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Action Alert – URGENT

Call on the UK government to act against Israel's incitement in East Jerusalem

The Thirsting for Justice campaign strives to achieve Palestinian rights to water.
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Newsletter 30 May 2008


Contents 1. Video from the Abir Aramin Memorial Garden 2. The latest FFIPP-UK Newsletter 3. 1948 by Uri Avnery 4. Escaping Forwards by Uri Avnery 5. U.S. prof. gives Israeli prize money to Palestinian university by Ofri Ilani 6. Prophecy of retribution by Rabbi Dr David Goldberg 7. UN says number of West Bank checkpoints […]

Newsletter 20 May 2008


Contents Much has appeared in recent weeks on Israel at 60 and on the nakba as well as on the overall prospects for peace. Some articles have been included in previous mailings but here is a selection of good recent material. 1. Rethinking Israel after Sixty Years by Jeff Halper 2. Israel is 60, Zionism […]

Newsletter 7 May 2008


Contents We haven’t had a recommended reading mailing for a while. As Israel’s 60th anniversary approaches, here is a catch-up. 1. Gaza a) The United Nations, Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs has issued a GAZA HUMANITARIAN SITUATION REPORT Impact of Fuel Shortages on Gaza Sanitation – Polluting the Sea 29 April 2008 b) […]