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Aug 2015: Call on Global leaders to lift the Gaza blockade



BSST is the leading charity focusing on small-scale grass roots cross community, anti poverty and humanitarian projects in Israel/Palestine

JfJfP comments


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16 Jan: EJJP lobbies EU in support of the EU Commission Guidelines, Aug 2013–Jan 2014


29 November: JfJfP, with many others, signs a "UK must protest at Bedouin expulsion" letter

November: Press release, letter to the Times and advert in the Independent on the Prawer Plan

September: Briefing note and leaflet on the Prawer Plan

September: JfJfP/EJJP on the EU guidelines with regard to Israel

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24 Jan: Letter re the 1923 San Remo convention

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11 Jan: JfJfP supports public letter to President Obama

Comments in 2012 and 2011



Aggressive Zionism is not about to give up and die

The anguish of ‘Liberal Zionists’ has been discussed here several times. The term can mean ‘Jews manifest destiny to inhabit Palestine but without violence’. Or there should be a Jewish homeland somewhere run on democratic principles. Or simply it’s an oxymoron. Larry Derfner seems in the middle – wanting Israel to exist where it is, but minus the occupation and siege of Gaza. To achieve this, he reluctantly joins the advocates of boycott. What other choice is there?

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Israelis accept apartheid – outsiders must act

issawiyeh checkpoint 22.10.15

Amos Schocken, publisher of Haaretz, unequivocally defines Israel as an apartheid society. Israelis accept this. But apartheid is a betrayal of the Zionist project which Schocken believes in. It would recognise Palestinian national rights as apartheid never can.

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Knesset seeks to censor foreign media

The summoning of the Foreign Press Association to explain their ‘bias’ to a Knesset committ is an alarming new step away from the fundamentals of democracy. In addition the military censor has written to those who post blogs or on Facebook saying these must be submitted to the censor first. This has not improved Israel’s international reputation.

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EU parliament president breaks ranks on labelling settlement foods


Martin Schulz, the German social democrat who is president of the EU parliament, has upset MEPs by speaking out against the EU policy of demanding place-of-origin labels on Israeli food-stuffs. He has done so in the name of West Bank Palestinians though he says the only reason Germany exists is to ensure the existence of Israel.

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We established a state on the mass graves of others

Palestinian medic tries to comfort a wounded boy at Shifa hospital in Gaza City, northern Gaza Strip,

This is a very angry statement by Israeli musician Jonathan Ofir, now living in Denmark. It’s not just the mass deaths of Palestinians which Zionists needed in order to create the Israeli state. It’s the lies Israelis tell themselves and others about their driving need for self-defence.

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Knesset suspends Balad MKs for ‘unethical’ action

Do Israel’s MKs represent those who elect them – or the State of Israel? Balad MKs have met with the families of ten Palestinians shot dead for stabbing, or trying to stab, an Israeli soldier. They are negotiating to get the corpses returned. The denunciations of their action have been many and harsh.

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An intifada the IDF can’t defeat

Efraim Sneh is the first Israeli to suggest that the relentless individual knife and car attacks on Israelis cannot be stopped by any military action. This is the first time the IDF has been unable to protect Israel. The only answer is to cede to Palestinians the 22% of territory they say is acceptable.

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Name and shame the settlement investors

shahak-industrial park

Israel pays a very high price for its settlements in money and, most of all, in reputation. So though the money may lure companies beyond the Green Line the loss of reputation is often not worth it. Dimi Reider comments on Occupation Inc.

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This week’s postings on


This week, February 1-7, 2016 Israel’s NGOs are a motif, not because of the impending anti-NGO act but because much of the little we know about how Israel functions comes from NGOs. A particularly pernicious NGO, which is entirely secretive about its funding, is Im Tirzu which has been hyper-active recently in publishing lists of progressive, […]

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Critics of Israel are antisemitic by definition

But what if those critics are Jewish, if only by ancestry? Uri Avnery struggles to find the term for Laurent Fabius, French foreign minster, who has said France will recognise the state of Palestine if no progress to two states is forthcoming.

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Depending on American philanthropy

From the start, Israel has depended on foreign funding especially from the US. Then, the money was given to Zionist bodies who were active in denying knowledge of the native Palestinians. That is now changing as young American Jews do not want to fund anything which perpetuates the conflict. Two openDemocracy articles.

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Welcome for refugees Israeli-style

Israel has a simple answer to the international issue of accepting African migrants most of them fleeing Eritrea and N. Sudan: ship them out to a ‘third country’ or hold them in a fenced camp indefinitely. This is because ‘migrants threaten the security, and the identity, of the Jewish state’. BBC report

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Jews and Arabs repeat their joint protest against occupation

It’s a small group but it’s stalwart. Standing Together (not to be confused with IDF group of same name) pulls Palestinians and Israeli Jews into repeated marches against the Occupation.

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‘I did not want to spread more hatred and fear’

Tair Kaminer was never going to go quietly. She went with a group of friends to the IDF induction centre for conscripts to declare her refusal to do military service. She was sent to prison. Mesarvot organised daily protests while she served her term. She has issued an eloquent statement about her decision.

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A report on fear amongst British Jews

The Community Security Trust (CST) has released its annual record of antisemitic incidents in the UK. These are lower than the peak of 2014 but, at 924, higher than before 2014. Antisemitism undoubtedly exists but It would be useful to have a comparison with any of the other groups – women, Muslims, toffs, bankers – which experience hostility from physical attack to abuse on social media.

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What have the Ottomans done for Palestine?

Palestine and Palestinians have a history longer than most. But unlike most it/they are still under external rule. The longest rule was the Ottomans’ which brought Palestine into the empire in 1517 and held it for next 400 years. Now Turkey, seeking a larger role in the MidEast, is busy restoring old buildings and setting up cultural exchanges with Palestinians.

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Hamas and Fatah delegate reconciliation talks

Ma’an’s report of the delegation of talks is more upbeat than Jack Khoury’s in Haaretz. The two political leaders, Mashaal and Abbas, and their respective security forces have no incentive to dissolve their power bases – but everyone else wants one political body for the Palestinians.

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Im Tirtzu hunts the traitors in the cellar


The headline comes from Elias Canetti’s masterly Crowds and Power. Those in power, individuals or crowds, begin to feel persecuted which they attribute to the inevitable traitors in the cellar who in turn must be persecuted. As Im Tirtzu tries to expand its influence with mass denunciations how does it know which new supporter is the traitor?

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NGOs get temporary halt to village demolition

The Israeli state – civil and military – have declared a large chunk of the southern West Bank to be a military firing zone – so all people (mostly Bedouin) must leave. To make the point the IDF have begun destroying their homes. At the last minute the High Court has ordered a halt to the destruction. It’s temporary.

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A critique of Palestinian BDS

Thanks to Lee Jones we have the pleasure of posting his chapter from a forthcoming book. In it he examines the different function of BDS demands in S. Africa and Palestine. In brief, Palestinians lack an effective leadership, an intellectual analysis of Israel’s economy and the ability to mobilise the masses.

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