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Olive Picking Program 2012

13-22 October 2012 Palestine

Registration for the 9th Olive Picking Program is underway; please let us know if you are joining. Also we would really appreciate it if you can refer others who have never been to Palestine to take part in this event:

For the past 8 years, ATG and JAI have received hundreds of visitors from all around the world for similar events. The olive picking program is designed to give people a first hand experience on Palestinians life under the Israeli military Occupation as well as to provide protective presence and assistance to Palestinians whose olive harvest season is effected by the Israeli military restrictions and the Israeli settlers attacks.

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About the Olive Picking 2012 – Registration – Proposed Schedule:

The Olive Picking Program and last years’ programs’ reports:

Reported attacks on farmers and land in Palestine:

You are highly encouraged to advertise & forward this Invitation to your
colleagues, movements, congregation, branches, networks, partners, and friends
If you got this invitation forwarded and you want to subscribe, you may do so at our JAI website

If you have any questions, please contact:

Baha Hilo

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