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Ezra Nawi in gaol would appreciate letters of support

taayush Anat Rosenwaks 28/05/2010 13:03 Ta’ayush

See Update from the Villages Group – Ezra Nawi in Gaol

Dear Ezra Supporters,

Last Sunday, 23 May, Ezra Nawi began serving his one-month jail sentence as a result of his protest against demolitions of Palestinian houses in the village of Um el-Hir in the West Bank. The support and solidarity that he had received in the time before his incarceration, along with the picnic organized for him in Susya, lightened him up and will definitely help him during his time in prison.

Following a harrowing week in the Russian Compound where he was held in terrible jail conditions, Ezra was transferred to Dekel Prison in Beer-Sheva, where he will spend the rest of his sentence. Ezra says that the conditions in Dekel are better.

Visits are only allowed for lawyers and family, but Ezra would appreciate receiving letters from his supporters.

Please send your support letter to:

Ezra Itzhak Nawi
Dekel Prison
P.O.B 2351
Emek Sarah, Beer-Sheva, 84123

The Committee Supporting Ezra Nawi

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