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American-Jewish groups get serious about 2 states

Turmoil in the Israeli government, anxiety about its direction among even conservative Jewish groups plus an initiative from the Israeli Policy Forum prompt serious steps towards a 2-state solution. The alternative is no end to violence. Plus where Adelson is putting his money. Articles from JTA and Intercept.

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Older Americans more pro-Israel but younger differ

The USA has been the guarantor, not of Israel’s existence which is not under serious threat, but of its military supremacy in the region. This support has been bipartisan with Christian evangelicals the most fervent. Now the Pew Research Center has found an increasing number of young people are open to the Palestinian demand for recognition of their human and political rights.

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No authority in Palestine

Young Palestinians have a fierce loyalty to Palestine – but none to any political authority – except, perhaps, Hamas and jihadi groups. This two-year old article from sociologist Jamil Hilal is full of insights into why the so-called ‘third intifada’ has taken the form it has.

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Spin and rumour cloud Cairo talks

Peace talks between the Israeli government and PLO are suddenly at the front of business for Egypt and France. Secret meetings are reported, and denied. Netanyahu insists it is no business of any foreign government and the PLO says the reports are false. We’ll wait and see.

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Know the loss, shame, fear, hope

Two people who don’t fit their prescribed identities – Avraham Burg who wants to repeal the law of return and Ghaida Rinawie Zoabi, a secular Palestinian – both with long histories in peace movements, explore what they may have in common.

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Tawdry politician gets top position

Avigdor Lieberman has no admirers. But in a sign of his desperation Netanyahu is poised to put him in the position which requires most finesse, diplomacy and knowledge – foreign minister. Perhaps the universal outcry will make him change his mind.

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Arrogant PM ignores IDF advice

Once the political establishment in Israel restrained the IDF’s gung-ho approach to conflict. No more. Military commanders have urged talks with Hamas and are concerned Netanyahu presents a real and present danger. He acts only to serve his own security as PM and has surrounded himself with bellicose right wingers.

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Israel settles into far right arms

Almost all reports from Israel are full of alarm at the shift of people in leading positions. Netanyahu has accepted pressure from the far right and is no longer a block against their advancement.

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Bibi falls back on religious right

It’s being called the most extreme right-wing government in Israel’s history . Although the old Ashkenazi elite and IDF commanders have enforced the occupation says Jonathan Cook, they are being replaced by zealots from the religious right.

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Silence the evidence of war crimes

Israel’s state prosecutor has taken Breaking the Silence, the organisation of former soldiers who cannot rest until they tell what they have seen and heard, has prosecuted BtS and an Israeli court has ruled BtS must name its informants. Under what law? Is this court abandoning law at the government’s whistle? Reports from BtS and two others.

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Meet the new villain – left antisemitism!

In his latest column Mike Cushman identifies a new battalion in the Israel/Palestine conflict: troops from the Labour Party of a Trotskyist or of a Blairite tendency. They are alike in caring nothing about Palestine and vilifying a new invisible army: left antisemites. Watch out – they’re behind you, under the bed, everywhere!

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This week’s


The most alarming news this week, May 16-22, 2016, is the resignation of Moshe ‘Bogie’ Ya’alon as Israel’s defence minister, saying Israel has been taken over by ‘extreme’ elements, with the PM’s agreement. He feared for Israel’s future. Rightly, as PM Netanyahu promptly replaced him with the most violent racist in the Knesset, Avigdor Lieberman : Foreign […]

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Foreign policy handed to proud racist

Bogie’s out leaving Bougie and Bibi to bogey on down the racist road of no return. Articles from Haaretz, Salon and Richard Silverstein, who makes a Putin link.

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Students who can’t keep a civil tongue on Israel-Palestine

This headline does not reflect the tone of Asa Winstanley’s probe into the OULS row about antisemitism. It does pick up on the tone of the accusations flying about in which support for Palestine has become another word for antisemitism. The row does no favour to Palestinians or Israelis.

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After Abbas

Democracy does not survive in times of war, either in Palestine or in Israel beyond the pale of its loyal citizens. No-one expects a democratic process to elect a Palestinian leadership after Abbas retires or dies (how will they tell? qv Coolidge). But to avoid anarchy or violence a succession needs to be set up. Here are some candidates and scenarios.

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The officer who dared

On Israel’s Holocaust Memorial Day (May 6th) the IDF’s deputy chief of staff, Yair Golan, did something extraordinary. He made a speech likening Israel’s current policies – and population – to the drivers and drifters of 1930s Europe’s descent into barbarism. Of course he has been cursed and condemned. But his speech,with his status, has brought heart to many.

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Breaking the rules on the Holocaust

It has been an unwritten rule, observed on this website, that lightly-made comparisons with the Holocaust are wrong. Uri Avnery, who was there while it was in the making, observed the same rule until now, when Maj. Gen Golan, broke it by making comparison to the making of a catastrophe. Cheers from Avnery.

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Arab towns get tiny amount of housing budget

The latest report from the NGO Adalah calculates that less than 3% of Israel’s housing budget goes to towns principally occupied by Palestinians, leaving them in chronically crowded and poor housing.

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Regev muddles up Jews and Israeli nationals

In some of the more startling words of Mark Regev, formerly the voice of PM Netanyahu, the new ambassador to the UK confused the profound difference between Jews and Israeli citizens. He appears quite unaware of his mistake, Ben White reports.

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‘Quiet boycott’ pushes Israel towards recession

The link between Israel’s policies on Palestine and its economic performance used to be Labour’s prime message. Now Herzog is flirting with the right it is left to Meretz to draw the obvious conclusion.

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