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BSST is the leading charity focusing on small-scale grass roots cross community, anti poverty and humanitarian projects in Israel/Palestine

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06 May: Tair Kaminer starts her fifth spell in gaol. Send messages of support via Reuven Kaminer

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29 November: JfJfP, with many others, signs a "UK must protest at Bedouin expulsion" letter

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The know-nothing war

Israel’s State Comptroller Joseph Shapira has just published his report on the 2014 war on Gaza – a portrait of the political and military elite which was unable to communicate with each other or assess the strategy and techniques of Hamas – especially the use of tunnels. It is not surprising that the IDF could hardly proclaim a victory in this most devastating war.

Courageous, waspish, Kaufman

Gerald Kaufman, who died on February 26th, 2017, was probably the best-known Jew in Britain, known for his sharp and sardonic attacks on Tories more than for his brief stint as a Labour minister. He was a courageous critic of Israel’s treatment of Palestinians which, despite the pressure, he sustained through his life as an MP.

This week’s


This last week, February 20th-26th 2017, the Trumpish kicking over of existing conventions, especially those supported by elites, is now reverberating in the MEPP (Middle East Peace Process). The 2-state solution has long been the only – but very widely – accepted solution to the Palestine/Israel conflict. In 1974 the UN passed a resolution on […]

The power of recording Israeli theft and violence

The Israeli occupation is enforced in many and various ways. Dogging the state agencies’ footsteps is B’Tselem and its growing band of video volunteers. From their annual report the breadth of their activities, especially in recording and publicising Israeli violations, is extraordinary. No wonder the gov’t tried to shut them down with its anti-NGO ‘transparency bill’.

One-state gains momentum- it’s universal

As many shrug off the 2-state solution – it depended on American backing which is no longer there, it produced no results for Palestinians – interest is turning to ideas of One state. Here we feature key statements in the arguments for and conferences on One Democratic State in Historic Palestine. We need to know the arguments even if we disagree.

Signs for ‘One Democratic State’ appear in Palestinian town

These signs were not heavenly messages but unexpected placards in Arabic. PA security assumed they were put up by One Democratic State in historic Palestine movement, established in May 2013. Ma’an reports a mixed reaction – hostility from those who think they must hold especially tight to the 2-state solution at this moment – and support, or apathy, from those who had long ago given up on 2 states.

Needed – bodies to enforce universal rights

Avi Shlaim agrees – the 2-state solution is dead. Palestinians remain in the same abject position. Their rights must be realised and Shlaim pins his hopes on BDS and civil society to make this happen.

The two-state solution was never devised for implementation

Ramzy Baroud, the influential Palestinian journalist and intellectual writes that the unattainable 2-state solution was only ever a means to pacify Palestinians. We should all focus instead on creating a state of equality and justice for all.

The Zionists who won’t live near Jews

The phenomenon of Zionism is nothing to do with loving Jews. There are more Christian Zionists than Jewish Zionists and they donate more money to Israel. Non-Jewish Zionists have more grandiose ambitions for Israel than do most Israelis says Suzanne Schneider. And many of these Zionists are distinctly uncomfortable in Jewish company.

Antisemitic Zionism


We post a second article (out of several this week) pondering the phenomenon of the white nationalists who hold antisemitic stereotypes (though some of their best friends may be…) while being staunchly for a Zionist Israel. Not a contradiction in a right-wing world view.

Entire Bedouin village in E1 to be demolished

This demolition of Khan al-Ahmar, a Bedouin village near Jerusalem, is absolute and without excuse. It’s simply in the way of what the Israeli state plans for the E1 area – a contiguous bloc of settlements which would divide the northern and southern West Bank and smother any hopes of a viable Palestinian state.

Muslims create fund to restore Jewish cemetery

Many antisemitics words and deeds have arrived in public spaces in the wake of Trump’s campaign. Last weekend a Jewish cemetery in Missouri was vandalized. Within days two American Muslims set up an online fund-raiser; money (including from JK Rowling) and volunteers poured in.

Israel’s borders up for grabs

The first grabber is Naftali Bennett and the horde of settlers. They want to annex the West Bank making sure Israeli rule has no limit. Palestinians want, says Jonathan Cook, a liberation that will determine borders. Trump’s nonchalance has created a more fluid and dangerous landscape.

Mrs May’s IHRA used to silence critics of Israel

As was feared, Mrs May’s adoption of the IHRA definition of and guidelines on antisemitism as government policy is being used to silence pro-Palestinian activists. The government’s Prevent policy (against extremism) is being used for the same purpose. Several universities have already banned pro-Palestinian speakers and events. Defend free speech!

Let the Arabs sort it out

‘The Israeli political system is in an uproar’ says Ben Caspit following Trump’s opt-out from any ‘peace process’. A regional peace deal is popular with many Israelis. But Arab leaders say they will not bypass the legitimate Palestinian government.

Taking the people’s name in vain

So-called populists, the name claimed by and given to right-wing anti-immigrant bodies, insist their enemy is the liberal elite which controls the media. To protect national security censors are needed to govern the words of anti-people elites. Israel has a military censor who tries to gag journalists at home and abroad.

Too up himself to have any views on Jews

Many have detected a dangerous strain of antisemitism in Pres. Trump – see his large following of white supremacists who scent anti-Jewish attitudes in him. No, argues Asher Schechter, the man is an egotistic opportunist with no secret plans. He tweets what will get publicity. His acts are against Muslims and Mexicans.

The Azaria show trial

The trial of Elor Azaria, with its damning evidence and then lenient sentence, was a show trial to rebut the claim that a culture of impunity envelops the killing of Palestinians. The extreme reaction of many Israelis shows what a powerful symbol the baby-faced soldier has become.

This week’s


This last week, February 13th-19th, 2017, the journeys of PM Netanyahu to the UK and the USA and the connected issue of ‘the 2-state solution’ have been the dominant questions for MidEast commentary. This also means, we say ruefully, that Pres. Trump is again unavoidable. In what Daoud Kuttab describes as the ‘love fest’ between […]

Where Israel’s dominant new right came from

Many of Israel’s left wing moved right finding a more secure footing and sense of purpose in settler Zionism. But Israelis who have not given up on two states think incremental steps can be taken – knowing Palestinians cannot become compatible Zionists.