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Bibi hopes to lead Israeli-Arab-US alliance against Iran

Netanyahu hopes to lead a security alliance against Iran. He has been working on better relations with Arab leaders for over a year and believes he has Trump in his pocket. At their joint press conference he said ‘now’ was a moment when “Arab countries in the region do not see Israel as an enemy, but increasingly as an ally” – an anti-Iran front.

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‘Shining stars’ show a way to reject Occupation

Three teenage girls – Odeh Bisharat’s ‘shining stars’- are again enduring repeat imprisonments for refusing to do military service. They refuse to join the force which oppresses and humiliates Palestinians or accept that ‘racism and hatred are necessary for the existence of the State of Israel’

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Pro-Palestinians disrupt Friedman hearing

While the POTUS was delivering his ‘it would be funny – if it weren’t so scary’ press conference his chum David Friedman hoped to slide smoothly through his Senate hearing by saying that everything he had said during the campaign was a lie. He hadn’t expected the pro-Palestinian hecklers.

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French Jews and the Front National

A Jewish Friends of Israel group has angered the Jewish umbrella group, Crif, by holding talks with the Front National- which proposes banning the veil and the kippah but has put itself at the head of excluding Muslim terrorists. The FN has an antisemitic heritage which modernising Le Pen is trying to bury.

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No Plan B for Palestinian state

The 2-state solution has been the alibi for inaction on Palestine and Israel for decades. The shock at its possible death is largely felt by those who want that alibi. That shock shapes all the media coverage – it’s too soon to know how serious Trump is or what the alternatives might be.

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Do you want a Jewish ethno-state?

Daniel Sieradski upbraids his fellow American Jews; they sat on their hands while Israeli politicians moved to the right putting a Palestinian state increasingly beyond reach – and now Trump can deliver what they didn’t want – an apartheid state.

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Trump drops 2-state insistence

For years the policy of all countries that have a position on Palestine/ Israel has been to back a ‘2-state solution’. Now the president of the USA has broken ranks and said he would accept any position on which the two parties agreed. In fact, as Israel is most unlikely to prefer one state, in which Jews would be a minority, it’s unlikely to change much.

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Iran, Israel and fake fears

Ostensibly PM Netanyahu came to visit the British PM to discuss Iran’s nukes, which turned out not to be the case. Now he is visiting the POTUS, ostensibly to talk about Iran. Peter Beinart says that is unlikely. Netanyahu talked up Iran as a nuclear threat in order to place himself and Israel as the US’s necessary ally in the region despite IDF disbelief.

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Bibi to Trump: Palestinians won’t say the magic words to me

Why does PM Netanyahu insist that the words ‘Israel is the homeland of the Jewish people’ must be spoken by Abbas? Because he knows that would betray the 1.4m Arabs for whom Israel is home? Because he needs a symbolic concession from Palestinians? And how will he explain it to deal-maker Trump?

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People clearance by home wreckage

More Palestinian homes were demolished by Israeli authorities in 2016 than ever before reports B’Tselem. The ‘reason’ is contemptible – lack of planning permission which all know is hardly ever given. Home wrecking is a tactic in the long-term aim of corralling Palestinians into as small a space as possible, making living conditions intolerable.

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Palestinian refugees as pariahs

There is a long period of time in which Jews were often refugees. That became an integral element of Jewish tradition and in these days of upheaval Jews have often been at the forefront of welcoming refugees. EXCEPT – hundred of thousands of Palestinians languish in refugee camps, mainly in Jordan and Lebanon. Who cares? Robert Cohen argues that this deficit is because we’re trapped in our loyalty to Israel which makes it impossible to accept our complicity in the creation of the Palestinian refugee tragedy and makes us refuse to offer those refugees any safe place of refuge.

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London Assembly votes for IHRA antisemitism definition

The IHRA definition of antisemitism is good. The IHRA guidelines, using examples, is unacceptable. Andrew Dismore, London Assembly Labour member for Hendon – which has the 2nd highest proportion of Jews among all London constituencies, persuades the London Assembly to accept the IHRA definition of antisemitism – which is fine – and the guidelines – which are not.

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The Zionist drive for separation

The separation of people into discrete groups does not happen naturally in today’s world. It is done by the state using force and an immense bureaucracy. This is apartheid. Mike Cushman argues that the Israeli state is clearly enforcing rigid separations between Arab Palestinians and Israeli Jews. But he would be guilty of antisemitism under the IHRA ‘examples’ e.g. by claiming that the existence of a State of Israel is a racist endeavour.

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This week’s postings at


We were no wiser at the end of this last week, February 6th-12th, 2017 than we were at the beginning as to why PM Netanyahu had invited himself to tea with PM May. A press officer – Israeli embassy? – had briefed journalists that it was to do with Iran, one of the many things […]

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Trump’s too wobbly to build settlements on

No-one knows what deal Pres. Trump might want to make over settlement construction and whom will the deal be with? Peter Beaumont thinks the settlers might be rejoicing too early, mistaking the president as a man like them, with a fixed ideology. But ambassador-in-waiting David Friedman likes and is like the settlers.

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Bibi banking on bringing back a bargain

PM Netanyahu continues his tour round Israel’s allies with a meeting with Pres. Trump next week. As Trump is so wobbly, see posting above, it doesn’t really matter to him what is agreed. But it’s of desperate importance to Netanyahu that he can show those at home that he is irreplaceable.

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Campaign Against Antisemitism is not a charity

From its 2014 inception the Campaign Against Antisemitism has sported a false identity: firstly as a ‘grass-roots initiative’, and secondly as a charitable body concerned only with educating people about antisemitism (no evidence of their educating anyone). It is a political body for furthering support for Israel and dissing Palestinian complaints of rights denied. Tony Greenstein has started a petition appealing against its charitable status. Sign it here.

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Now Bibi tries to shape policy of UK’s FCO

Forget all those briefings about Bibi being on a UK/USA tour to drum up support for his anti-Iran position. We learn his real mission is to press foreign leaders to support him in his desire to crush the human rights NGOs, especially Breaking the Silence, on his list of enemies of the state.

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Police probe foreigners for any lack of love for Israel

Israel’s security blanket is now so thick that police suspect anyone who might be thought to have any connection to Palestinians. Richard Silverstein tells us they interrogated an official from the Israel-friendly NIF searching for any Arab-lovers in their funding files. And the incursions into British sovereignty know no bounds.

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Role of IDF: make its presence felt by Palestinians

Controlling what is not theirs has gone to the heads of Israeli politicians. Last year PM Cameron submissively instructed local councils not to support BDS. Now we learn from Yehuda Shaul that Bibi’s UK mission was not, as the media had it, all about Iran. He found time to ask her to prohibit British agencies from funding Breaking the Silence [no gov’t donations since 2013] and other troublesome NGOs. Here, BTS reveals how the IDF controls Hebron.

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