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Making extremism popular

The views of Jewish Home MK Bezalel Smotrich are more violent and racist than average. Yet helped by his good looks and quick wits he is making such views seem average, mainstream. Observer opinion.

Regev muddles up Jews and Israeli nationals

In some of the more startling words of Mark Regev, formerly the voice of PM Netanyahu, the new ambassador to the UK confused the profound difference between Jews and Israeli citizens. He appears quite unaware of his mistake, Ben White reports.

Regev rides the Mizrahi victim horse

Miri Regev, Israel’s culture minister, is an ambitious and successful woman who makes headlines with populist racism. She is taken to task by fellow Mizrahi woman, Mazal Mualem, for cultivating a public persona as a victim of racist exclusion which sits oddly with her life experience.

Time Americans stopped defending Israeli leaders

American Jewish organisations have constitutions committing them to opposing racism. American Jewish organisations responded to Netanyahu’s openly racist election campaign – by sending him their warm congratulations as a great leader. Some mistake surely? Jewish Forward calls out the hypocrites.

Fear and hatred of Arabs now Israel’s popular culture

If smooth-talking government ministers are careful to translate their thoughts into a diplomatic discourse about ‘security’ and ‘delegitimisation’, Israeli youth have no such inhibitions. RIchard SIlverstein picks up some of the crude racism on social media. Some Palestinians are fighting back.

We’d rather talk about cottage cheese than peace or occupation

It was noted at the time that the large J14 movement for social justice and lower prices would discuss anything – except the cost and injustice of the occupation says Jessica Apple. But a new protest is developing says Uri Baram. It is against the venomous racism spreading through Israel. It is for a different kind of Israel. 2 Haaretz articles on the state of Israel just before the invasion.

A boy is burned alive. Israelis say nothing.

Had a boy been burned alive because of his ethnicity in any ‘civilised’ country in the world, it would have provoked a national outcry and soul-searching at such savagery. Not in Israel says Uri Avnery. Though some Israelis are perturbed at the displays of racism in their country, most appear to be indifferent or morally frozen.

Shocked to the core by Israel today

David Harris-Gershon has been nourished since childhood by the belief in Israel as a light unto nations, a haven for Jews whom all others wanted to exterminate. Learning about the expulsion of Arabs and the Occupation strained his progressive zionism – but the racism of young Israelis has so horrified him he doesn’t know what to believe.

The Jewish psychosis of making a racist state

An angry Uri Misgav writes in Haaretz about ‘why I no longer want to live in the most racist state in the free world.’ The state has developed a racist hierarchy of groups. The rankings and exclusions are ‘like the Nuremberg Laws, only in reverse’. For Jews who do not wish to be claimed as members by The Jewish State, One Democracy has launched a petition to make this public.

Israel on its own with its racist policies

Racism exists in most countries. What makes the difference is whether the media and the government endorse the racism. In most western countries governments have decided more or less to reject racism and to incorporate ‘multiculturalism’ into the national identity. Not in Israel. There the obverse is true. The self-proclaimed ‘Jewish state’ cannot embody non-Jews into its nationhood. This sets Israel apart from all western nations. The endorsement by StandWithUs of this open racism is decidedly unAmerican.

Israel marches along its solitary path to world isolation

Firing back at all pressure, even from the best of friends, with cries of ‘antisemitism’, ‘delegitimisation’ and ‘existential threat’ governments of Israel have set the state on the road away from democracy and equal rights – and away from their one-time defenders who feel subverted by Israel’s racism. Zeev Sternhell has a long and distinguished intellectual history, giving weight to this deceptively simple and heartfelt article .

Occupation X neoliberalism = Israel’s hate-full society

Mitchell Plitnick thinks we’re all missing something if we think the Occupation alone is responsible for the racism, violence and inequality of Israeli society. Also playing a major part are neo liberal policies – which have brought huge wealth to an elite and growing poverty to the rest wherever they have been applied from the USA and UK to Israel.

Shock at fate of black refugees to Israel

The flight of people from east Africa in particular has caused problems for African and European countries – but none has reacted with such rejection as Israel, people and government. Donald Macintyre reports, 1. Political black Americans have taken up their plight, connecting it to US-Israel colonialism (2) – which may cement the pro-Israel fervour of tea-party Christians. The official solution to the racism is the vast prison compound being built in the Negev, 3.

Right-wing figures stoke spread of racist violence in Israeli cities

Unlike EU countries and the USA, it appears quite OK for political figures in Israel to issue hate speech against black people and Muslims. The violent attacks on a poor district in Tel Aviv last month broke out in Jerusalem this week with an arson attack on Eritreans. Quotes from +972, Ynet on Ministerial incitement, Netanyahu’s plan for mass expulsions, Harriet Sherwood on growing intolerance

Violent ‘blacks out’ race riot in Tel Aviv

A racist mob ran amok in Tel Aviv on Thursday. News 1) and comment 2). Report on the revocation of UN resolution on Zionism is given – see online CiF comments 3). 4) a 2010 poll on racism of Israeli teenagers- the proportion of youth embracing a racist culture has grown since.

Palestinian children die, Israelis rejoice

After a bus accident in which nine Palestinian children were killed, ‘the internet roiled’ as Israelis, using their own names and Facebook photos, rejoiced, ‘spewing forth nauseating, hate-permeated racism that seemed to exceed anything seen here previously’. Gideon Levy cries out against this shameless descent into barbarism.