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Aug 2015: Call on Global leaders to lift the Gaza blockade



BSST is the leading charity focusing on small-scale grass roots cross community, anti poverty and humanitarian projects in Israel/Palestine

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Stick to fair play: Wales should not play coloniser Israel

Fair play for Palestine_front

We understand the desire for some areas to be outside politics. But, like soft porn, football is used in Israel to display, to its own citizens, that it is one of a family of civilised nations. It is the faux form of normality. This con is swallowed by all those who want to carry on as usual – e.g. the Welsh football team. Colonial rule is colonial rule, even if extreme violence is not used.

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Sodastream CEO says boycott due to antisemitism

Daniel Birnbaum, the CEO of Sodastream – which isn’t doing too well at the moment – wants us to believe (perhaps he believes it himself) that the boycott of the settlement-produced fizzer was due to antisemitism. Not the brightest bubble in the bottle.

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People with leftwing views should not teach

It’s not a tidal wave but is a disturbing ripple: Israeli mayors and parents in several towns are demanding the sacking of teachers who express any criticism of IDF actions. They are deemed unpatriotic and dangerous.

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Terrorist militia for a new Israel

Frightened at the firebombing of the Dawabsheh family last month the Israeli government has set up Hebrew Shepherd, a programme to reform hilltop youth. Too late. These settlers want a new pure Israel with no nods towards democracy.

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IDF defeated by Tamimis, cameras, social media

An unidentified soldier, armed and masked, made a stupid mistake; he chose to pin down an 11-year-old-boy, his arm in a cast, in a headlock, crushing him against a rock. Nothing special here. But it was filmed and this one image of the Occupation has told more people more about the power the IDF exercises – or tries to – over Palestinians than have countless written accounts.

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Abbas’ agenda is entirely personal, entirely elitist and entirely corrupt

More evidence that younger Palestinians in the West Bank, expressing themselves via social media, are entirely alienated from the corrupt croneyism of Pres. Abbas and his Fatah faction. His attempts to revive Fatah’s relevance may be too late.

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A strange history of British Zionism

A history of Zionism in Britain has much useful information but this particular history, published by CounterPunch, seems to have come from the school of Zionist conspiracies. Evan Jones does not distinguish between how ‘Zionist’ is used today – one who believes Jews alone are destined to rule a greater Israel – and how it was used pre-Israel: one with an aspiration for a Jewish homeland. He also sees Zionists at work in the UK without any evidence, defined purpose or names (or footnotes). Read with discrimination.

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This week’s postings at


This last week of the summer holiday, August 24-August 30, 2015, is a chance for us to post a few of the reports and analyses which are not driven by the news timetable. But first issues where action is required: 1. March and rally on Israel’s date with Welsh football: Stick to fair play: Wales […]

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Jewish intellectual tradition cut short

A documentary on what American children learn at Jewish Day Schools reveals a shocking end to the tradition of critical thought from which Jewish intellectuals were created. In its place is indoctrination in love for ‘mother’ Israel and such a one-sided account of Israel that many of the ‘cogs’ in this production line are profoundly shocked when they discover that Israel is a super-power which has tried to get rid of all traces of the Palestinians who lived in the ‘land without people’.

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Doubt over EU readiness to act on its resolutions against settlement products

This is an old story – EU plans to outlaw settlement products – and a new story: France and the PA are putting on the pressure for the EU to implement its resolutions against importing settlement products. What’s the hold-up? Contact your MEP!

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An every day story of country folk

These photos show Palestinian women and a young girl launching an attack on an armed, masked soldier who is pinning a boy with a broken arm to a rock in the process of arresting him for throwing stones. It is such an everyday story of life in a Palestinian village it would not normally be in the news. But the pictures have ‘gone viral’ because the soldier has to flee from the furious females.

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WHO verdict on health care in Gaza

The 67th World Health Assembly requested WHO to report on the health conditions in the oPt. The result is a unique portrait of occupied Palestine told through the eyes of health-care – precarious, poverty-stricken and horribly damaged by Israel’s blockade.

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Politics of Jewish divisions

A snobbish discrimination against Sephardi and Mizrahi Jews by the Ashkenazi elite has, from the beginning, been a driving force in Israeli politics. While the Mizrahim in particular might have made common cause with Palestinians most chose instead to prove a pure Jewishness. Fascinating two-part article by Ran Greenstein.

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To go wide or deep – women’s peace work

A group of women – Women Wage Peace, set up after the carnage of Operation Protective Edge – began a fast near the PM’s home on the anniversary of the Operation and maintained it in shifts for the 50 days. They were not the usual suspects – which may explain the lack of media coverage – and one participant raises the perennial questions of how to build a political movement.

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Blockading Gaza has not dislodged Hamas

Israel and Palestine, including Gaza, seem to be frozen in stasis, doomed, if they move, to begin another round of political and military conflict. Many outside agencies have tried to mediate. Kerry blamed Israel obduracy, others blame Hamas. Here the ICG addresses the main actors with proposals on what each can do to move out of the conflict zone. Giving Hamas more control over its income and recognition of Palestine as a state by all EU cpountries would help .

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The new test of who’s a good Jew

Having decided to lead the world (viz. the USA) in a crusade against Iran, PM Netanyahu has had to cast his decision in the most hyperbolic terms – good v. evil, for Israel or for another holocaust of Jews? Only Israelis are listening.

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Huckabee: Israel includes West Bank, US includes Israel

Why is the American/Israeli Right like ISIL? Because neither grouping accepts national boundaries. In their march towards a consensus comfort zone, Israelis lobby the American Right who in turn campaign in Israeli settlements. Mike Huckabee leads the way.

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Water and the Palestine-Israel conflict

The table and text here from the Water Research Institute are not directly about Israel and Palestine. The WRI ranks countries by degrees of water scarcity. The oPt are in the first rank, Israel comes in at no.8. Most of the top 20 are in the Middle East. Lack of water does not create the current conflicts say the authors but it does exacerbate them and this is going to get worse as water shortages get more severe.

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No safe haven in Catholic EU for Muslim asylum-seekers

As we have seen time and time again the primary target for jihadists is other Muslims. But many EU countries with a Roman Catholic heritage will only give asylum to Christians, saying either that Muslims would not fit into their country or that it is the Christians of the Middle East who are being persecuted and they are the only ones who need asylum.

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Petition: arrest Netanyahu for war crimes when he comes to London

A petition has been created on the government’s petition website calling for Prime Minister Netanyahu to be arrested for war crimes when he arrives in the UK next month, September. Send to friends to get the 100,000 signatures which will mean parliament will have to debate it.

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Abbas in ‘unfathomable panic’

President Abbas sits in his palace moving his knights around – and ejecting them from his web of intrigue. His most recent move was to close down the Palestinian Peace Coalition – the Palestinian side of the Geneva Initiative – to skewer its head, Yasser Abed Rabbo, former secretary-general of the PLO.

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