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We provide links to articles we think will be of interest to our supporters, informing them of issues, events, debates and the wider context of the conflict. We are sympathetic to much of the content of what we post, but not to everything. The fact that something has been linked to here does not necessarily mean that we endorse the views expressed in it.

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Experience Travel Tours   

Join us in travelling to Israel and Palestine! Our unique issue-based group tours enable participants to meet local people, witness life from a range of perspectives in different geographical areas, and to benefit from expert analysis on the ever-changing political and social scene.

·         Our tours create unique opportunities to meet with key leaders from outstanding organisations and institutions who work in a variety of ways for a better world.

·         Aspects of politics, history, religion, culture, education, healthcare, and the environment are covered, since these are issues that affect people’s lives today.

·         A broad range of perspectives is gained, with the focus on the agencies of peace in both societies.

·         Knowledgeable and in-depth analysis helps participants understand the historical and political dynamics involved, with emphasis on freedom and dignity for all.

·         At least two study tours are provided per year.


ETT was established in 1999 and more than 450 people from around the world have participated in these tours that have proved life-changing for many. ETT tours are supported by the Open Bethlehem Campaign.

“I knew the tour was going to be intensive. The organisation was superb, with all the elements sliding into place apparently effortlessly, allowing me to concentrate on absorbing the rich and varied experience on offer without any hassle. A first-class and extremely well balanced trip.”                                              M Coldicott, Fresham, England

“I thought I knew a lot about the conflict, but the tour changed some of my views quite a bit. If you care for peace and human rights for Palestinians and Israelis this tour is an absolute must to deepen your understanding.”                             C Walischewski, Bremen, Germany

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