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Where is your morality Lord Sacks?

Rabbi Jonathan Sacks has won respect for his analyses of religion and violence. But he has descended into ‘vulgar Israeli propaganda’ with scant respect for facts in his video attacking BDS.

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‘Terrifying levels of hate speech online from Israeli Jews’

For those who hold a torch for Israel as a matter of redemption or destiny this report of violent online abuse from Israeli Jews will be distressing. Yes, online anonymity has revealed an immense reservoir of aggressive hatred about everything. This is a frightening insight into Jewish Israeli hatred of Palestinians – and they are not reprimanded for ‘incitement’. Jonathan Cook reports.

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Balfouring the Middle East

Robert Fisk describes the process by which Britain tried to pacify conflicting claims to Palestine as a homeland – viz lying while making promises on which it was unable to deliver and concealing an instrumental favouring of Jews over Arabs. And the centrality of arms dealing to the whole continuing process.

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Universities censor free speech on Israel

This is another disturbing report, Manchester Uni this time, on the bureaucratic measures being taken to prevent students saying a critical word about Israel’s treatment of Palestinians. None of the measures (Prevent and IHRA) has been subject to any parliamentary debate.

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This week’s


The newsletter which goes out to all signatories and anyone who wants it is comprised of the Home Page summaries of articles. Why not click on one that interests you and read it on the website?

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European Jews call for solidarity against Muslim-hatred

At the end of January a young Canadian who had been nurtured on right-wing anti-Muslim propaganda killed six Muslims in Quebec. European Jews for a Just Peace issues a statement deploring the lack of media attention for this hate crime and calls for solidarity in opposing the culture that produced them. Plus Canada’s threatened heritage of multi-culturalism.

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When the US wanted Palestine to be one democratic state for all

Josh Ruebner reveals to some and reminds others that US policy in 1947 was “there should not be set up one system of law for the adherents of one religion and a different system for the adherents of another religion”. No ‘the Jewish state’ then.

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Banksy’s Hotel in Bethlehem

To some the hotel funded and opened in Bethlehem by Banksy is off the wall – too dystopian or surreal to be comfortable. To others it is imaginative and practical – a base for visitors and an income for Palestinians. We repost Haggai Matar’s review.

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Facts and alternative realities

You can’t be Jewish and not have a view on Israel as all research has found. What that view is depends on what facts you take seriously and what you dismiss. The advert in the Jewish Chronicle, in support of the UNSC resolution 2334, by three Jewish groups has caused a small squall amongst Israel’s loyalists and its critics. Here are their letters.

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All legal opinion condemns land-grab bill

This is an excellent briefing from from Lawyers for Palestinian Human Rights about the ‘Expropriation Act’ which has been made Israeli law by right-wing ‘force majeure’ in the Knesset.

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Corruption the motor of Israel’s un-free market

From the beginning, writes Jonathan Cook, Israel had a Wild West notion of law and order – they could take the land they wanted and shoot anyone who got in the way. Their legacy was massive corruption. Now just 20 families control most of the wealth in Israel. Plus the PM wants to make a deal to ensure favourable media coverage for himself.

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Gaza, emigrate or fade away

It is Gaza’s young men who take the risk of escaping from the Strip. Lack of water, lack of fuel, lack of jobs, lack of arable land have rendered besieged Gaza as a place with no future except for Hamas military men.

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Birth of a second Jewish nation

Had Elor Azaria been Ashkenazi, quite different inferences would have been drawn from his killing of an Arab. It would have been said that the 0ccupation had brutalised an upstanding fellow. Instead his act is seen as a product of the uncultivated, Arab-hating Mizrahi. Uri Avnery says there are several Jewish nations living inside Israel’s borders, connected only by a mutual, unacknowledged hatred.

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BDS strikes Lord Sacks as having the power to annihilate Israel

The former chief rabbi of Orthodox Ashkenazi Jews, Jonathan Sacks, has used his time to produce a video attacking the BDS campaign. Despite his reputation for intellectual rigour all he can see is a drive to annihilate Israel. Hysteria or what? Robert Cohen watches his video and points out how his hostility to Palestine distorts his reasoning.

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May sets up attack on free speech

The British PM doesn’t appear to have strong views on anything. She adopted the IHRA definition of antisemitism without, it seems, any discussion. The line in the guide to the definition that states that it is antisemitic to deny the Jewish people their right to self-determination or claim that the existence of a State of Israel is a racist endeavour is obviously not OK with many British voters. Or did she hope for what is happening – a clamp-down on support for Palestinians? Over 140 academics sign a letter of protest.

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It is antisemitic to say ‘Palestine’

The proper ‘white’ way to refer to these darker-skinned people is ‘terrorists’ or ‘antisemites’. Where Israel and Palestine are seen as antithetical it is not possible to talk with interest or sympathy about Palestinians without risking a charge of antisemitism. But those who make the charge don’t themselves believe it. Anti-Muslim prejudice is evidentially a much more widespread phenomenon.

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Appeal for public display of support for Gaza

In Israel Apartheid Week students from Gaza – where crimes against humanity are daily inflicted on them – have issued this appeal for support for international law to be applied to their persecutors, Israel’s military and security agencies.

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New law to legalise land theft does not make theft legal

It might seem the effect of the new Regulation Act, allowing the seizure of Palestinian land, makes no difference. Most demolitions are justified by saying the owners had no building permission. There is a difference. Judges do not challenge the latter excuse, they may rule that private ownership of land cannot be transgressed by the state. Mustafa Barghouti demands international action.

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Raids on Palestinian media

In recent months, Israeli security has targeted Palestinian media alleging that a wave of unrest that swept the oPt in October 2015 was encouraged largely by “incitement” – such as news reports.

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The know-nothing war

Israel’s State Comptroller Joseph Shapira has just published his report on the 2014 war on Gaza – a portrait of the political and military elite which was unable to communicate with each other or assess the strategy and techniques of Hamas – especially the use of tunnels. It is not surprising that the IDF could hardly proclaim a victory in this most devastating war.

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