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06 May: Tair Kaminer starts her fifth spell in gaol. Send messages of support via Reuven Kaminer

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29 November: JfJfP, with many others, signs a "UK must protest at Bedouin expulsion" letter

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When a Jew equates Zionism with racism

Or fails to equate Trump with racism. The first article is by Mondoweiss marvelling that the Forward should have published an article equating Zionism with racism. The second is by Chemi Shalev on how Israel’s embrace of Trump has created a schism with, and between, American Jews.

If he moves, lock him up

Yes, the Israeli state recognises the rule of law – and so invents a swath of ‘laws’ (military orders) to make any form of political expression by young Palestinians illegal. Addameer details these breaches of international law.

UN head – something can be done about Gaza

On his first visit to Gaza UN General Secretary Antonio Guterres promised funds for reconstruction and said the UN was doing all possible to support President Abbas’s efforts to create conditions for a unified leadership. This would be the first step to transforming Gaza.

Netanyahu will leave bitter legacy

This highly critical review of the Israeli PM’s approach to the rest of the world acknowledges his skills in getting fellow nationalists (Modri, Orban, Putin) on board but despairs of his blindness about Palestinians. Interesting because of its right-wing source, The National Interest.

Hebron, epitome of the Occupation

As one witness says here, Hebron has every device and method invented for controlling Palestinian movement – all for the protection of 86 Jewish families. The ratio of soldiers to settlers is c. 2:1 in the old city and 1:4 outside, a pointless and provocative extravagance .

Christian imperialists saw Palestinians as worthless infidels

100 years later and the British government is proud of the decision by the 1917 Liberal government – known as the Balfour Declaration – to ‘look favourably’ on the creation of a Jewish homeland in Palestine. Why? Because it can pride itself on the birth of Israel of course. The crushing of Palestine as a potential nation-state is an unfortunate side-effect.

The stuff on Israel which Americans may not see

Telling the truth may be a defence against a libel action; it is no defence against the multi-headed hydra which is the American lobby in the USA. Forget the rational argument of free speech; think the religiosity of blasphemy. In an excerpt from his chapter in ‘Israel and Palestine : alternative perspectives on statehood’ Richard Silverstein tracks how the Israel lobby demonises Palestinians and does all it can to prevent any less than adoring picture of Israel being made public.

This week’s


From more Jews leaving Israel than joining, through the bombast of Danny Danon to an excellent speech by UN High Commissioner for Human Rights to the financial travails of Hamas.

More Jews leaving than arriving in Israel

Israel’s population growth seemed assured. After taking in many Holocaust survivors (though most went to N.America) there were immigrants from war-ravaged countries, and from N. Africa. And others who believed that only in Israel could they ‘come into themselves’. But they find that Israel is not safe for Jews, is parochial and not a lively cosmopolitan country, the censorship, number of rules and military patrols make very costly Israel nothing like the welcoming home they were looking for.

Fatah, Hamas go for total knowledge control

Two highly reputable NGOs, Amnesty International and Addameer, have produced reports which voice anger and dismay at the inability of the Palestinian Authority in general and Pres Abbas in particular to accept any criticism in any form. Abbas whizzed through a new law against electronic crimes, meaning disturbing ‘national unity or social peace’ on Facebook or websites. That seems to have everything covered.

PLO wants new life

Palestinian political activists are desperately hoping, writes Daoud Kuttab, that the PLO will formally convene the Palestinian National Council. It hasn’t met since 1996 but is the only body which can make the decisions and hold the discussions which the movement needs if it is not to drift into being an apathetic and corrupt cadre.

To our fellow Jews: which side are you on?

For many Americans Donald Trump’s speech about violence at Charlottesville was THE defining moment. No longer could anyone claim not-to-know of his affinity with white nationalists. Jews, 70% of whom voted Democrat/Clinton, have to choose whether to work with him or against him say Chabon and Waldman.

The Establishment’s Outsider Group

The largest Jewish minorities in the West used to be stalwarts of the Left but since the 1970s have become increasingly right-wing. Despite this absorption into the Establishment such Jews have not discarded their heritage of persecution. Emma Green of The Atlantic on the dissonant identities of American Jews.

Brits the most pro-Palestinian

These are the findings of YouGov polls conducted towards the end of Operation Protective Edge. It is unlikely there have been major shifts since then. The GB-France difference is surprising given the higher proportion of French people of N. African Arab heritage. The US results are dispiriting, though the age difference is significant.

Hamas in urgent need of new patron

Hostile neighbours can only punish Hamas by punishing the people in Gaza. Israel, the PA and Egypt all know this. So many in Gaza look to Mohammed Dahlan, billionaire challenger to Abbas, to ease their situation.

Must peace come from the people?

By a very small margin the majority of Palestinians want a peaceful settlement with Israel recent opinion polls show. Whether or not this matters depends on the conditions and how it is presented by any leaders who make a peace deal. In the Washington Post Norrin Ripsman analyses when and how peace deals can be made from on top.

Insults not arguments

It is striking that those who defend Israel by saying all critics are antisemitic never put the argument that settlements promote human rights and are made in Israel’s justifiable national interest. Should that not be what Danny Danon is doing at the UN instead of presenting his country as the victim of other countries’ mindless prejudice?

The brazen absence of shame

The shameless ones are, in the words of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, the thug-like leaders who do not recognise their own or international laws on preventing the use of violence. It is a powerful speech by Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein. Danny Danon, Israel’s UN ambassador should be ashamed that he has accused him of antisemitism, of obsession with Israel and of ignoring human rights abuses round the world.

A Palestine-Israel federation:5.0

Contrary to Tony Klug (post below) Uri Avnery says the Jewish Israeli-Palestinian antagonism goes back to 1882. The idea of a Semitic Federation has been mooted several times as the political mirror of the two peoples. Does it still have currency?

Arab-Jew hatred is founded on the Occupation

The strongest antisemitism today is found among the victims of Israeli power who often refer simply to ‘the Jews’ as the cause of their penury. Hatred of Muslims strong among many Jews but more widespread. Tony Klug looks at the recent of rise of hostility between them – those who defend Israel’s occupation have a lot to answer for.