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Where Bibi has brought his people: “Death to journalists”

These are two scary reports from Israeli papers of the recent rally held by PM Netanyahu for no purpose other than for his fans to express their adulation for him and their hatred of all his critics, the rule of law and, especially, the media.

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The women defenders of Al-Aqsa

Photos of the successful, peaceful protest at the establishment of security gates outside the Lion’s gate to the Al Aqsa mosque featured many men as did interviews. In everyday life, the principal defenders of the mosque are women members of the Islamic movement. We had to look to older articles to find the reports.

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The religious govern Al-Aqsa crisis

The civil disobedience of Jerusalemites outside Haram Al-Sharif attracted mass support because if was free of the usual factionalism of political leadership and was instead a peaceful protest led by people with religious authority says Ahmad Melhem.

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Post-Bibi Possibilities

As Israel’s Prime Minister goes down, ensnared in corruption scandals, Mitchell Plitnick says he and his right wing have so changed the landscape no successor can salvage a realistic peace process.

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American states mobilise for Israel

So far, 21 of the 50 states of America have passed laws which prohibit any unit of the state from doing business with any body which supports BDS. The purpose is primarily rhetorical but the laws could be used to crush support or propaganda for any form of BDS.

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Wealthy backers desert Netanyahu

Allegations of Netanyahu’s corruption have made him, in the court of rich people’s opinion, a man who can no longer be backed without embroiling them in a tawdry court case. Where there’s a corrupter there are the corrupted.

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Why did EC put known Israeli racist in top PR post?

An Israeli who is a ‘known right-wing nationalist’ and racist was appointed by the EC as the frontman for its campaign to promote its relations with Israel. A 5-second google would have revealed his politics – and his habitual use of coarse language. Two comments.

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Cracks in the security apparatus

“The Palestinians joined together and forgot about their differences and that’s how we won.” No-one disagrees with that – but total security can only be achieved by a country like N. Korea whose broken citizenry are the secret agents. In the last fortnight, Israel’s police had no means of crushing mass prayer as a form of civil disobedience

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‘Is this a state or a security company?’

Whichever it is it seems chaotic. Yossie Verter shows that in the process of deciding to instal the metal-detector gates to Haram al-Sharif, and then to de-instal them, Netanyahu and most of his security cabinet have not been in control. They seem feeble and frightened at having lost the plot.

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When Zionism was a left-wing cause

This is a rather anachronistic attack by Asa Winstanley on the Labour party of the 1950s when Israel was admired by the left as a socialist start-up and Palestine was not the cause célèbre it is today. His charge of ‘advocating genocide’ is not borne out.

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Incitement to cast out Palestinians

Israeli police still arrest Palestinian kids throwing stones but their policing has been greatly expanded by tours of duty on Facebook. Lots more arrests for ‘incitement’. And what of all those right-wing Israelis spewing hatred of Palestinians asks Edo Konrad. Plus Al Jazeera responds to the PM’s attack.

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Protecting Israel from principles of free speech

There is only one issue on which the highly antagonistic US parties lay down their arms, and that is defending Israel. This is the unique role that Israel plays in US politics. It is left to the NGOs, here led by the ACLU, to raise questions about why Israel alone is let off Human rights criteria.

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Using religion to make political gains

In Al Jazeera, Harry Hagopian reminds us of the history of Israeli incursions on the Noble Sanctuary and the now-withered panArab defence of the site. Plus Bibi blames Al Jazeera for incitement.

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Opposition unites on Al Aqsa

The Israeli government, taking for granted Palestinian disunity and random opposition, assumed it had a chance to chase Palestinians away from Temple Mount/Haram al-Sharif. Instead their actions produced a rare unity between Fatah and Hamas and a number of NGOs in an angry opposition to their attempts at control. The climbdown of the Security Cabinet may be too little too late.

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From a quiet religious site to one of noisy political violence

Or when ethnic and religious cleansing are the same thing. Since 1967 the Al Aqsa compound and Western Wall in Jerusalem have become the most fought-over symbols of possession and control. Fighting a symbolic war causes fewer deaths than actual war but still has major consequences.

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Security cabinet – just smash the protest

Three comments on the violence outside Haram al-Sharif/Temple Mount. A despairing Chemi Shalev says ‘You know the tragedy can be avoided, but no one seems to care’; Al Jazeera – of course the security clamp-down is increasing resistance; Hamas leader Haniyeh calls on “all Palestinians, all Muslims and Arabs to assemble for Al-Aqsa and mass demonstrations following tomorrow’s [Friday] prayers.”

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Netanyahu is part of the problem, not the solution

Israel’s Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit has to choose between bringing corruption charges against the Israeli PM or dismissing the issue and jeopardising the honour of his office. By all accounts, writes Akiva Eldar, Netanyahu understands what’s at stake but is incapable of action.

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Europe will die unless it embraces Israel

The pitch of the Israeli PM to the Visegrad 4, whose practices on human rights and respect for the law is not something the EU will want to emulate, is that Israel is essentially a European country though its attitude to human rights is more like that of the V4. In Netanyahu’s mind the EU should put aside its ‘crazy’ concern for human rights and treat Israel as one of its own. Good long quote from Tony Judt included

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Suspicions about Israeli closure of Al Aqsa complex

The decision by Israel’s security cabinet to close the Haram Al-Sharif/Temple Mount complex as a reprisal for the shooting dead of two Israeli officers by three Palestinians seems short-sighted. The offence caused to hundreds of thousands of Palestinians by this and by the installation of metal detectors at their holy sites seems an inflammatory collective punishment.

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Fear stifles Umm al-Fahm

The three Palestinians who gunned down two police officers outside the Al Aqsa mosque came from the powerful Jabarin clan centred in Umm Al-Fahm. This is also the home territory of Sheikh Raed Al Salah who preaches against the Jewish Israeli desecration of the mosque area. Shlomo Eldar writes, hopelessly it seems, of the squeeze on the border town [see map] by a revengeful IDF and a totalitarian northern Islamic government.

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