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29 November: JfJfP, with many others, signs a "UK must protest at Bedouin expulsion" letter

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11 Jan: JfJfP supports public letter to President Obama

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Peace process professionals keep pointless talks on track

Political analyst Ian Lustick has named the “peace process industry” as the “fourth player” in a circuit of talks, conferences etc which produce nothing but more appearances for the personnel of the industry. Ben White names the names.

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Judge upholds right of pension funds to be ethical

Israel’s anti-BDS minister Gilad Erdan met Communities secretary Sajid David in September 2016. Shortly after, David’s department issued ‘guidance’ that pro-BDS decisions by local government were not ‘appropriate’. A judge has now ruled that he was overstepping his brief.

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‘Devastating’ turn against Israel by Jewish students in US

Young students today – Jewish and non-Jewish – are schooled in the paradigm of racist oppressor and oppressed. For them Israel is clearly the oppressor and Palestinians clearly the victim. They will change the future.

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Academics must have same ethics as IDF

That’s an ironic headline. University staff and the IDF (the most moral army etc etc) have both got a code of ethics written by Prof. Asa Kasher. For the IDF, the code is a propaganda screen. For the academics the code would be a powerful weapon preventing critical and inquiring studies and BDS. Mondoweiss reports

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Israelis losing all sense of decency – Barenboim

Daniel Barenboim, the internationally renowned pianist, conductor and co-creator of the West-East Divan orchestra has done more to defy sectarianism and promote dignity in young Palestinians than any of his contemporaries. John Reed on the position from which Barenboim decries Israelis’ loss of humanity.

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Weakened Palestine and Israeli overreach

Two Al Shabaka writers trace the history of the Palestinian cause from 1967 to today. Its peak was in 1974 when Arafat addressed the UN, the PLO was internationally recognised as the leader of the cause and the cause was led by a united leadership. Over 40 years later it seems much weaker with a divided leadership and no strategy for Palestinian liberation . Yet – popular support for Palestinian rights has never been higher and excess power has gone to Israel’s head, cocooning Israelis in delusions of eternal triumph.

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Those who speak up for power-less Gaza

Because of the siege it imposes, Israel is responsible for the welfare of the besieged. It is colluding with the PA by withholding power from Gaza. Many people and NGOs have spoken out against this cruelty, names in this 4-piece posting

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Religious-Zionist Vision for Israel

Seasoned settler Daniella Weiss responds in a cheery newspeak to the sceptical questions of Yossi Klein. Her language, he says is ‘honeyed’ The reality of what she wants – the removal of all Palestinians – will be done ‘with pleasantness’. Her disguise of her violent and brutal hope is bonkers.

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Palestinian split does Israel’s job for it

Each of the ruling bodies with a stake in the Gaza strip – Hamas, Fatah/the PA and Israel – is primarily concerned with upholding its own status. Israel can do that as long as Hamas and Fatah are in conflict. None of them sees the humanitarian needs of Palestinians in Gaza as a priority. Egypt has now offered to send fuel – on conditions.

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This week’s


This week, June 12-18th 2017, we have a mix of constant themes in the work of JfJfP and one-off articles which are reposted here because of their insight and perception which may change how you think of something. First in this latter category is political analyst and intellectual, Professor Oren Yiftachel. Regular readers may remember Yiftachel’s […]

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The impending humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza

MAP – Medical Aid to Palestinians – publishes an urgent demand for action to end the disastrous collective punishment of people in Gaza. A petition to sign

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Having laid the foundation for an Arab-free state…

There is now nothing to protect Arabs – or any ethnic or religious minority or democratic institution – from being subjugated to the will of the settlers’ leadership. A very disturbing account from Oren Yiftachel.

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Against antisemitism, against Israeli policy

This is a gem of a discussion from 2002, discovered by chance by the JfJfP postings team. The views put forward by the panellists were, at the time, fresh. Now they’re hackneyed. The terms of the debate have changed but not the sentiments – except, perhaps, for Zionism.

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Murdoch’s man in government

The odd figure of Michael Gove, failed candidate as party leader but successful back-stabber and returnee to Cabinet, is examined by David Cronin who finds inside the gnomic figure a fully-formed Israel zealot, complete with the right contacts and placements in organisations.

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‘Robbery that is devoid of shame’

Ruth Kedar was living the Israeli promise. Her life was comfortable. She thought the 1968 mood of victory was marvellous. Through her conscripted sons she discovered the Israel of perpetual land seizures and became one of the founders of Yesh Din to oppose this land grab. Here she describes her journey.

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May plucks her mate from Ulster bible belt

Mrs. May has chosen for a prop the woman who crashed the Stormont government after refusing to accept responsibility for the ‘cash for ash’ scheme she introduced. She belongs to the most conservative Christian Zionist party in the UK -Ulster identifies with little besieged Israel. An introduction to Arlene Foster

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Gaza carries the can for power owners

How absolutely wrong it is that the weakest people in the region – the Palestinians living in besieged Gaza – should be the ones made to live without sanitation, fresh water, electric light. And this is during the long hot days of Ramadan. WHO has stepped in to do what it can.

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Fear drives all Israelis

Philip Weiss, an American anti-Zionist, started Mondoweiss in 2007. He is a frequent visitor to Israel. In this essay he finds a people driven by fear of Palestinians – or that’s how they justify their unashamed racism.

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The games Netanyahu plays

This is an interview with Yossi Alpher who has held many senior positions in Israeli security. The reason for the moves which are further destabilising the MidEast are not clear to anyone but Alpher pinpoints the Saudi-Trump ‘love fest’ as a key agent of change as well as Netanyahu’s machinations. Alpher is APN’s regular man in the know.

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Saudi hypocrisy on armed groups

Qatar and Qatari diplomats have been expelled from all Saudi-led bodies on the grounds of supporting terrorism. The supporters and financiers of armed groups wreaking havoc in Syria and Iraq are those same Gulf states. Al Monitor garners opinions.

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