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Action Alert – URGENT

Call on the UK government to act against Israel's incitement in East Jerusalem

The Thirsting for Justice campaign strives to achieve Palestinian rights to water.
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Newsletter 19 June 2008


1. On the upgrading of the EU-Israel Association Agreement 2. ACRI on Palestinians barred from Dead Sea beaches + Independent article 3. FFIPP-UK Latest Newsletter 4. Snippets from B’tselem 5. ‘Israel’s ambassador says Britain has become a hotbed of radical anti-Israeli feeling’ 6. ‘Ambassador’s own goal’, Brian Klug 7. Khalid Mishal: The Making of a […]

Newsletter 09 Jun 2008


Contents 1. The Bil’in conference on popular resistance ends with anti-wall nonviolent protest: video link 2. Anniversary events marking 41 years of Occupation – from Gush Shalom 3. Tutu: Gaza blockade abomination, BBC Report 4. Gaza Diary by Louisa Waugh 5. Between oppression and empowerment by Nimer Sultany 6. The Jordan Valley’s forgotten Palestinians by […]