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We provide links to articles we think will be of interest to our supporters, informing them of issues, events, debates and the wider context of the conflict. We are sympathetic to much of the content of what we post, but not to everything. The fact that something has been linked to here does not necessarily mean that we endorse the views expressed in it.

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Related organisations – old links

These are old links, many dating from 2005 or earlier. Inevitably many will no longer work

Jewish Boat to Gaza

The materials on the old Jewish Boat to Gaza website – – are in process of being relocated here.

Faculty for Israeli Palestinian Peace – UK

This organisation is currently on ice but carried information relating particularly to educational and academic issues and the debate around the boycott, 2005-2008

Another Israel

Currently inactive but we link to material below dating from its heyday in 2008, particulary the popular poster exhibition.

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