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BSST is the leading charity focusing on small-scale grass roots cross community, anti poverty and humanitarian projects in Israel/Palestine

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06 May: Tair Kaminer starts her fifth spell in gaol. Send messages of support via Reuven Kaminer

04 May: Against the resort to denigration of Israel’s critics


23 Dec: JfJfP policy statement on BDS

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11 Nov: UK ban on visiting Palestinian mental health workers

20 Oct: letter in the Guardian

13 Sep: Rosh Hashanah greetings

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29 July: Letter to Evening Standard about its shoddy reporting

24 April: Letter to FIFA about Israeli football

15 April: Letter re Ed Miliband and Israel

11 Jan: Letter to the Guardian in response to Jonathan Freedland on Charlie Hebdo


15 Dec: Chanukah: Celebrating the miracle of holy oil not military power

1 Dec: Executive statement on bill to make Israel the nation state of the Jewish people

25 Nov: Submission to All-Party Parliamentary Group Against Antisemitism

7 Sept: JfJfP Executive statement on Antisemitism

3 Aug: Urgent disclaimer

19 June Statement on the three kidnapped teenagers

25 April: Exec statement on Yarmouk

28 Mar: EJJP letter in support of Dutch pension fund PGGM's decision to divest from Israeli banks

24 Jan: Support for Riba resolution

16 Jan: EJJP lobbies EU in support of the EU Commission Guidelines, Aug 2013–Jan 2014


29 November: JfJfP, with many others, signs a "UK must protest at Bedouin expulsion" letter

November: Press release, letter to the Times and advert in the Independent on the Prawer Plan

September: Briefing note and leaflet on the Prawer Plan

September: JfJfP/EJJP on the EU guidelines with regard to Israel

14th June: JfJfP joins other organisations in protest to BBC

2nd June: A light unto nations? - a leaflet for distribution at the "Closer to Israel" rally in London

24 Jan: Letter re the 1923 San Remo convention

18 Jan: In Support of Bab al-Shams

17 Jan: Letter to Camden New Journal about Veolia

11 Jan: JfJfP supports public letter to President Obama

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A president’s final reminder

At his last press conference as president Barack Obama reminded people the situation in the MidEast was volatile and any sudden change of policy – like moving the US embassy to Jerusalem- could have explosive results. He also reiterated that his actions were steps towards a 2-state solution, the only hope for peace.

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Palestinian children bring home the Israeli harvest

When Israel was founded, a strong drive for Jews’ own country was that they could take up farming and manual labour and thus become new men and women. That didn’t last long. Now Israel relies on foreign workers and increasingly, Palestinian children (they’re cheap) for farm work. Report from Human Rights Watch.

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‘Put simply, Palestinians deserve a state of their own’/ UPDATE

President Obama visited Israel and Palestine with a simple message: ‘No we can’t’. We can’t stop Israel building settlements, we can’t stop Hamas firing rockets, we can’t deliver sovereignty to the Palestinians. And we leaders can’t get too far ahead of our people. But you Israelis and Palestinians can if you give up old habits, compromise, and start talking. My Secretary of State John Kerry will fill in the gaps. Here is the transcript of his press conference with President Abbas, (‘shit’ said a Fatah official), AFP report of a ‘soaring address’, transcript of speech, and many comments.

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‘Zoabi has faced repellent, racist, masculine statements’ – Adalah

As we said last week, it is expected that Israel’s Supreme Court will overturn the election committee’s ban on Ms Zoabi standing in the January Knesset election. The CEC’s decision, and the support it has received inside Israel, reveals racist, misogynist and deeply parochial attitudes towards political democracy. JfJfP condemns this latest act of discrimination.

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IDF raids Stop the Wall, seizes computers and records

Stop the Wall is an organization that promotes non-violent resistance to the Wall and defends its resisters (1). In the early hours of last Tuesday, the IDF raided their Ramallah offices (with or without PA connivance? – 4) and removed valuable computer equipment and records (2). While most see this is as an attack on civil resistance, the IDF says the raid was to prevent ‘terror’ activity (3).

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ICC refusal to investigate Cast Lead puts victims beyond pale of human rights law

The Palestinian Authority (PA) and Amnesty International called on the International Criminal Court (ICC) to investigate Operation Cast Lead for war crimes committed by both sides. The Prosecutor’s office has rejected this because the PA is not a state party. Amnesty argues the decision should be made by jurists, not taken from a blocked political process and calls on the Prosecutor to reconsider the decision.

