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It’s not the Occupation, it’s the settler colonial system

This the second set of selected articles from MERIP’s admirable collation of analyses on the 50-year occupation. There are many ideas here but we’ve selected one – the settler colonialism of which the Occupation is just one manifestation. Opposing that is of a different order.

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Gulf states, more money than sense

Until last week, Qatar was part of the so-called ‘Sunni coalition’. Now it’s out. Its friendships with Iran and Hamas – infuriating Israel – were blamed. But says Amotz Asa-El in JPost, all the wealthy Gulf states squander their wealth on vanity projects and luxuries for the monarchies leaving the impoverished mass to their misery.

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The block impeding coalition against Iran

In Foreign Affairs, Yousef Munayyer, Palestinian-American analyst, scorns the idea that Israel and the Arab monarchies can form a strategic alliance against Iran. Yes Arab people do not trust Iran; they distrust the US more not least because it’s tied to Israel, the engineer of Palestinian disempowerment.

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Soldiers as settlers’ bodyguards

It is often not clear to young soldiers what exactly their duties are in the West Bank. According to Breaking the Silence this is not a problem where there are settlers. Their job is to protect the settlers, their property and their freedom of movement.

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Israelis may not question Occupation

NGOs are the most articulate critics of Israel’s occupation. In response the government last year tried to limit their effectiveness with its ‘transparency’ (anti-NGO) bill. Only senior officers in the security services enjoy free speech. John Reed tells it how it is.

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A time to put our bodies on the machine

The Sumud Freedom camp on the site of an evicted Palestinian village is becoming an international symbol of non-violent resistance. It is drawing many Jewish, Palestinian and peace activist supporters.

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We need bold leaders who stand against the violence done in our name

Emily Hilton returns from doing solidarity work – including the Sumud Freedom camp which many diaspora Jews support – with fresh anger about what is done by ingratiating leaders in the name of Judaism and all Jews

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Monarchs of the Gulf kick out Qatar

On his MidEast trip Pres. Trump wanted to kick-start an Arab coalition against Iran. Having secured Saudi support he thought he’d got it made believing all Arab states are alike. He didn’t reckon on Qatar as a deal-breaker or on the many clashes between Arab states

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Rampaging Right calls for annexation of West Bank

The name gives it away. Called the oPt, or occupied Palestinian territory, no-one can pretend Palestinians control their land or lives. In 2011 there were 573 permanent barriers and checkpoints around the West Bank and 69 “flying” checkpoints. Settlers had taken more than 54 per cent of the West Bank where they live behind barbed wire. Such is their control it can seem a small step away from annexation.

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The capture of Israel by religious messianics

Here are the first two of a series of articles published by MERIP on the Israeli conquest of Palestinian land in 1967. One aspect is the Israeli use of the fiction that there is no Palestinian people.

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Hamas now a lackey of the wealthy Gulf emirate

Or perhaps not, but a client of Iran. As such Iran’s soft power in the region will strengthen Hamas which Israel had believed was a militarily spent force. The changes going on in the alliances of the Gulf states are putting the tectonic plates of the Mid-East in a state of flux. Qatar is now the rogue state of the area, expelling once-protected Hamas members and seeking new alliances with Iran. Shlomi Eldar and Dr. David Roberts read the runes.

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Actual Corbyn delights voters

Jeremy Corbyn should thank Mrs May for calling an early election with the ignoble aim of humiliating him. The man presented as weak (=bad), antisemitic, a throwback from the mad 1970s has been charming young audiences and not scared off all the Jewish voters. The lies peddled about him are definitely of the fake news variety. Jonathan Rosenhead and Anshel Pfeffer

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This week’s


The centre of analysis this week, May 29th to June 4th, 2017, was the 50th anniversary of the Occupation. Officially, it was an occasion for celebrating the military victory of the IDF in the June 1967 six-day war. Outside, the disaster and the pity of the consequent occupation for Palestinians, was widely noted, from Pax […]

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The man who monitors settlements

Dror Etkes has dedicated himself to monitoring how and where settlements are built. Though they are ‘Israel’s greatest national project’ they are not driven by one force but created, he tells +972, by a mosaic of millions of tiny actions.

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EU boosts Israeli control of natural gas

Last April EU ministers and Israel’s energy minister agreed to construct a pipeline to import gas from the large fields in the Eastern Med. Supplying a vital resource to the EU will benefit Israel financially and politically. The EU will gain politically if it wants to weaken economic links to Russia.

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I can’t be antisemitic because…

Anglican clergyman Giles Fraser, who has an Israeli Jewish wife, was in conversation with Dorit Rabinyan whose book on an Arab-Jewish love affair has been banned in Israeli schools. They were at Charleston, the Sussex outpost of the Bloomsbury group whose members could not claim not to be antisemitic.

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All blame Israel for 50 year occupation

The 50th anniversary of Israel’s occupation and military rule over Palestinians has prompted much commentary, none of it favourable to Israel. But tacitly or openly the compliance of the PNA is seen as bearing some of the responsibility.

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We must remove noose that chokes Palestinians

Diana Buttu, a former Palestinian negotiator, argues persuasively that the PA is no more than a sub-contractor for the occupation and should go. Uri Avnery takes issue. The 2-state solution depends on there being a Palestinian authority and quislings can save a people from destruction.

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Tour groups may not sleep in Bethlehem

Was there ever a government so given to petty interference as the Israeli regime? It introduced a new rule that tour groups visiting Bethlehem could not spend the night there. Why? Security! But tour operators and Palestinian hoteliers thought it more likely they wanted to force tourists to privilege the Israeli hotels. Such was the outcry the new rule was withdrawn – but people in the tourist economy fear that where that rule came from others might follow.

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Over 60 Birzeit students held in Israeli prisons for political reasons

Students suspect that Israeli and Palestinian authorities co-operate in keeping politically active students behind bars. To Israel they are terrorists in waiting, and to the PNA they are traitors. Support the campaign.

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