Will the PA collapse or be dismantled?

Palestinian Authority (PA) security personnel

Adnan Abu Amer writes in Middle East Monitor:

Despite the “temporary” delay in announcing the Israeli annexation plan, the Israeli readings remained unchanged, offering a number of scenarios and assessments regarding the implications implementing the plan will have on the relationship with the PA.

At the same time, Israeli officials continued their readings and expectations of the implications of the annexation plan and what may result, specifically at the security level. They also mention its consequences and the possibility of it leading to the collapse of the PA and thus Hamas’ return to the West Bank.

Meanwhile, two conflicting Israeli positions have emerged regarding the future of the PA. The former army commander of the Israeli Central Command, Gadi Shamni, stated: “When you start doing these unilateral actions, you actually put yourself on a very slippery slope,” suggesting that this would undermine the security and political stability in the region, leading to the collapse of the PA.

As for General Amos Yadlin, the former head of the Military Intelligence Service – Aman, he does not believe that the PA will quickly hand over its keys to Israel, nor will it give up concessions amounting to billions of dollars.

These Israeli findings regarding the future of the PA confirm that those who are leading the annexation scheme, headed by Benjamin Netanyahu, do not understand the consequences of their long-term plans. Meanwhile, the army and its security services hold a series of intensive security meetings with the aim of preparing for scenarios of confrontation with the Palestinians.

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