Trump official: Unhelpful to use ‘two-state solution’ terminology in peace talks

April 20, 2019
US envoy denies reports peace plan includes giving Palestinians part of Sinai

US Special Envoy Jason Greenblatt attends a press conference

Times of Israel reports, “A US  official, widely reported to be Mideast envoy Jason Greenblatt, warned both Israel and the Palestinians against rejecting US President Donald Trump’s upcoming peace plan and rejected the use of the term “two-state solution,” in comments reported Friday by Sky News Arabic. There was no reason to use the term because each side understood it differently, the official said, according to Channel 12 news, which named Greenblatt as the official involved. (An English-language transcript of the comments was not made available.)”

“The official said both sides needed to be prepared for direct negotiations as each would have to make concessions, and there would be elements of the deal that each side would be satisfied with, and parts each would dislike. The official also said both sides would miss an opportunity for peace if they did not accept the deal, but he issued a special warning to the Palestinians, noting they had already spoken out against the plan before seeing it, while suggesting that it could have a significant and positive impact on their future.”

“On Wednesday, on his twitter feed, Greenblatt had chided the new Palestinian Authority prime minister after the latter asserted that the “deal of the century” will be “born dead.” “Why does the new PA Prime Minister hope for our plan to be ‘born dead’ & for peace to fail? By working with us, perhaps something wonderful can happen for Palestinians. We’ve repeatedly said this won’t just be an economic plan,” Greenblatt tweeted, referencing growing speculation that the initiative will be short on political incentives for the Palestinians.”

“PM (Mohammad) Shtayyeh, starting a new job by condemning a plan you haven’t seen is unfair to Palestinians. You have an obligation to first look at an opportunity before you dismiss it. The PA can continue to push us away, but that will do nothing to improve the lives of the Palestinians,” Greenblatt added.” (more…)

Screencapture from a video purporting to show a plan to to give the Palestinian part of the Sinai for a future state. US envoy Jason Greenblatt denies this is part of the Trump peace plan, Aprli 19, 2019

Times of Israel reports, “US Mideast envoy Jason Greenblatt on Friday denied rumors that the soon to be released Trump peace plan calls for the Palestinians to be given part of Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula for an expanded Gaza. “Hearing reports our plan includes the concept that we will give a portion of Sinai (which is Egypt’s) to Gaza. False!” tweeted Greenblatt.”

“With the Trump team keeping the details of the plan close to their chests (and with one report indicating that even US President Donald Trump has not seen the entire plan), rumors of its content have repeatedly swirled, particularly on social media. “Please don’t believe everything you read. Surprising & sad to see how people who don’t know what’s in the plan make up & spread fake stories,” Greenblatt said.”

“Reports had circulated in recent days that under the deal, Egypt would give up a chunk of the northern Sinai that lies next to the Gaza Strip for the creation of something called the “New State.” A video, purportedly from the Trump team, detailing the plan is apparently from an independent Israeli think tank called New State Solution.” (more…)

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