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Full text of the Doha Declaration

MEMO (Middle East Monitor) has published the full text of the Doha Declaration. For stories on the making of the agreement and reactions to it, see postings below,

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UPDATE! Musée de L’Elysée suspends prize because Sansour barred as ”too pro-Palestinian”

UPDATE: MUSEE DE L’ELYSEE SUSPENDS PRIZE BECAUSE SANSOUR EXCLUDED. From Tuesday – London-based Palestinian artist Larissa Sansour, whose work explores Palestinian lives through science fiction modes, was shortisted for the Lacoste Elysee Prize – until the French fashion firm demanded her work be removed as ‘too pro-Palestinian’. Lacoste’s anxiety about its brand was last evident when it tried to stop Anders Breivik appearing in court in Lacoste clothes.

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Egypt arrests Sinai militants believed responsible for Eilat attack

Last August, attacks with bombs and guns killed 8 Israelis. The IDF blamed the Popular Resistance Committees and attacked Gaza killing 15 Palestinian civilians and 5 PRC militants. Now Egypt’s security force has arrested 3 Sinai-based militants as the real perpetators of the attacks. 1. Maan news, 2, IDF statement

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Two new bills to cut foreign funding of NGO work

A renewed effort by right-wing MKs to limit the role of NGOs in Israeli society by cutting funds from foreign donors has led to a sharp protest by 18 of the NGOs which keep Israeli society dynamic. They ask the international community to join their protest

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Dear Mr Netanyahu, this does not accord with the truth

Prime Minister Netanyahu has taken to many platforms during his period of office to proclaim the many concessions and offers of peace he has made to the Palestinians, all of which they have resisted. In an open letter to him, the German Jewish Forum finds all these claims to be untrue They also press him for the release of the ship Irene.

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Hear for yourself what Norman Finkelstein has to say

Norman Finkelstein, a Jewish American, has gained fame – and notoriety – for his intellectual work on, amongst other things, how contemporary Jews and others have exploited the Holocaust and anti-semitism in ways he regards as dishonourable and dishonest. Hear his views on Israel/Palestine at venues round England.

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Israel stops boats to Gaza in international waters

The Saoirse from Ireland and Tahrir with representatives from Canada, the U.S., Australia, and Palestine were on their way to Gaza carrying 27 passengers, medical supplies and letters of support until intercepted by the Israeli navy on Friday. 1) Press release from In Gaza, 2) BBC news 3) JfJfP: Israeli action ‘not in our name’

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Israeli land agency told to stop presenting occupied territories as part of Israel

JfJfP welcomes a ruling by Britain’s advertising authority, ASA, that an ad by the Israeli land agency ILAN is ‘misleading’ and not to be repeated. The ad implied the land being offered is in Israel. In fact, it is in the illegally occupied West Bank. This follows a complaint by Michael Shanahan Previous complaints by JfJfP and PSC have won adjudications against the Israeli tourist office for similar misrepresentations.

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1027 prisoners with no name speak volumes about the unequal conflict

Neither the Israeli government nor Hamas has treated prisoners humanely or in accord with international conventions. Amnesty, 1), records the injustices. The inequality of the exchange, says Rachel Shabi, 2) points to the unequal capacity to make use of imprisoning people, with Israel having a hugely greater power to capture political activists

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Foreign Office steps in to declare Tzipi Livni on ‘special mission’ in London

Britain’s Foreign Office has stepped in at the last moment, to declare Kadima leader Tzipi Livni is on a ‘special mission’ to London and immune from prosecution (1). Ms Livni, a former member of Mossad, has been accused of war crimes for her hard-line role in Operation Cast Lead. Palestine Solidarity Campaign leads protest at her visit and another act supporting Netanyahu’s government by the UK coalition (2 and 3). 4) Richard Irvine on the change in UK law on war criminals. (see also

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Great British bungle: damages due to wrongly detained Sheikh Salah

Home Secretary Theresa May made decisions to exclude, arrest and detain Shekh Raed Salah against the advice of her own officials, using evidence from highly dubious sources provided by the contentious Community Support Trust. This posting has the press release from MEMO, a report from the Guardian and a BBC profile of Salah

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Israel’s counter-offensive: targetted and haphazard attacks on Gaza

Although there is no firm evidence that the rocket attacks on Israel on 18th August came from Gaza, the IOF has responded with deadly airstrikes, continuing after the cease-fire. Personal (Al Jazeera vox pop 1, Eva Bartlett 2, ) and Gazan legal centre (PCHR, 3, Al Mezan Center, 4) accounts testify to the damage

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All voices raised against boycott law

From a modest little leader in the JC criticising Israel’s new boycott act to tirades and cutting analysis from Israeli papers and human rights groups, all but the most short-sighted in and outside Israel condemn this bill as anti-democratic and an underhand way of protecting the illegal settlements

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Palestinian response to boycott law: makes Quartet irrelevant

The PLO says the boycott law ‘turns settlements into sacred places’ and makes the Quartet irrelevant; below, a press release from the Palestinian BDS national committee, saying the law consolidates Israel’smove towards an oppressive, apartheid regime

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