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Entrenching new Palestinian middle class

The new city of Rawabi is a dream for town planners, architects and a few hundred Palestinians who get to live in new housing with all mod cons (now that Israel has finally stopped blocking a water supply). Is the city an emblem of Palestine’s capacity for independence – or of the conquest of politics by capitalist advance? Poor Palestinians will not be able to live there.

Striking prisoners disappear from view

Israel’s PM hoped the hunger strike would be over by the time of Trump’s visit; short of that he wanted it out of sight. Judging by the silence of the broadcasting media in Israel and the UK, he seems to have got his way – but for the activists in western Europe, NY, Palestine and Israel who are asked to spread the news.

Starving for dignity

The hunger strike by Palestinian political prisoners continues. They are merely demanding that conditions for prisoners follow the rules for all prisoners. The fact that they have to starve to get these normal rights tells you what you need to know about Israeli prisons.

Trump lavishes royal Arab billionaires with praise

Human rights? Never heard of them. 9/11 bombers? Fake news. Lotsa money for lots of weapons? Now you’re talking. Trump in the land of super-rich autocrats.

Trump welcomed as not-Obama

Resentment in all MidEast states at Obama’s pressure on them to change has created a warm welcome for Trump. They are banking on the likelihood that things will go on as usual. Anshel Pfeffer on Trump’s advantages and NY Times.

Yale standards corrupted by Zionism

Joel Kovel, precocious intellectual, was destined for a stellar career in medicine or psychiatry or social sciences until he fell from grace as he spoke out against imperialism. His exclusion from Yale respectability (and its rich donors) was completed by his book Overcoming Zionism.

This week’s


Here is the summary of postings for the week May 15th-21st, 2017

We need to talk to Hamas

Guardian reporter Sara Helms deplores the fact that the west is only too happy to leave the people of Gaza inside their prison. Hamas’s election of a new leader in Gaza, Yahya Sinwar, as well as its new policy document provides an opening for a new initiative – but the British government shows no sign of being willing or able to think outside its self-imposed box.

NGOs to be banned from taking High Court actions on behalf of Palestinians?


Mondoweiss reports, following Haaretz, that the Israeli government is considering a bill to stop civil rights organisations from representing Palestinians in petitions to the High Court of Justice. Another step forward for “the only democracy in the Middle East”…

Rabbi Lord Sacks: please think again


A group of British Jews currently living in Jerusalem initiated an open letter to a former UK Chief Rabbi. The group expresses concern that Israeli Jewish celebrations of the unification of Jerusalem in which Rabbi Lord Sacks is set to participate airbrush out the realities of the 50-year old Occupation. The letter also describes the hateful behaviour and violence – towards Palestinians living in the Old City – which Yom Yerushalayim provokes each year.

My Lesson from the Holocaust


Controversial columnist Yossi Klein, condemned last month by both Netanyahu and Lieberman for a previous op-ed, has produced a new hard-hitting provocation:

“The Holocaust was unique, terrible and happened only once, but not the processes that preceded it. They were so ordinary that their language of imagery fits into our language. The language of processes is always shallow; the images repeat themselves. There’s no need to be original, it’s all been said before. Long before Culture and Sports Minister Miri Regev, people referred to refugees as “a cancer” and talked about “domestic enemies” who “stab us in the back.” Whoever declares “One Bible, One Nation, One Homeland!” doesn’t know, or probably doesn’t care, that it’s a paraphrase of “Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Führer!” (“One People, One Empire, One Leader!”).”

A Palestinian Girl’s Suicide by Israeli Cop

“The policemen … could have overcome Hajiji and detained her without resorting to shooting, and certainly not lethal shooting. Instead they shot and killed a 16-year-old girl who wasn’t endangering them,” according to B’Tselem.
Fatima Hajiji, 16, who was shot at least 10 times in East Jerusalem while brandishing a knife, wanted to be a martyr. Witnesses say she wasn’t endangering anyone

Gideon Levy and Alex Levac report

Peacenik pirate radio, 1973

abbi nathan_peace ship

The occupation has gone on for 50 years. NIF, the New Israel Fund, has produced a series of memorable dates and stories as part of its effort to teach the history of the occupation so we can overcome it. Here it tells about the floating Israeli peacenik pirate radio station, launched on 19 May 1973.

Palestinian hunger Strikers – an update

barghouti_17apr17, nyt

Around 1,000 Palestinians held in Israeli prisons have entered their second month of a hunger strike over conditions and medical rights. Their demands include better and consistent access to healthcare; more liberal family visit policies; and an end to solitary confinement and administrative detention.

Added to them now are demands for proper access to adequate medical treatment for those on hunger strike. Palestinian and Israeli human rights organisations – Addameer, Adalah, the Arab Association for Human Rights and Physicians for Human Rights-Israel – issued a joint statment last week urging Israel to “cease its ongoing, systematic human rights violations against the hunger-strikers”.

“Two states One homeland”

two states one homeland_logo

Simone Susskind, long time Belgian peace activist and one time President of the Centre communautaire laïc juif (Secular Jewish Community Asociation) writes about the “Two States, One Homeland” initiative, an attempt to develop a third way that deals with the limitations of the two states approach, without disowning it.

Israel’s love affair with Trump is turning sour


Two articles from the Jewish Chronicle, suggesting that Israel’s honeymoon with Donald Trump is over. Apparently, Israel is worried about Trump’s causal sharing of confidential information with the Russians – information sourced by Israel’s security services. And it is peeved at Trump rowing back on his campaign promise to “transfer the US embassy to the eternal capital of the Jewish people, Jerusalem”.

Red Card for Israeli Football delayed yet again


At the very last minute, Israeli lobbying succeeded in persuading FIFA to break its own rules and delay tabling a report that would ban settlement football teams from representing themselves as Israeli and playing in the Israeli League. The Palestine Football Association reacted furiously, condemning FIFA’s actions at the Congress and indicating it will approach the Court for Arbitration of Sport to resolve its problems.

The “subjugation plan”

Deputy Knesset Speaker Betzalel Smotrich recently talked to a gathering of religious Zionist public figures about his diplomatic plan “to erase all Palestinian national hope”, to reduce Palestinians in Israel to – at best – “resident aliens”. Academic Thomas Persico fears he is tapping into deep, biblically-justified, religious-mythic urges and that in a contest between democracy and ethnonationalism, it will be difficult for the former to win out.

Government adds to woes of asylum seekers In israel

asylum seekers

From this month African asylum seekers, motsly from Eritrea or Sudan, who work in Israel are having part of their wage income forcibly deducted by the state and placed into an account to which they have no access. It will only be returned to them when they go home….

Israeli bank, Mizrahi Tefahot, has already informed its investors that the policy will improve its liquidity and reserve ratio, because the money isn’t accessible to its owners, and the bank can use it to offset loans.

Why the peace talks always fail…

tzabar_new design for the israeli flat 2002

In this Guardian Long Read Nathan Thrall tackles the myth of two willing sides wanting peace – with extremists somehow hijacking the agenda. The truth is that Israel is pretty happy with the current situation and has no real desire for peace. Until the US and Europe formulate a strategy to make Israel’s circumstances less desirable than the concessions it would make in a peace agreement, they will shoulder responsibility for the oppressive military regime they continue to preserve and fund…