Israeli partners – are part of a consortium building a tramway connecting West Jerusalem to Jewish settlements in occupied east Jerusalem.

Veolia profits from the occupation


Adri Nieuwhof and Daniel Machover, The Electronic Intifada, 11 March 2009, report that French company Veolia is not only involved in the illegal tramway in Jerusalem, but also in illegally dumping waste from Israel and the settlements in Tovlan landfill in the Jordan Valley. And it is running bus services to settlements in the West Bank.
A prime candidate for a campaign against companies profiting from the occupation…