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US needs strong Palestinian Authority

As US-Israel relations have worsened, the superpower’s relations with the PA have become stronger. These two shifts may not be connected, but it is clear to analysts that a strong PA is essential if violence or anarchy are not to subsume the moderate authority. Interview with Mustafa Barghouti on US/Palestinian relations.

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‘Unconditional US support of Israel is corrosive and adds to the region’s despair’

In this interview with Lakhdar Brahimi, the UN’s veteran diplomat utters some frank and hard-hitting judgments on the US’s role in the Middle East: it has been naive, without strategic thinking and unable to distinguish between different Arab nations.

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Jews are not just the holocaust and the Israel-Palestine conflict

simon schama

‘The story of the Jews’ was a five part TV series made by British historian Simon Schama and first broadcast on BBC2 from September 2013. It was generally well received – except for its last part which suggested the settling of Palestine by Jews and the creation of Israel was the culmination of ‘the’ Jewish story. Interview with him by Poppy Sebag-Montefiore on the series and his new book .

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Treason of the intellectuals

Prof. Zeev Sternhell, an authority of the rise of fascism in France, defines fascism as a rejection of, an assault on, enlightenment values. In the regime’s treatment of the Palestinians and of Jewish dissidents, in the submission of intellectuals to government orders and the blind following of the masses, Prof. Sternhell sees signs of fascism, and certainly the end of Zionism as he understood it.

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Refuseniks say: In Israel, war is not politics by other means — it replaces politics.

A letter signed by 56 Israeli reservists stating why they refuse to serve their country in its current military operation is published this week in the Washington Post. Their fundamental objection, the two initiators tell Democracy Now, is the power the hierarchical IDF exercises over Palestinians and Israelis. We learn on the way that most Americans have never heard of the siege of Gaza but think Israel is under siege by Hamas.

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Israel has inflicted ‘very deep wounds’ on US

There are many small reasons why the peace talks initiated by the Obama administration and conducted by John Kerry failed. But there is one big reason: the Israeli government did not engage. If it can continue to deny all political rights to Palestinians, it will. As the blame game/accountancy continues, the PA turns to the international arena.

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Israel’s scandalous treatment of African Asylum seekers


The latest development in the story of Israel’s scandalous treatment of African Asylum seekers was revealed last week. After denying to even examine most of the refugees’ asylum claims, deporting, and imprisoning those who stayed, Israeli authorities are now coercing them to sign on to so-called “voluntary” return as part of Israel’s arms and trade deals with several sub-Saharan African nations.
Transcript of a Real News programme with Lia Tarachansky

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No BDS, No violence. Are you saying they must remain on their knees for eternity?

rasid khalili

One of Palestin’e most incisive political thinkers, Rashid Khalidi, talks to Philip Weiss of what options the Palestinians now have. He is less hopeful of NVDA (see posting above), has no hopes of the USA but does believe that institutions like the EU and ICC will have an open door for Palestinians to walk through – if they get on their feet.

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Jews hang on to their ‘colonial settler’ status in Israel – it ensures their power

Israel is an anachronism. By the time the newly-entitled Jewish immigrants had worked out how to run their new state- a Law of Return and a Citizenship law – to ensure Jewish privilege, settler colonialism was being abandoned elsewhere as unworkable and unjust. In her highly-praised new history Shira Robinson argues that these laws perpetuate Jews’ settler status – it’s what gives them their privileges. Philip Weiss interviews her.

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Hear Tony Benn flout BBC rule on Gaza

Tony Benn was the most English of men. His involvement in foreign politics was an extension of his domestic politics – a fervour for true democracy and against the silencing of injustice. In 2009 as Operation Cast Lead came to its gruesome end the Disasters Emergency Committee ran an appeal, as it does, for those whose lives had been shattered. The BBC management uniquely decided not to run it. In an interview on the BBC, Benn twice reads out the address for the appeal, making clear his outrage at the BBC decision. We salute him.

