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Aug 2015: Call on Global leaders to lift the Gaza blockade



BSST is the leading charity focusing on small-scale grass roots cross community, anti poverty and humanitarian projects in Israel/Palestine

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“While Jerusalem was in shock over the murder of worshippers in the Old City on Saturday, Tel Aviv had a rock concert and a huge rally over animal rights.” That is, says Amos Harel, ‘terror’ attacks by Palestinians and right-wingers are sporadic and confined to a few people and places. The cabinet has decided a harsher response will exacerbate the violence.

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Far right push for a violent victory

In the third of Haaretz’s five articles on a 3rd intifada Chaim Levinson argues that a new right-wing crowd has pushed aside a relatively balanced settler movement in favour of direct action to crush and exclude Palestinians.

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Palestinians don’t want another blood-letting

Haaretz has published five articles from its leading columnists asking whether this is the first intifada. Here is their introduction and pieces by Anshell Pfeffer and Amira Hass who focuses on the authority of the PNA.

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Intifadas are strategic

This is a set of articles which say directly or by default that we are not seeing a third intifada merely an increase in reactive clashes between Palestinian youth and Israeli police. Deaths and injuries are all on the Palestinian side. Plus brief histories of the first two intifadas..

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Not taking any more

The violent resistance to Israeli security forces – usually the police – is no longer confined to Jerusalem as it has been for the last few years. There have also been mass displays of resistance in the form of barricades and stone-throwing in Bethlehem, Jenin, Hebron and smaller villages in the last few days.

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Weak Netanyahu stuck at crossroads

This is a harsh assessment by Mazal Mualem on the Israeli PM’s lack of leadership of his fractious coalition and his inability to decide whether to accede to the pressure from the right as Palestinian ‘terrorist’ attacks increase or dump them and (try to) to draw the moderate Zionist Camp into government. His ‘Mr Security’ platform has got cracks since the Iran nuclear deal.

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This week’s postings at


This week, 28th September to 4th October, we have given over most of the website to the splendid range and variety of articles published by Open Democracy under the editorship of Nura Yuval-Davis and Jamie Hakim. Here is their guide to the articles and their own contribution: How we talk about Muslims and Jews All […]

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How we talk about Muslims and Jews

oD. Nira Yuval-Davis and Jamie Hakim became guest editors of openDemocracy for a week and posted five excellent articles on anti-Jewish and anti-Muslim racisms, and the question of Palestine/Israel. Too many issues are raised to summarise here; they introduce their writers and contribute the first article.

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Why a ‘new antisemitism’ was invented

oD. In the second article taken from the openDemocracy series Antony Lerman gives a succinct account of the use of the term ‘new anti-Semitism’ which replaces the ‘figure of The Jew’ with the state of Israel (collective Jewry) as the object of hate. Thus does anti-Zionism become the same as antisemitism giving Israel hegemony over checking both.

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The pariah and the exile

oD. Stefano Bellin’s essay in the oD series begins with philosopher and musician Edward Said and ends with philosopher and musician Theodor Adorno. The musical structure of counterpoint is key to Bellin’s analysis of the Israel / Palestine conflict with its mutual responses, repetitions and definitions. There is a discord between being a pariah and an exile and in the contrast between Jews as cosmopolitan intellectuals and today’s turn rightward and inward.

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Outsourcing antisemitism to Muslims in Europe

oD. Helga Embacher and Jan Rybak examine the popular outcasting of Muslims and the nature of antisemitism in Austria and Germany where antisemitism is treated as a phenomenon of Muslim immigrants and why those immigrants are now embracing Turkish PM Erdogan.

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Violence mounts in West Bank

The assassination of two ultra-Orthodox Jews in Jerusalem by a Palestinian predicting a third intifada made headline news last week. The killing of three young Palestinians in separate incidents made no news at all. The first was rare, the second commonplace. No effort has been made by the Israeli government to reduce the anger about Jewish incursions on Haram Al-Sharif / Temple Mount.

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We are all Semites – the T-shirt

oD. Annabelle Sreberny examines these elements of identity: a reinvigorated Israeli anti-Arabism and its contradictions; Jewish antisemitism and the need to historicise socio-cultural categories; and a possible political recuperation of the ‘Semites’.

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Defining ourselves against the other

oD. Jewish humour has many jokes about the inability of one Jew to agree with another. Here Keith Kahn-Harris takes the subject of how Jews deal with differences of political opinion and heritage and argues for the need to talk with those we disagree with or are unlike. Another in the oD series.

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Two-state solution is gone

The EU and USA continue to evade all action on Israeli illegality by summoning the ‘two-state-solution’. This is a chimera. Jeff Halper, redoubtable campaigner, tells Robert Cohen that now Israelis and Palestinians have to push for another ‘just and workable solution’ – and to work out the aims of the BDS campaign.

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Islamophobia is becoming ‘the defining condition of the new Europe’

oD. Hilary Aked investigates links between Islamophobia and the ‘war on terror’ against which Israel is the foremost fighter. Money flows into groups combatting ‘Islamic terror’ and into Israel. Muslims and Zionists may share an ideology of dominance, but in the West, Muslims are the barbarian outcasts.

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AIPAC’s failure to destroy Iran nuclear deal

The argument put here by right-wing convert Liel Leibovitz is that AIPAC is weak and Democrats were intimidated into supporting Obama over Iran. He ignores the fact that the majority of Americans support the deal – and not Israel’s position. Why did the normally level-headed Tablet publish it? ( Leibovitz has been promoted from being executive producer of video and interactive media to senior writer.)

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Bibi says MEPs resemble Nazis in resolution on peace process

The resolution passed by the EU parliament is standard and anodyne and is primarily about the role the EU should play in the MEPP. All references to the EU policy of labels to distinguish products from Israel proper and occupied territories have been removed. The Israeli gov’t attacked any mention of labels as like the Nazi era – a sure sign of having no argument whether used by the right or the left.

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PA’s work as Israel’s security officer to end

For once, the PA – in the form of President Abbas at the UNGA – and Hamas are of one mind: the Oslo accords have done nothing for Palestinian statehood and so the PA will cease acting as Israel’s security officer in the West Bank.

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Regev rides the Mizrahi victim horse

Miri Regev, Israel’s culture minister, is an ambitious and successful woman who makes headlines with populist racism. She is taken to task by fellow Mizrahi woman, Mazal Mualem, for cultivating a public persona as a victim of racist exclusion which sits oddly with her life experience.

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