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Settlements Generate Virtually No Economic Activity
"A recent Israeli government report estimated there are…$250 million in annual exports — [only] 0.55 percent of the national total — from the West Bank, East Jerusalem and the Golan Heights, territories the international community generally considers illegally occupied."
Jodi Rodoren cited by Richard Silverstein, 22 Jan 2014

Daily acts of violence committed by Jewish Israeli citizens against West Bank Palestinians
"These incidents — now particularly heightened during the olive harvest season — are not the aberration from the norm, but a regular feature of life in the occupied West Bank. In 2012, over 7,500 Palestinian olive trees were destroyed. In the 5-year period between 2007 and 2011, there was a 315 percent increase in settler violence."
Mairav Zonszein, Israel Must Stop Settler Violence, 8 November 2013
Police impunity
After their own investigations establishing a prima facie violation, Btselem has lodged over 280 complaints of alleged police violence in the oPt since the start of the second Intifada: "we are aware of only 12 indictments" Btselem April 2013
Runners in the first ever Bethlehem Marathon were forced to run two laps of the same course on Sunday 21 April 2013, as Palestinians were unable to find a single stretch of free land that is 26 miles long in Area A, where the PA has both security and civil authority. See Marathon report
30th March, land day.
On 30 March 1976, thousands of Palestinians living as a minority in Israel mounted a general strike and organised protests against Israeli government plans to expropriate almost 15,000 acres of Palestinian land in the Galilee.The Israeli government, led by prime minister Yitzhak Rabin and defence minister Shimon Peres, sent in the army to break up the general strike. The Israeli army killed six unarmed Palestinians, wounded hundreds and arrested hundreds more, including political activists. All were citizens of Israel.
* Out of 103 investigations opened in 2012 into alleged offences committed by Israeli soldiers in the occupied territories, not a single indictment served to date
Yesh Din, 3 Feb 2013
* In total, out of an area of 1.6 million dunams in the Jordan Valley, Israel has seized 1.25 million − some 77.5 percent − where Palestinians are forbidden to enter.
Haaretz editorial, 4 Feb 2013


EU/US urge peaceful protest but not a tweet when police break it up

The report from Al Jazeera is followed by tweets from the protest camp as it is dismantled by the police.

Israel dismantles Palestinian protest camp

Police destroy tents set up in protest against illegal Israeli construction in West Bank, arresting several activists.

By Al Jazeera
March 24, 2013

At least five of around 50 demonstrators were arrested with the rest put on a bus to PA-controlled areas [Reuters]
Israel has dismantled a tent camp Palestinians set up during US President Barack Obama’s recent visit to protest against Israeli plans to build a large West Bank settlement near Jerusalem.

Before dawn on Sunday, about 200 Israeli police officers removed some 40 demonstrators from the tent camp, said Israeli police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld.

“The settlers in E-1 will destroy the idea of an independent Palestinian state.”

- Mustafa Barghouti, Palestinian legislator

Palestinian legislator Mustafa Barghouti, one of the organisers, told the AFP news agency by phone on Sunday that he and four others were arrested and taken for questioning at Maale Adumim police station.

Police said they were later released on bail.

Barghouti said about 50 other protesters were put on buses and released in a Palestinian Authority-controlled part of the West Bank.

Activists set up the camp, which they dubbed Bab al-Shams or “Gate of the Sun” in Arabic, near the West Bank Israeli settlement of Maale Adumim, in a bid to draw attention to Israeli plans to boost illegal construction in the area known as E-1.

Tents were pitched on Wednesday to highlight the issue at the start of Obama’s trip to Israel and the Palestinian territories.

During his visit last week, Obama singled out the E-1 settlement as particularly problematic.

Contiguous Palestinian state
The settlement of more 3,500 apartments would close in one of the last open spaces between East Jerusalem and the West Bank, territories the Palestinians want for their state along with the Gaza Strip.

The camp was first set up in January but taken down by court order on the grounds of “public disorder”.

The encampment is part of a new Palestinian tactic to protest against Israeli settlement expansion.

Similar encampments have sprouted elsewhere but have been quickly razed by troops or police.

Palestinians say settlement construction in E-1 would effectively cut the West Bank in two and prevent the creation of a contiguous Palestinian state.

“The settlers in E-1 will destroy the idea of an independent Palestinian state, which will end once the West Bank is cut in two,” Barghouti said.

The international community has reacted with consternation at Israeli plans to build in E-1, urging Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s government to reconsider.

Israel has built dozens of settlements considered illegal under international law in the West Bank and East Jerusalem since 1967 that are now home to more than half a million Israelis.

In addition, settlers have set up dozens of unauthorised outposts to claim more war-won land.

