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BSST is the leading charity focusing on small-scale grass roots cross community, anti poverty and humanitarian projects in Israel/Palestine

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06 May: Tair Kaminer starts her fifth spell in gaol. Send messages of support via Reuven Kaminer

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29 November: JfJfP, with many others, signs a "UK must protest at Bedouin expulsion" letter

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Gilad Atzmon – attention-seeking Jew

A lot of people will give a sigh of irritation at another posting about Israeli Gilad Atzmon. He’s not interesting, he seems intellectually childish, (there is no generic Jew) and he has a fervour for attention. And it’s very sad. In his favour he’s an admired sax player. But his repudiation of [his and others’] Jewishness seems like his problem, not a useful political argument. Real News has a go.

President of BoD ‘probably forgot some basic facts about Jerusalem’

It’s not clear what facts the President of the Board of Deputies thinks the PM has forgotten. But let’s hope he doesn’t offer him a history lesson as his own grasp of the ‘myths of Jerusalem’ in many cultures as well as the facts of the city is dubious. His most spurious claim is that Jerusalem, myth and reality, belongs particularly to all the Jews in the world.

Look Behind You! It’s Jeremy Corbyn!

Is it possible to portray a non-perfect Jew, i.e. a normal human being, without that being seen as an archetype of all Jews and antisemitic? A new production of Caryl Churchill’s play, Seven Jewish Children, raises these questions but sadly the reviews are stuck in the gutters of ‘don’t perform it, Jeremy Corbyn’s son is involved’ and ‘it’s antisemitic’.

This week’s postings in


The UK’s Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron makes several entries this week, February 22-28, 2016. He caused surprise and speculation by saying he had been shocked to see how East Jerusalem was encircled by settlements, and walls: Cameron attacks Israel’s land policy That’s alright for him to say. He’s a Friend of Israel. He’s the […]

BDS forbidden by law -US- and dictat -UK

Our leaders are sending mixed messages. The US and UK regard Israeli settlements as illegal. Pres. Obama has just signed off the Trade Facilitation and Trade Enforcement Act which explicitly forbids a trade boycott but has said he personally does not think it applies to ‘Israeli-controlled’ territories. PM Cameron has also condemned settlements – and opposed any boycott of trade with Israel. No body other than the Cabinet (or parliament?) is allowed to make any decision on any policy covered by a state department.

Al-Qiq ends longest hunger strike against administrative detention

Mohammad al-Qiq, the Palestinian journalist held under ‘administrative detention’ for over 3 months has ended his protest hunger strike after 94 days. He existed only on tap water. The Israeli Prison Service feared he was about to die under their ‘care’. There was no evidence that he was an imminent threat to Israeli security when he was arrested – the only possible justification for an otherwise unlawful act of wrongful imprisonent.

‘Turn Gaza into a parking lot’

What’s in a name? The Gaza border area, or ‘Gaza envelope’ is a dangerous place where Israelis say they can hear Hamas digging tunnels under their homes. A new movement, Darkenu. which has joined with the movement for the future of the western Negev is canvassing for a permanent diplomatic solution for the tense border area.

End of the great IDF love affair

From the start Israel has been a highly militarised society. The IDF represented the new society’s indomitability. It was the ideal of Israel. This isn’t the first posting to look at the politicians’ growing disregard for military judgment. Ben Caspit pushes the break-down of the relationship as far as he can.

Oscar nominees paid to scatter stardust on Israel


An attempt by Israel to get up there with the movers and shakers by offering Oscar nominees free trips to Israel is wilting. Already several of the more prestigious nominees have turned down the offer on political grounds. Let’s see who takes up the freebie – or signs the petition against it (you have to be an Oscar nominee).

Jerusalem mayor says all citizens have right to live where they want

har-homa e-jerusalem

The Israeli response to Cameron’s comment on settlements has largely been hostile especially from Jerusalem mayor Barkat who makes the untrue claim that any resident of Jerusalem can live where they like. Perhaps the British PM is trying to boost his EU image a a man of fearless principle.

Our country is degenerating into a garrison state


‘You treat the Palestinians in the territories like objects, to be used and abused contingent on the call of the hour. You violate their human rights with brazen impunity and never came to grips with the debilitating and dreadful impact of nearly 50 years of occupation.’ Dr. Alon Ben-Meir’s devastating and comprehensive indictment of his country in an open letter to PM Netanyahu.

Cameron attacks Israel’s land policy

David Cameron’s statement of shock at viewing the immurement of East Jerusalem will not have been spontaneous. Separation walls have turned Israel and the OPT into scores of ghettoes and Netanyahu has not a single national leader who will defend his policy of ghettoisation and settlements.

The gift that keeps on giving

Why does the US give Israel such a huge amount of money in military aid and ask for nothing in return? Ali Abuminah says it is so the US can, via subaltern Israel, enforce its hegemony over the region. Peter Beinart does not have an answer but says the US should demand an end to Israel’s settlement subsidies.

Routine, illegal torture of prisoners


Interrogation for days with no sleep, solitary confinement, being tied to a small chair with uneven legs for questioning… B’Tselem and HaMoked detail the many ways in which the Israeli Security Agency humiliates, degrades, terrifies and causes extreme pain to Palestinian prisoners, despite a High Court ruling that all these means are illegal.

Jewish values, distorted by materialism and a fanatic religion


This is a sad piece, perhaps an epitome of the generation who were exuberantly hopeful when Israel was founded. It is by David Gordis, professor emeritus of Hebrew College, Massachusetts. From ideals of equality and rationality he now finds racial oppression and religious fanaticism.

Bensouda says will not be swayed on Israeli war crimes


Israel’s actions in Operation Protective Edge is the first subject in the inbox of Fatou Bensouda, the new Chief Prosecutor for the International Criminal Court. In this interview she steadfastly refuses to make any generalisations about Israel or Palestine but will look only at specific acts by specific people.

1800 new housing units despite freeze

1800 new housing units were started in the West Bank in 2015 despite settlement construction freeze according to Peace Now.

Floods overwhelm Gaza

Unusual weather conditions are affecting Israel and Palestine as elsewhere. The difference is that Gaza does not have the infrastructure to cope with floods and repair the machinery that is knocked out by floods.

Underground posters

Overnight a rash of posters appeared on the London underground denouncing Israel’s apartheid policies. Adding to the sense of a comic caper Dore Gold, Netanyahu, Yair Lapid and Boris Johnson have all claimed credit for getting them removed although Transport for London states that it began removing them at once as ‘unauthorised vandalism’.

This week’s postings on


Threats to freedom of speech in the USA, UK and Israel make up the dominant theme this week, February 15-21, 2016. Investigative journalists Glenn Greenwald and Andrew Fishman have discovered that a large number of states and universities in the USA have passed, or are planning to introduce, legislation banning any corporate body from supporting […]