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06 May: Tair Kaminer starts her fifth spell in gaol. Send messages of support via Reuven Kaminer

04 May: Against the resort to denigration of Israel’s critics


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15 Dec: Chanukah: Celebrating the miracle of holy oil not military power

1 Dec: Executive statement on bill to make Israel the nation state of the Jewish people

25 Nov: Submission to All-Party Parliamentary Group Against Antisemitism

7 Sept: JfJfP Executive statement on Antisemitism

3 Aug: Urgent disclaimer

19 June Statement on the three kidnapped teenagers

25 April: Exec statement on Yarmouk

28 Mar: EJJP letter in support of Dutch pension fund PGGM's decision to divest from Israeli banks

24 Jan: Support for Riba resolution

16 Jan: EJJP lobbies EU in support of the EU Commission Guidelines, Aug 2013–Jan 2014


29 November: JfJfP, with many others, signs a "UK must protest at Bedouin expulsion" letter

November: Press release, letter to the Times and advert in the Independent on the Prawer Plan

September: Briefing note and leaflet on the Prawer Plan

September: JfJfP/EJJP on the EU guidelines with regard to Israel

14th June: JfJfP joins other organisations in protest to BBC

2nd June: A light unto nations? - a leaflet for distribution at the "Closer to Israel" rally in London

24 Jan: Letter re the 1923 San Remo convention

18 Jan: In Support of Bab al-Shams

17 Jan: Letter to Camden New Journal about Veolia

11 Jan: JfJfP supports public letter to President Obama

Comments in 2012 and 2011



Hamas takes the antisemitism out of its charter

Rumours of changing Hamas’s charter have been circulating since last year. Many doubted it was possible – did Hamas have the diplomatic skills to engage all factions in change? It seems so. The changes are dramatic. But children absorb anti-Israel violence from very early. Can that be changed to fit the new Charter?

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An ethnic state cannot be democratic

Israeli loyalists are liable to cry – ‘you are denying our right to exist’ – at any critic. Philosopher Joseph Levine takes apart this phrase – all its elements are questionable – and says any notion of citizenship that is based on ethnicity must be excluding and a form of domination.

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Omar Barghouti is like every other Israeli

That is, he avoids paying all the income tax he is liable for. Richard Silverstein notes the glee this brings Barghouti’s enemies and that ‘every wealthy Israeli, and I mean virtually every one, has a tax avoidance strategy’.

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More bans on BDS by big chiefs


Blocking BDS: Swiss parliament passes a law banning any government funding to any NGO involved in ‘racist, antisemitic or hate incitement actions, or in BDS’. And an ill-informed article by an Italian-Israeli on the admin of Turin university banning a BDS conference. The student council had approved by wide majority a motion supporting the academic boycott of Israel.

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Jews for Trump

Poll findings that just under a third of all American Jews support Donald Trump is only surprising to those who think Jews form a discrete bloc and vote on ‘Jewish’ issues. They don’t. Most Jews vote Democrat and are indistinguishable from other Democrats (as are the minority who vote Republican).

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Women dancers take the lead

Several women’s dance troupes have been formed in Gaza since 2010. Defiantly they brave strong disapproval from those who think women dancing in public is shameful. There are enough Palestinians who enjoy their performances for the women to make money and take up public space.

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Child dies for want of a permit

This is a story of a young boy with a congenital heart defect. It is shot through with great kindness and extreme cruelty from Israelis. Israeli hospitals receive large donations from foreign friends. The bar is not the money – it’s the permits Palestinians have to get to reach the hospital. The young boy could not provide them with the names security forces demanded. They refused him a permit. He died. WHO says over half of patients needing hospital treatment outside the oPt were denied permits.

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Five campaigns for 2017

The human rights NGO Adalah has analysed the trend in Israel and identified 5 key areas where they expect serious breaches of the law. They hope we will be particularly watchful, and active in these areas especially as Israeli NGOs are now severely restricted.

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Critic of right-wing ‘handfuls’ denied Israel prize

Artist Yair Garbuz was nominated to receive the Israel prize in the plastic arts this year. Garbuz had caused anger in a speech where he said different ‘handfuls’ of the right wing were now running the country. The left disowned him as intolerant. Ynet’s reference to ‘no guts’ perhaps refers to the committee.

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Death penalty for drug dealers in Gaza

The death penalty is slowly losing favour round the world. 58 countries – one of them the oPt – still hold on to it. China kills by far the most. Middle East countries count for the next largest number. Gaza’s has habitually executed collaborators (traitors). Now it has killed 2 drug dealers suggesting Hamas is either enforcing its control over personal behaviour or there is a growing drug problem in the Gaza strip.

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Israel compiling massive database of every BDS supporter

If the priorities of the Israeli government were ordered by ministerial time then hunting and expelling BDS supporters would come at or near the top. Gilad Erdan, BDS-hunter general, has supervised the listing of all BDS supporters outside Israel. Now he’s ordered the same time-consuming job for Israeli citizens making freedom of speech and of choice privileges, not rights.

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This week’s


In this last week, March 13th to 19th, 2017, airport officials – taking direct instruction from government ministers – began to implement the no-boycotters-here ban. First to be stopped for interrogation and return was Hugh Lanning, chair of Palestine Solidarity Campaign and a long-time frequent visitor to Israel. No entry for supporters of Palestinians. Even Michael Walzer, […]

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Impunity for violent settlers

More than 95 percent of reported attacks by Israelis against Palestinians bring no charges. Israeli Jewish suspects are less likely to be indicted if the victim is Palestinian. Even conventional Newsweek is shocked.

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It’s grim in Gaza and grimmest for women

Two articles on women in Gaza – Al Jazeera on women doing ‘men’s’ jobs – or the lack of work for women because of restrictions on their freedom of movement from NGO Gisha.

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In start-up nation, over half Arabs live below the poverty line

In a scathing article on Israel’s public services Akiva Eldar contrasts the growing proportions of wealth owned by the top 1 and 10 per cent and the abysmal state of health and education provision.

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Silence and lies about BDS in Canada

Here’s a vigorous article about the determination of Canada’s media to mainstream venom about the BDS movement. Yet again, Israel has to be protected and all critics denigrated.

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Anger at FIFA’s inertia over settlement clubs

A coalition of football and human rights activists has slammed FIFA for its failure to exclude the clubs that have been created in Israeli settlements and want to take part in international matches despite flouting international law.

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Row grows over UN ‘apartheid’ report

The report from one of the UN’s regional offices – the economic and social commission for western Asia – designating Israel as an apartheid state has been angrily rejected by the US, Israel and UN General Secretary. It has been warmly welcomed by many Palestinians.

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Israel locks itself out of the dialogue

Apart from the lickspittle Board of Deputies even critics of the groups which campaign for BDS are shocked by the Knesset’s blanket ban on entry into Israel of anyone who can be deduced to support any form of boycott of anything Israeli. Consumer choice is a fundament of democracy. MEE and BoD.

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Palestinians sceptical about Banksy’s irony

Banksy’s work uses irony, mockery, humour. It is not social realist art. For some, only realism depicts the destructive force of the occupation. Ma’an gathers local opinion of their new Walled-Off hotel.

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