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We provide links to articles we think will be of interest to our supporters, informing them of issues, events, debates and the wider context of the conflict. We are sympathetic to much of the content of what we post, but not to everything. The fact that something has been linked to here does not necessarily mean that we endorse the views expressed in it.

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These pages are a guide to some of the more important writings available online on the Israel-Palestine conflict. There is a huge literature on the topic and many good books – as well as a number of rather bad ones – have been published on the topic. We allude to the best of these as appropriate under the various topics below of these but except for occasional extracts form these that are available on the web we focus rather on material that is freely available online.

There is a logic to the presentation of various aspects of the conflict below; but many of the texts linked to do not fit unambiguously into single categories. Writings on the Palestinian refugee issue, for example, or debate about whether Israel is an apartheid society, are also part of the general history of the conflict; questions about the nature of antisemitism can’t simply be pigeonholded in the section on antisemitism as they appear in highly charged emotional form in accusations that, for instance, much criticism of Israel is fosters antisemitism or that BDS is simply and unambiguously antisemitic.

We have tried to limit articles in any particular section to a reasonable number; to link to other sections where particularly appropriate; and generally to provide a way in for people not familiar with particular debates and topics.

Suggestions for additional material or issues we should include and any information about broken links is welcome and should be sent to

1. Origins of and Background to the conflict

Section I: Timelines and Maps


Section II. Histories and analyses

From earliest times to the present – introductions and overviews
From 1948 to 1967 [on which we have nothing at present!]
The road to Oslo – and the second intifada
Developments from the Second intifada
The case of Gaza

‘Zionism’ and its relationship with the conflict
The Palestinian Refugee Issue

International Involvement in the conflict

i) The United Nation’s Involvement in the conflict
ii) The United States’ Involvement in the conflict
iii) Europe’s Involvement in the conflict
iv) Arab states Involvement?

2. The occupation

a) History and maps of the occupation
b) Key Issues

i) Israel’s Human Rights Violations
ii) Settlement Building and Land Issues
iii) Restrictions on Movement
iv) Forced Displacement and Denial of Residency Rights
v) Justice
vi) The Wall
vii) The Green Line
viii) Water
ix) Health

c) Living under Occupation

d) Further sources of information

3. Strategies for Change

[Introductory Paragraph]
a) Negotiating for peace
b) Palestinian non-violent resistance
c) Israeli opposition to the occupation
d) Putting pressure on Israel from outside

Boycott, divestment, sanctions
* The campaign against settlement goods
* Arms boycott
* Boycott of companies profiting from the occupation
* Academic and cultural boycott
A non-violent resistance strategy?
Using International Law

e) The call for equal rights
f) Violence against civilians: suicide bombings and bombers

4. Israeli society and politics

a) The nature of Israeli society

Jewish and democratic?

b) Divisions among Israeli citizens

Ashkenazi and Mizrachi
Palestinian citizens of Israel including the Bedouin in the Negev

c) The Israeli Supreme Court

 5. Palestinian society and politics

a) The PLO
b) The Palestinian Authority (PA)
c) Hamas
d) Education under occupation

6. International politics

a) The ‘Israel lobby': US aid to and support for Israel
b) The European Union and Israel-Palestine
c) Britain and Israel-Palestine

7. Jewish identity

a) Antisemitism
b) On being Jewish
c) The Jewish Community in Britain
d) Zionism and Judaism (from history section)
e) Jewish holidays

8. The propaganda war – media representations of the conflict

9. Key debates

a) What is Zionism?
b) Singling out Israel
c) (When) can criticism of Israel be antisemitic?
d) The nature of the nakba (ethnic cleaning? consciously willed? etc)
e) Do Palestinian/Israeli textbooks teach hatred?
f) One state or two?
g) Is Israel an apartheid society?

Somewhere! – Media representations of the conflict and the hasbara industry



Old text – to be deleted before going live




N.B. These background pages have generally not been updated since early 2008. Use the search engine on our home page to find more recent postings and links.

Many existing links, especially older ones, no longer work – a product of websites coming and going, urls being changed etc. We hope to clean up these background pages during spring 2010. In the meantime, we suggest you do what we will have to do: put titles, phrases or even sentences into Google and see if you can locate the original source in this way.

1. History

a) General histories of the region and the conflict
b) Historical maps
c) The creation of the Palestinian refugee problem
d) Historical critiques of Zionism/Israeli government policy
e) Media representations of the conflict

2. The occupation

a) Human rights relating to the occupation
b) The settlements
c) Education
d) Health
e) Restrictions on movement
f) Denial of residential rights
g) Land issues
h) The Separation Wall
Water rights
j) The economics of the occupation
k) Personal testimony
l) Maps

3. The development of the conflict

a) From 1948 to 1967
b) The peace negotiations – Oslo to the second intifada
c) The Road Map
d) The Geneva Accord
e) The Gaza Disengagement
f) Ariel Sharon – evaluations
g) The rise of Hamas and the boycott of the Palestinian Authority
h) The Saudi Peace plan’s relaunch in 2007
i) The Gaza crisis, 2007-08
j) The bombing of Gaza, Dec 08 – Jan 09

4. Responses

a) Boycott, divestment, sanctions
b) The campaign against settlement goods
c) Violence against civilians: suicide bombings and bombers
d) The debate about Two States
e) A non-violent resistance strategy?
f) Israeli Dissent – an overview

5. Israeli society and politics

a) General analyses and commentaries
b) Notions of ethnic cleansing and Transfer
c) Israeli society: ethnicity and apartheid
d) The Palestinian citizens of Israel
e) Role of the Israeli Supreme Court

6. International politics

a) The ‘Israel lobby': US aid to and support for Israel
b) The European Union and Israel-Palestine
c) Britain and Israel-Palestine
d) Israel and Lebanon

7. Jewish identity

a) Antisemitism
b) On being Jewish
c) The Jewish Community in Britain

8. Miscellaneous

a) Spielberg’s Munich
b) Articles and links of general interest not otherwise listed
c)Robin Miller’s Research Guide to the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict – last updated in July 2002 this contains 3719 links, a large number of which are still working!


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The appearance of a link to an article on this website does not mean that we endorse its contents.

Please let us know immediately if you have difficulty accessing any of these publications.

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