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Destroy all terrorists and their shelters

This injunction seems to have been the IDF’s aim in the 2014 OPE. As the shelters are homes and schools, as the IDF cannot identify and target ‘terrorists’ it follows they will cause mass death and destruction – which they regard as legitimate.

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Playing with fire at Al Aqsa

The mosque on Haram al-Sharif/Temple Mount is not just a mosque. It is the most symbolic mosque in Israel/ Palestine. Under the guardianship of a Jordanian agency, Muslims have permission to worship there. Jews do not – but right-wingers try. The fanatically religious disdain man-made law. Many fear what will happen including Daoud Kuttab.

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Shabak knock hilltop youth off their perch

The exploits of ‘hilltop youth’, especially the murder by burning of three of the Dawabsheh family, have done more harm to Israel’s reputation. The Shin Bet at last has begun a programme of detention of the main actors and there has been a corresponding fall in the number of attacks on Palestinians. Doubts may be raised about the legality of the detentions.

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Celtic bring Palestine to the match

By the luck of the draw the Israeli team Hapoel Be’er Sheva found itself playing one of the most political and pro-Palestinian teams in UEFA – Glasgow’s Celtic. UEFA fined Celtic for their display of flags. Without them Celtic lost to the Israeli team though Celtic leads on aggregate scores.

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This week’s


This week, August 15th-21st, 2016 there were a few hopeful postings, meaning initiatives taken by Israelis (in these cases) that suggest the body of Israelis might act on their knowledge that the occupation is unworkable (for a democratic Israel). Any refusal of the military service which is required to sustain the Occupation is welcome, and […]

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Jews and Blacks in US split over Palestine


As it says in another post this week, the long tradition of Jews and Black people jointly fighting racism and for civil rights has broken. The Jewish Establishment sees Palestine as an antisemitic entity; Blacks see Palestinians as comrades in oppression. Both assume the terms genocide and zionism have only one clear meaning.

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What does the American presidential race mean for the Jews

JJ Goldberg summarises his answer like this: Jewish acceptance is nearly complete; the barrier of good taste and goodwill has fallen; the old coalition of Jews and Blacks has disappeared. He draws this interpretation from analysing Sanders’ and Trump’s campaigns. Read how he got there.

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Packing children into tiny pens

This is a scandal that has been well-known since Israel’s state comptroller in 2013 condemned the ‘overcrowding, neglect and negligence’ of refugees’ children in makeshift child-care facilities. Some soldiers have been taking them for days out and games. Lieberman has instructed them to stop. He seems to share the public view that they are infiltrators with no rights.

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Diaspora Jews show opposing Occupation is not antisemitic

Ilana Sumka, director of the Jewish Center for Non-violence, visits Hebron, centre of extreme repression and resistance, and finds police fear arresting American Jews. This gives a privileged role to all ‘diaspora Jews’ in opposing Israeli state policies.

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Teenage girls lead the refusers

In a country where people are born ‘with a gun in their hands’ and a spell in the IDF is the necessary prelude to being a good citizen there is no space for political conscientious objection. But the number of Israelis refusing to enforce the occupation is growing and getting organised with teenage girls setting the example.

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Gideon Levy finds something to admire in his PM

All Netanyahu wants, says his most radical critic, is the projection of Israel and himself as powerful. Indeed he is besotted with power in any field. He would be happy to achieve that peacefully says the charmed Gideon Levy.

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Making Palestinians Israel’s working class

For centuries Palestinians have cultivated olive trees and lived off their produce. Here lay their identity and economic independence. That is anathema to Israeli occupiers. It is also under threat from other Mediterranean producers. In a model of politico-economic analysis Jonathan Cook admires the co-operative alternative chosen by small producers as opposed to the neo-liberal market chosen by the PNA.

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Lutherans vote to divest from firms profiting from occupation

The old non-conformist Protestant churches have two things in common: they have money to invest and they have a high moral bar on where that money goes. This week it was the US’s Lutherans who voted to screen all their investments to ensure none was going into propping up the Occupation and thus abusing human rights.

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Fight for 2 states – it’s the only solution

Uri Avnery chides those Israelis who have emigrated, first choice Berlin. Those who are fed up with Israel should fight to change the country, not give in to corrupting despair.

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All Jews are…

Up to the 1970s the idea of American Jews as progressive on civil rights was dominant – making black critics of Israel seem antisemitic. This article from The Forward makes it clear that the movement for black rights had people who used a standard leftist critique of Jews becoming ‘white’ and joining the establishment and those who used an antisemitic one of Jews controlling all financial transactions. The desire to put all Jews in one category seems itself racist.

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This week’s


In this week, August 8th-14th, 2016, we find there are some people who will not let go of the idea that Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is a secret antisemite and a hard-bitten supporter of Islamist terror, a virtual Hamas member. It is surprising to find that Dave Rich, the deputy director of communications at CST (Community Security […]

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Making the Israeli state out of stolen children

As Jonathan Cook says in this, his second, article on the scandal of the stolen Mizrahi babies, Israelis are inured to reports of the maltreatment of Palestinians. But this criminal operation to make Israel out of the right sort of Jew (Ashkenazi) continues to shock them.

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Punitive purge of Palestinians by home demolition

This summer, like last, there has been another surge in the demolition of Palestinian homes by Israeli forces, creating mass homelessness. Despite growing pressure from the UN, EU and USA, state officials barely bother to justify their actions.

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Twitter censors what Israeli State Attorney asks it to

Twitter is feted (and cursed) for introducing a means for anyone to broadcast, with very few restraints, whatever they like (in 140 characters). Now we learn from Richard Silverstein that Israel’s legal cyber division habitually demands it removes embarrassing tweets – and Twitter does.

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Protect Susiya

The Palestinian village of Susiya is again under threat of demolition. The aggression against it comes from the Jewish settlement built beside it and Regavim, the land-grab Israeli NGO.

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