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Palestinians have no trust in their leaders

The killing of Basil al-Araj by Israeli police just after Palestinian security released him from six months detention has sparked wide anger (abroad as well as in Palestine) which has led to a more general rebellion against the Palestinian political leadership.

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IDF stops human rights workers getting into Gaza

The MAG – military attorney general – responsible for investigating possible war crimes says it values input from HR groups. Such groups are not allowed into Gaza for ‘security’ reasons. Hamas does not protect HR workers in Gaza. The PNA does nothing.

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Law, roads, housing, buses are all separate; it’s called apartheid

Mehdi Hasan in The Intercept presents testimony from Israelis from Ben Gurion to today, and from international observers, that Israel fulfils all the criteria of being an apartheid state. This is because, by keeping Palestinians impoverished and stateless and expanding settlements, Israeli Jews and Palestinians are increasingly in the same space.

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Israel’s culture dictator

It’s hard to find a major difference in the attitude to state-funded culture between culture minister Miri Regev and Stalin. For her, like him, the chief qualification was to make an exhibit of state loyalty. One theatre play, one documentary series on Palestinian prisoners, both under attack from Regev.

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Status quo is least worst option for Israel

In contrast to the Shin Bet views [posting below] in this interview Noam Sheizaf says ‘in terms of rational choice, of what costs us more, and what gives us more benefit, there is no doubt that maintaining the status quo is the best solution from the Israeli perspective.’

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‘Israel is being driven by this occupation towards disaster’

Israel is not only ‘sunk in incremental tyranny'; the people are also sunk in incremental apathy. Continuing a tradition of Shin Bet chiefs telling it like it is once retired Ayalon and Gillon have given the most effective opposition speech of the current era.

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The value of victimhood

Netanyahu claims that the demand to end settlements is ‘ethnic cleansing’! Israel claims to be the victim (of Palestinians) because that is its founding and only narrative. Yet the point of Israel was that, for the first time, Jews would not be victims but the makers of history. Dina Matar, SOAS, on Israel’s appropriation of the victim story today.

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Preserving memories of life before Nakba

Most of the evidence of Palestinian village life in Israel has been eradicated. This was Palestinian history. One village only remains as it was – Lifta. There is an active campaign to preserve the stone houses and site but Palestinians fear it will be appropriated by Israel if UNESCO lists it.

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Soaking Gaza’s land in herbicide

If Israeli planes had only sprayed Gaza farmland with weed-killer once it could have been seen as a mistake. But the most recent crop-spraying was the fourth so far this year – because of ‘security concerns’. Gisha, +972 and Ma’an.

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The apartheid genie is out of the bottle

As governmental efforts to crush BDS movements intensify the question is why? Jonathan Cook says Israel, and the governments of its allies, all fear the label ‘apartheid’ will stick.

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Secret war against BDS supporters

This well-researched article by Uri Blau depicts a key Israeli ministry on a war footing. The dept. of strategic affairs does not brief politicians to answer Israel’s critics. Instead it compiles lists of all in and outside Israel of BDS supporters and tarnishes their image. Omar Barghouti is the first victim of this secret but bellicose effort.

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This week’s


There have been several commanding issues this week, March 27th-April 2nd, 2017. We start with the much-disputed definition of antisemitism chosen (for what purpose?) by PM May. It’s the one drawn up by the International Remembrance Alliance, IHRA. A group of concerned organisations, Jews for Justice for Palestinians, Free Speech on Israel, Independent Jewish Voices and […]

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Paralysed by despair in the midst of total madness

In a passionate and pain-ridden piece Howard Cohen, who made aliyah to Israel from London, ponders the collective psychosis of Israelis which allows them to inflict such destruction on Palestinians and destroys the space for questions and alternative views.

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Better destroy Labour than offend Israel

The ‘Get Corbyn’ campaign is getting ever more destructive writes Jonathan Cook. Trying to expel Ken Livingstone from the Labour party – with no open debate or solid reason – does nothing but harden the resolve of those they want to get out of the way.

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Ultra-Orthodox refuse all state duties

Haredi Jews seem an oddity amongst the diverse congregation of Jews. Many Haredim think Israel should not exist and they should not perform state duties, especially military service. It’s a growing problem -Haredim have by far the fastest birth rate amongst Jews at just below 12%. The national average is 2%.

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Despite UN+ deal, siege on Gaza tightens

The Gaza Reconstruction Mechanism (GRM) was brokered between the UN, PNA and Israel. In a bitter irony it has allowed Israel to declare more materials as having ‘dual use’ and so prevents its transport into Gaza. Palestine Monitor on a report from Oxfam.

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Fewer and fewer want to visit Israel

Rampages by ISIL targetting tourists badly damaged tourism in Arab North Africa. But as the only ‘white’ country/ democracy in the Middle East Israelis are upset that their country too is a violent destination because of its treatment of Palestinians. Asa Winstanley on Israel’s drop in tourism and reputation.

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AIPAC – don’t spoil our dream with facts

AIPAC’s motto could be that of the passively complicit through history – we don’t want to know.But it’s impossible they know nothing of the land-expropriation, the rough-handling by soldiers, and that great big wall cutting through Palestinian land with such destructive effect. A withering critique by Chemi Shalev.

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Laws, censorship, travel bans, intimidation fail to quell BDS

Ramzy Baroud describes the frantic activity of various bodies to crush BDS. All they do is big up the movement. And why are so many august bodies so desperate to protect Israel?

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Falk banned for warning of apartheid

Richard Falk, former UN rapporteur on Israeli Violations in Palestine and professor of international law knows more about Palestine/Israel than most. His is a legal, not emotional, approach. But his co-authoring of a report on Israeli apartheid led to the cancellation of his talks at 2 British universities and a meeting disrupted by Zionist hecklers at LSE. The trend here of censoring discussion of Israel is now an established denial of free speech.

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