Israeli army evicts Palestinian protest village

#BREAKING: #AhfadYounis is in lock down by Israeli forces RIGHT NOW sarounded from all sides. #Babalshams. 12:23 AM

Israeli forces waking to #AhfadYounes right now attack is going to happen tonight. #BabAlsham 12:24 AM

Helicopters, jeeps and bulldozers are overrunning the town of #BabAlshams #AhfadYounes right now.12:25 AM

History repeats its self Israeli forces are doing to #AhfadYounis the same thing they did to #BabAlshams few months ago. #Palestine
12:30 AM – 24 Mar 13

As Obama leaves, the “normal” ethnic cleansing starts again. #BabalShams #AhfadYounis

Rajai abuKhalil

I swear I’ve never seen this large number of special forces in my life #BabAlshams #AhfadYounes

Rajai abuKhalil
2 Shavas vehicels and a Bus just passed by. Which means they are planning to arrest every1 inside #AhfadYounes #BabAlshams

Raimo Kangasniemi
#AhfadYounes represents what #EuropeanUNion & #US pretend to want: Non-violent protest. Now it is being destroyed & hey are silent. #America

A lot of solders waking up to #AhfadYounes right now backed up with more than 50 occupation vehicles and 2 helicopters. #BabAlshams

#BREAKING: Israeli forces is evacuating everyone from from #AhfadYounes RIGHT NOW! With blocking everyone from getting out. #BabAlsham 12:53 AM

Light Bombs are lighting the Sky of #AhfadYounis Right now. #BabAlshams #Palestine

Abir Kopty @AbirKopty
100s of Israeli policemen arrived on foot to #ahfadyounis #babalshams, ordered ppl to leave or otherwise they will be arrested

Everyone is in the middle of the village refuses to leave and chanting in the Zionist faces ” we won’t leave”. #BabAlshams #AhfadYounis

RIGHT NOW: everyone in the village is getting arrested by occupation forces don’t know where thay are going to take them. #BabAlsham 1:03 AM

All #AhfadYounis residents were detained and taken by Israeli forces, no idea where to, yet. #Babalshams #Apartheid 1:13 AM


From what I heard some of the activists are going to Ofer and some are going to e dropped at kalandya check point. #BabAlshams #AhfadYounes 1:26 AM

Rajai abuKhalilرجائي @Rajaiabukhalil
According to the ambulance Medic, about 70 resident in #BabAlshams #AhfadYounes trapped inside now. And the Heliocopter is above us 1:11 AM

Rajai abuKhalilرجائي @Rajaiabukhalil
They have arrested everone now! every1 are in the IOF vehicles and buses, but they haven’t moved yet. #AhfadYounes #BabAlshams 1:20 AM


UPDATE: Occupation forces just ethnically cleansed #AhfadYounis #BabAlshams. #Palestine 1:45 AM

Operation Palestine @OperPal
LIVE PHOTO: Arrested resident of #BabAlshams #AhfadYounes in the IOF bus, singing ” we die and Palestine lives”…

Rajai abuKhalilرجائي @Rajaiabukhalil
Correction, the arrested residents of #AhfadYounes #BabAlshams are being taken to an unkown location 1:33 AM

Rajai abuKhalilرجائي @Rajaiabukhalil
Arressted Residents of #AhfadYounes #BabAlshams are in the buses at the Enterance of Maali Adomeem settelment, destination unkown 1:40 AM

Rajai abuKhalilرجائي @Rajaiabukhalil
News about 1 injurerd resident of #AhfadYounes #BabAlshams . Waiting for more details. 1:41 AM

RT @Rajaiabukhalil: They are evicting #AhfadYounes right now & blocking every1 out. I managed to enter in an Ambulance w/my Dr. ID card 1:45 AM

Rajai abuKhalilرجائي @Rajaiabukhalil
They are taking the arrested activists of #BabAlshams #AhfadYounes next to the village of Aljeep where they will probably release them 2:24 AM

Rajai abuKhalilرجائي @Rajaiabukhalil
Part of the Army vehicles that attacked #AhfadYounes #BabAlshams tonight 2:45 AM

Rajai abuKhalilرجائي @Rajaiabukhalil
IOF arrests a female activist at #AhfadYounes #BabAlshams 2:46 AM

Rajai abuKhalilرجائي @Rajaiabukhalil
3 activistsa arrested and 1 still held at Maali Adomeem, the others realised victorius #BabAlshams #AhfadYounes 3:04 AM

Rajai abuKhalilرجائي @Rajaiabukhalil
thumbs up for @Lemapal who was arrested at #AhfadYounes #BabAlshams ..she was singing and chanting while being arrested and in the IOF bus 4:31 AM

Rajai abuKhalilرجائي @Rajaiabukhalil
According to Israeli Police there was 800 Israeli Policemen,soldiers and special units who attacked #BabAlshams #AhfadYounes earlier tonight 4:33 AM


Israeli occupation forces raided today Abu Mesh’al village and arrested Ahmad Omar Zahran and Mahmoud Mohamad Zahran. 7:06 AM

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