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Palestinian homes demolished – but this time by Hamas

hamasscarfUsing clubs to force residents from their homes, Hamas police evicted residents of homes in Rafah  – temporary shacks – built “without the correct permits” before bringing in bulldozers to finish the job of demolishing up to 40 houses on Sunday. Further evictions are expected, reports AP.

It’s hard to see, at a time when people are attempting to bring humanitarian aid to Gaza – including of course, our own/EJJP cement appeal –  how Hamas could have shot itself in the foot in a more idiotic yet comprehensive way. Quite apart from demolishing the homes of its own displaced people in order to build a “House of Virtue” (isn’t it virtuous to see your citizens have shelter?) it seems to have escaped the attention of Hamas officials that they are aping not just the behaviour, but the threadbare excuses offered by Israelis when they demolish homes in Jerusalem.

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