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BSST is the leading charity focusing on small-scale grass roots cross community, anti poverty and humanitarian projects in Israel/Palestine

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06 May: Tair Kaminer starts her fifth spell in gaol. Send messages of support via Reuven Kaminer

04 May: Against the resort to denigration of Israel’s critics


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15 Dec: Chanukah: Celebrating the miracle of holy oil not military power

1 Dec: Executive statement on bill to make Israel the nation state of the Jewish people

25 Nov: Submission to All-Party Parliamentary Group Against Antisemitism

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19 June Statement on the three kidnapped teenagers

25 April: Exec statement on Yarmouk

28 Mar: EJJP letter in support of Dutch pension fund PGGM's decision to divest from Israeli banks

24 Jan: Support for Riba resolution

16 Jan: EJJP lobbies EU in support of the EU Commission Guidelines, Aug 2013–Jan 2014


29 November: JfJfP, with many others, signs a "UK must protest at Bedouin expulsion" letter

November: Press release, letter to the Times and advert in the Independent on the Prawer Plan

September: Briefing note and leaflet on the Prawer Plan

September: JfJfP/EJJP on the EU guidelines with regard to Israel

14th June: JfJfP joins other organisations in protest to BBC

2nd June: A light unto nations? - a leaflet for distribution at the "Closer to Israel" rally in London

24 Jan: Letter re the 1923 San Remo convention

18 Jan: In Support of Bab al-Shams

17 Jan: Letter to Camden New Journal about Veolia

11 Jan: JfJfP supports public letter to President Obama

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Bullying Right fire ‘antisemitism’ bullets at left-wing women


It is hard to make sense of the current hot pursuit of so-called antisemitism of left-wing women (Malia Bouattia, Naz Shah and, here, Jackie Walker, a JfJfP signatory and none of them Anglo-Saxon white.) Is the charge of antisemitism the Right’s Trojan Horse to carry their racism, sexism and right-wing sectarianism?

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From creeping to sweeping annexation


Naftali Bennett of Jewish Home is a one policy politician: Bring all land where Jews live, down to the smallest outpost, under Israeli sovereignty, illegally and by force if need be. That’s it.

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Shimon Peres, founder of Israel’s military-industrial complex


In later years, Shimon Peres surfed on his image as a man of peace. This was the man who did more than any other to ensure Israel had the weapons, including nuclear, to make it a MidEast superpower. Critics comment.

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Bibi seeks African love

According to PM Netanyahu at the “Israeli Technology and Innovation for Africa” event at U.N. HQ last week Israel has much to give Africa – technology, how to build walls, advice on any matter of security. And all he wants in return are African votes at UNGA – an institution which Netanyahu always affects to despise.

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When image pushes truth aside

States of denial, of people not wanting to know, have marked the experience of Jews in Europe as they now mark the experience of Palestinians in Israel and the oPt. ‘Denial’ is a new film, script by David Hare, about David Irving’s libel suit against Deborah Lipstadt in London.

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Fighting BDS from the top

It appears that popular support for BDS is strong enough to cause severe anxiety amongst Israel’s best friends. In the UK the Cabinet Office stepped in to ban local governments from adopting any BDS position. In the US it’s state governors. In France it was the highest court of appeal. What they have in common is the fear that local governments are more likely to respond to BDS lobbying. Democracy it’s not.

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This week’s


This week, 19th-25th September 2016, we are alerted to some persistent motifs in Jewish diaspora history, brought to life by two people who don’t seem to live on the same planet, Amos Oz and Donald Trump Jr. Trumps Jr and Sr like tweeting, sending a message out for which they don’t feel accountable and can’t […]

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The treacherous Jew motif

Anyone attracted by the story of Jesus, as Amos Oz is, is also likely to be interested in the portrayal of the man who purportedly brought about his death – Judas. In this interview with Jonathan Freedland he talks of these New Testament stories and asks why Judas, who loved Jesus most, is portrayed as the dark, sinister Jew compared to the (Aryan) Jesus. Plus thoughts on his homeland and the European Left.

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Remaking Israel with religiosity and fascism

Israel’s far-right education minister, Naftali Bennett, has said his country will ‘return to being a light unto the nations’ by putting religious beliefs above science. In this return to the dark ages ‘he who laughs has not yet heard the terrible tidings’.

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The outsider in charge of defence

The IDF prides itself on its values which it sees as representing all that’s best in Israel. Hence its decision to prosecute Elor Azaria (see posting below). The Minister of Defence knows nothing about the military, or defence, but he’s a bombastic defender of Azaria. Can this conflict be managed or will it further the political-military difference?

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Wrong people put on trial for killing Palestinians

The trial for manslaughter of Elor Azaria, the army medic who shot dead an unarmed and supine Palestine, continues in a Jaffa court. The trial is not, for the public, about what Azaria is guilty of, if anything. It is what rules, if any, IDF commanders are following in response to the ‘knife intifada’. Extrajudicial killings seem to be the answer. But they are not on trial.

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Palestinians not part of the family

Impasse: statesmanship demands that Israel stops building settlements and makes the 2-state solution possible – the USA position. The heart says Israel is part of the family and Palestinians are alien, closer to the nebulous terror of ISIL. Two of many comments on the Obama-Kerry-Netanyahu years.

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US signs over largest-ever military aid to Israel

The only thing the US president and Israeli PM have in common is mutual loathing. That has no effect on designated national military needs, hence the ‘single largest pledge of its kind in American history’.

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US Jewish charity ploughs money into settlements

The JNF – Jewish National Fund – has been the primary channel for diaspora Jews to give money to creating Israel and then ‘greening’ it (it boasts of being ‘a global environmental leader’). Do those who donate know how much of their money goes into settlements – against government policy? A Haaretz investigation.

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Jewish Labour Movement woken by Israel’s kiss

A former officer at the Israeli embassy in London, Ella Rose, has been appointed as the new director of the Jewish Labour Movement. From Asa Winstanley’s account it seems as though the embassy sees the once defunct JLM as its anti-BDS weapon of choice.

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Nazi motifs in Trump rhetoric

The Nazi motif in question is that of the power of just one Jew to destroy a whole nation. Those who think the Left, Labour, Europe is awash with antisemitism would do well to find out how that poison actually worked.

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Claim that Israel pays Hebron young to escalate violence

The strategy of the settlers in Hebron, apparently with state backing, is to provoke Palestinians into violence. That will get rid of them. The belief of Hebron’s mayor that Israel is paying Palestinian youth to up the violence may not be as outlandish as it sounds.

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Opposing settlements is ‘ethnic cleansing’ of Jews

The claim by PM Netanyahu that settlements are no obstacle to peace and removing them would be ‘ethnic cleansing’ of Jews is chutzpah to some, lying propaganda to others – ‘The Jews as victim. Always the Jews, only the Jews.’ The PM no longer cares – the cost of propping up Israel will be met whatever he says.

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Palestinian local elections cancelled

Local elections scheduled for October offered a ray of hope to Palestinians. Now the Ramallah High Court has postponed them; appeals about the feasibility of elections, especially in Gaza, were upheld. In this vox pop article, opinion is divided – are elections pointless when political leadership is divided or are they the only means of breathing political life into Palestine?

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IDF probing itself has never worked says NGO


The NGO B’Tselem has produced a stinging response to the IDF’s own examination of its conduct in the last assault on Gaza. It points out that this self-exoneration happens after each assault making the next one more likely.

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