"Stuart the Jewish Turtle goes to South Africa" – and more

July 11, 2010
Richard Kuper


[Click on the live title links, not on the images, to link to the full cartoon strips]


The American Jewish daily Forward has just posted a wickedly funny cartoon story by Eli Valley called Stuart the Jewish Turtle goes to South Africa . Here are its opening two frames:


You will also find a link through Eli Valley’s webpage where there are another score or more cartoon stories.

My favourites are Bicky Svitz – Sociologist for Hire, on the case of casino mogul Milt Levy’s daughter Melissa who has lost her Jewish identity;


and the satirical take-off of Star Wars in the Vader: Half-Jew strip


And much more. An original Stuart the Jewish Turtle strip before his visit to South Africa, Social Entrepreneurs…Lost in Space, Abe Foxworthy, Chagall in Postville, Evangelical Zionist Tours of Israel , Jews and Comics…  But don’t let us spoil your fun!

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