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We provide links to articles we think will be of interest to our supporters, informing them of issues, events, debates and the wider context of the conflict. We are sympathetic to much of the content of what we post, but not to everything. The fact that something has been linked to here does not necessarily mean that we endorse the views expressed in it.

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Newsletter 30 Oct 2008


CAMPAIGN against the building of a Museum of Tolerance on the site of a Muslim Cemetery in the heart of Jerusalem READINGS On Gaza a) The Gaza Community Mental Health Programme’s international conference sabotaged at short notice b) Breaking the blockade again – the voyage of the DIGNITY c) Gaza’s economic lifeline A Museum of […]

Irene Bruegel

We are very sorry to have to announce such bad news but Irene Bruegel, founder and long time Secretary of JfJfP died on Monday 6 October. Her immediate family was with her and she died peacefully. The service for Irene was held on Friday, 10th October Golders’ Green Crematorium. The service was full to overflowing […]

Newsletter 03 Oct 2008


Summary The Independent Jewish Voices book “A Time to Speak Out” is published on Monday. It really is worth reading and the special offer made in the last mailing is still available. “The Middle East Quartet: A Progress Report”, a joint report by 21 leading aid agencies, was published on 25 September. It warns that […]