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11 Jan: JfJfP supports public letter to President Obama

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A president’s final reminder

At his last press conference as president Barack Obama reminded people the situation in the MidEast was volatile and any sudden change of policy – like moving the US embassy to Jerusalem- could have explosive results. He also reiterated that his actions were steps towards a 2-state solution, the only hope for peace.

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All hail the Great Redeemer

Christian evangelicals seem hysterically delighted at the enthronement of Trump the king who will deliver the USA from the sins of planned parenthood and abortion. Their translation of his political aims into religious terms convert him from right-wing bully into ‘saviour’.

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Bedouin strike over home demolitions

There are seven places in which Israel’s Bedouin population may establish communities. These are the townships built to rehouse them from Galilee, the Negev and the Jordan Valley where their existing dwellings are being demolished – because, of course, they don’t have planning permission which is also why they don’t have access to water and electricity services. They are calling strikes in protest at the demolitions.

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You and your embassy, stay out of Jerusalem

Like everyone else we’re hoping Pres. Trump has some wise advisers who can make him see the folly of his promises such as moving the American embassy to Jerusalem. Palestinians are furious. Why add yet another ingredient to the conflict?

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Bedouin treated as terrorists

PM Netanyahu has come up with a new euphemism – parity of demolitions. One Jewish settlement, Amona, has been moved to a new spot. The Bedouin village Umm-al-Hiran is being demolished to be replaced with a Jewish settlement. And the killing of an Israeli policeman seems to have been an accident – the shooting of the driver, a Palestinian, was deliberate.

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Alleging antisemitism is Labour right’s ‘defining narrative now’

The cheapest and simplest way of felling enemies is to claim they are antisemitic. People who know little of Israel or Palestine but do know they abhor the Labour left are grateful to have been fed this line of attack against Corbyn et al. Al Jazeera and Mondoweiss.

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Zionist threat to end Jewish support for Tories

An email threatening to end Jewish support for the Conservative party unless the UK’s prime and foreign ministers ‘apologise to the Jewish people’ for supporting the anti-settlements UNSC resolution has been seen by MEMO. Why the unknown writer thinks he/she has the power to decide how Jews vote is not clear. It is another example of the pro-Israel lobby seeking to manipulate British politics.

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Jewish groups endorse call for public inquiry

The actions of a foreign embassy in London to ‘take down’ a government minister and plant friendly groups round the country are scandalous. The complacency of the government adds to the scandal. That embassy is Israeli and is being given special privileges. Opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn has called for a public inquiry, a demand endorsed by many Jewish groups.

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Israeli Right eagerly awaits the coming of Trump

Here Ben Caspit tells us the Israeli Right is jubilant that Trump will bend US policy to their desires – annexing the West Bank – but in fact such is the confusion no-one actually knows what the Mid-East policy of a president Trump will be.

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Paris conference – 1967 borders and 2-state solution

The Paris conference on peace in the Mid-East attracted representatives from 70 countries and organisations. They re-affirmed the principles of enforcing the pre-’67 borders and pursuing a 2-state solution. Either the delegates were an anachronism – or these in reality are the only basis for peace. The UK began its isolationist position here, sending no representatives.

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Knesset parties gang up to expel Palestinian MK

In another sign of how the occupation corrupts Israeli politics the Zionist Union and Yesh Atid have joined Likud and other right-wing groups in voting for the punishment of a Palestinian MK who has been arrested for smuggling mobile phones to Palestinian prisoners. Electronic Intifada and an enraged editorial from Haaretz.

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Spotting ‘antisemitism’ gives Israel its dominant role

Antony Lerman, expert on the discourse of antisemitism and on Israeli lobbying says Israel re-made its dominant role in the diaspora by finding antisemitism lurking everywhere which only Israel could define and combat.

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Labour’s long march through Zionism

In a fascinating, if long, essay John Newsinger traces the Labour party’s efforts to identify the right principle towards the fast changes in the status of Jews. For most of its history Labour put the principle of protecting the British empire above all others, including the saving of Jewish life through the pogrom and holocaust years.

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Palestine more popular with the people

Professor Avi Shlaim accuses propagandists for Israel of deliberately conflating antisemitism and anti-Zionism to make criticism of Israel seem bigoted and racist. He points out it’s the right and the elite who are left supporting Israel while sympathy with Palestinians has become the popular choice.

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This week’s postings


This week, January 9th-15th, 2017, the dominant story should have been the revelations from Al Jazeera about the extent of Israeli interference in British political life and the methods used to achieve this. The investigative unit of Al Jazeera took their material to the Mail on Sunday which duly published it with bravado. But otherwise, […]

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The real threat which Israel poses

Robert Grenier, former director of the CIA’s counter-terrorism operation, asks why the UK accepts ‘those who would passively allow their democratic institutions to be suborned to the benefit of a foreign power’. He asks us to ‘wake up’.

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Messages from Paris for Trump and Bibi

Today, Sunday January 15th, over 70 representatives of countries and organisations were drawn to Paris to discuss the Israel/Palestine stalemate. Working groups will present their proposals on civil society, institution and state capacity building and economic assistance. French Foreign Minister Ayrault did not need months of deliberation to warn Trump of the consequences of moving the US embassy to Jerusalem. Netanyahu says the conference is futile. Well he would wouldn’t he.

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Enforcing poverty in East Jerusalem

Jerusalem is a primary destination for many tourists. However the number of tourists happy to stay in East Jerusalem has declined. Curfews, high taxes on local businesses, road blocks, checkpoints… E Jerusalem urgently needs a plan for its recovery and growth argues Nur Arafeh.

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Palestinian students in UK demand resignation of V-P

The damage done by Israeli interference in British political life is incalculable. Rightly, Palestinians here protest. Any pro-Israel tactic is going to be an anti-Palestinian move. Al Jazeera has captured recent plots – for instance, to oust the president of the NUS, also in this posting. But what of the past? The damage caused to British Jews is also incalculable. Why do Israeli officials feel it right and necessary for them to do this?

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Israeli subversion is issue of national security says Corbyn

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has quite rightly said that the evidence of the Israeli subversion of British political life, especially amongst students, shows a threat to national security and there should be a public inquiry, Hear hear. Write to your MP. This was a blip on the national news agenda. Stop the cover-up.

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