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Obama: time and demographics are not on Israel’s side

President Obama has given this interview to Jeffrey Goldberg knowing it will show Americans and Israelis that he takes Middle East peace very seriously, that he and the Israeli PM have sharply different assessments of the players and factors, especially in Iran and Palestine, and that such are the changing times Netanyahu must act to break the stalemate – and only he can do that.

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Truman opposed creation of ‘a Jewish state’

The support of the United States, under the leadership of President Truman, for the creation of Israel is often cited as the decisive factor in what was a very contentious issue. What is less well-known is that Truman was adamantly opposed to the creation of ‘a Jewish state’ as being fundamentally unAmerican. He also complained about the intensive lobbying by Jewish organisations he was subject to – but, as author John Judis says – the lobbying was successful and set a precedent that has continued ever since.

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Eritrean journey to the end of his world

Eritrea is a military dictatorship; all young men are conscripted into a very harshly-run army. Those who can escape do, mostly to Sudan, Ethiopia and Kenya. A few put themselves in the hands of people smugglers in order to travel north to wealthier countries such as Israel. One such asylum-seeker recounts his journey – which involved imprisonment in Israel. He now lives in fear of being incarcerated in Saharonim.

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The security junta who govern Israel

The Latin motto “Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?” – who guards the guards themselves – applies to these articles from Jonathan Cook and Guy Rolnick. They are about the huge power wielded in Israel by the network of security chiefs who appropriate a huge amount of the public budget for their ‘security’ wants, few questions asked, and have a stake in continued conflict with Palestine. With the merchants of security equipment they have effectively become a security junta, justifying their power by continuously inflating the risks to Israel’s existence.

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Only Palestinians can save themselves – if they get it together

Norman Finkelstein, in an interview with New Left Project, gives a very bleak assessment of the current Kerry-created negotiations. He echoes the judgment made frequently in the last few months – that neither Hamas nor Fatah/the PA can provide national leadership for an independent state, that Palestine has lost salience in the Arab world as their own national states take pre-eminence.

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Ilan Pappé on the duty to ask questions

Ilan Pappe’s next book is on the history of production of knowledge in Israel, and in this interview/conversation the question of why people know what they think they know often comes up. The beliefs that mask lack of knowledge, or curiosity, become the myths that keep things as they are in Israel – as elsewhere. Interview conducted by Frank and Florent Barat.

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Trying to make Tel Aviv a “City for all”

This is about the efforts to create a city-wide alliance of Arabs and Jews on a left-wing programme with an especial emphasis on housing and racism. Although the small details of different groups may make it a difficult read, those details also show how immensely difficult it is in Israel, with its hugely fragmented body politic, to create a broad leftwing alliance.

What will happen when the Jewish privilege of disenfranchised Israeli Jews disappears entirely? Will they turn to the anti-colonial cause, or to fascist reaction?

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We don’t need to show title deeds – just the maps

We don’t need to argue about Balfour or show title deeds to prove we exist. We simply need to show the historical maps of Palestine says historian Salman Abu Sitta, who has made this his life’s work. He has had no help or interest from the Palestinian leadership, about which he is scathing. “In the absence of true representation of Palestinians, the Israeli regime has gone wild. It removed every mask from its face. It became openly racist”.

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Indestructible: Israel, Palestine and hope

Having passed his 90th birthday Uri Avnery has become one of the best-known advocates of ‘the two-state solution’ as necessary, feasible and desirable. Here he is interviewed about his long life as a peace advocate – after fighting for Israel in 1948/49 – and why he remains optimistic. Plus his own column about whether the Israel that will exist is one his generation’s grandchildren will want to live in.

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What most surprised me about Israel? How common and accepted the racism is.

Like many investigative journalists, Boston-born Max Blumenthal thought that if he put the facts out there, the public would respond. Not in America, not about Israel. So he tried again with his book Goliath: Life and Loathing in Greater Israel aimed specifically at an American audience that doesn’t want to know. Even though Christian Zionism is ‘Israel’s safety belt’. Here, he is interviewed on the book for Democracy Now.

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