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Aug 2015: Call on Global leaders to lift the Gaza blockade



BSST is the leading charity focusing on small-scale grass roots cross community, anti poverty and humanitarian projects in Israel/Palestine

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The victims of the current conflict

The current bloodshed in Palestine-Israel is peculiarly personal, usually initiated by a single young Palestinian who is immediately shot dead by anonymous Israeli armed forces. Here are the latest lists from PCHR and the Jewish Virtual Library. By November 20, the names of 17 Israeli and 81 Palestinian who had been stabbed/shot had been recorded. The figures are already higher.

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Muslims, Jews and mass killers

We asrfe quick to declare that Islam is at fault for those who kill inthe name of Islam. Thast IS perhaps their view of wwhat Islam commands . But w all know that religion are a grat medley of different ideas, stories, examples.And what of the mass killers produced by white, once-Christian cultures? What do they invoke? They usually a grievance for their loss of status in a world where their white maleness should have made them masters.

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The end of sanity, from US to MidEast


In a bitter diatribe, primarily directed at what he sees as the all-powerful USA, Ramzy Baroud mourns the wreckage caused by western intervention and its encouragement of Daesh which fans out to perpetuate the unending cycle of death, violence and insanity.

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Glut of oil and weapons. No jobs or hope.


Nouriel Roubini provides an alarming analysis of the ‘arc of instability’ stretching from the Maghreb to Afghanistan, in its wake failed states, a mass of refugees and the spread of jihadism. Diverting the $trillions from bombing into building economies and infrastructure is the only hope.

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Jews living in democracies – don’t move to Israel!

Rogel Alpher responds to the repeated Israeli calls for all French Jews to go to Israel No, he says. ‘Stay in France. Fight the just war – the one there is no choice but to fight. France does not live by the sword, but uses it in order to live. Here, life is sacrificed on the altar of the sacredness of the land of Israel. This is idolatry.’

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Israel under threat by unified killer Muslims

This ‘Analysis’ by JPost writers takes Netanyahu to task for being unable to distinguish between Islamic groups and regarding them all as posing an existential threat to Israel. The writers regard NGOs and lawyers as for more of a threat.

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This week’s postings at


This week, November 16-22, 2015 the 2002 Arab Peace Iniative, initiated by Saudi Arabia, has made a surprise comeback. Every few years somebody or other points to it as the best basis for negotiation: New life for the Arab Peace Initiative And the most recent person to pluck it out of the cupboard of MEPP […]

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Like the Germans, Israeli Jews don’t want to know about persecuted people

A state of denial doesn’t come naturally. It can be hard work to keep suppressed all the senses that pick up that something is wrong. But most Israelis achieve it, as Germans did from 1933. Ilana Hammerman upbraids her fellow Israelis for deadening their sensibilities to the obvious evidence of cruel and violent persecution of Palestinians.

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Settlers demand apartheid road network

Ma’an reports that a group of settlers is demanding that Palestinians be banned from ‘settlers” roads, presumably forcing Palestinians in the oPt to use what are in effect dirt tracks – or not travel at all. Because of the knife attacks, more and more measures are being taken to wall Palestinians in.

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Follow the money

Israel’s latest budget lays out what the dominant politicians want for the country: more settlements, safer settlements, more religious settlements, a new social elite from religious schools – and an existence on the impoverished margins for everyone else. Mazal Mualem looks at the winners and losers.

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American anthropologists vote to boycott Israel

The American Anthropological Association voted last week to boycott Israeli academic institutions by a very large majority. The AAA does have a group dedicated to BDS but perhaps the strength of the vote is due to the work of anthropologists on the relation of people to power, to scarcity, to family ties – which are so often disrupted amongst Palestinians.

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Blame the cult not the sacred text

It doesn’t take much for ignorant people to assert that the Qu’ran, Sharia law, hadith incite Muslims to kill unbelievers. Richard Silverstein argues you might as well claim that Jews kill because of the Torah, [or Christians kill because of the New Testament]. Any mad cult can scavenge a scriptural sentence that justifies any human crime. What’s the point?

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New life for the Arab Peace Initiative

Tony Blair, on his one-man MEPP mission, has plucked the Arab Peace Initiative (API), 2002, from what Israelis hoped was the dustbin of history. Saudi Arabia, which initiated it, has now dumped it in the same dustbin due to their joint opposition with Israel to Iran. But the API still has traction with many others..

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Tony Blair’s gifts

Tony Blair, re-made as an individual peace-maker, seems to be vestng his hopes on his credibility with Israeli people – who, reports The Media Line, have no belief that peace talks can succeed (at least in the way they want) and also in persuading Hamas and Fatah leaders that they can work together to put their unity agreement into practice, in good faith.

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Palestinians can reclaim non-violent resistance

The upsurge of Palestinian knife violence may be in part a rejection of the ‘peace’ strategy of Pres. Abbas, which has done nothing to improve their situation. But, argues Jonathan Cook, a popular movement of non-violent direct action, including civil disobedience, could, with proper planning and training, yield much better results.

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A brief breeze or a great whirlwind?

There is no agreement among Palestinians about whether they are witnessing, or taking part in, a limited and transient outburst of violence or whether the violence constitutes the beginning of what will be a continuing rebellion. Hamas calls it an intifada. The PLO and PNA, like most Arab media call it a ‘habbeh’. Daoud Kuttab on this debate.

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Israeli police acting outside law

Israeli police are not bothering to observe the law when arresting Palestinians this autumn. Adalah, the Israeli legal centre for Arab minority rights, has drawn up a charge list of the legal rights which the police are ignoring. Often, Israel’s Arab citizens may as not have any legal rights.

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Bibi seizes chance to ban Islamist group

The northern branch of the Islamic Movement in Israel is an Islamist group. It is not an advocate of violence nor deemed by Shin Bet to be a terrorist group. But it has long been on the security cabinet’s hit list and the Paris attacks have given the cabinet cover to move against all things Islamic.

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The man who knows all about incitement

‘Netanyahu evidently expects Israelis, and the world, to believe that if websites were posting cat videos, the Palestinians would cease their agitation and submit quietly to occupation’ writes Shlomo Ben-Ami, former Israeli foreign minister. Perhaps the PM believes in ‘incitement’ because he is such an assiduous practitioner himself.

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Of cats, courts and the devouring sword

Uri Avnery begins his latest column in unusually comic mode – a dilemma over cats – before dealing with with extremely serious issues – the creation of a national security court and Netanyahu’s promise that ‘Yes, we shall live by the sword forever. There will never be peace.’

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