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Aug 2015: Call on Global leaders to lift the Gaza blockade



BSST is the leading charity focusing on small-scale grass roots cross community, anti poverty and humanitarian projects in Israel/Palestine

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An intifada the IDF can’t defeat

Efraim Sneh is the first Israeli to suggest that the relentless individual knife and car attacks on Israelis cannot be stopped by any military action. This is the first time the IDF has been unable to protect Israel. The only answer is to cede to Palestinians the 22% of territory they say is acceptable.

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Name and shame the settlement investors

shahak-industrial park

Israel pays a very high price for its settlements in money and, most of all, in reputation. So though the money may lure companies beyond the Green Line the loss of reputation is often not worth it. Dimi Reider comments on Occupation Inc.

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Fighting talk


Once again the existential threat posed by Hamas is being talked up by politicians and some news services. Once again IDF chiefs are at odds with the politicians. They have warned that demands for a pre-emptive strike against Hamas could incite Hamas to attack.

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The irresistible coming together of Zionism and first sex

In an article that reads like a short story Liz Rose describes how an adolescent is delighted to discover meaning in the Israel and Zionism she learns about at summer camp along with its erotic companion, discovering one’s own and another’s body in teenage utopia.

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Israel’s defence policy stuck in outdated groove

From a platform at the national security conference far-right minister Naftali Bennett attacked the Netanyahu-Ya’alon couple who dominate the cabinet and security policy – which in his view is lodged in the past and cannot deal with new threats.

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The unbearable price of security

For all Israel’s pzazz about innovation and start-ups, few enjoy the financial benefits. The country has a very high cost of living which leaves most with a small disposable income. If its government dragged its attention away from ‘security’ and towards the well-being of its citizens life would be better. But the citizens would have to demand it.

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EU must reject false lead of USA

Sam Bahour and Mousa Jiryis (Al Shabaka) plead for the EU to take up its own role in the Mid-East. The US is far too compromised by its support for Israel and, in practice, for settlements to have any credibility for Palestinians.

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The learned helplessness of Israeli youth

Echoing and responding to other opinions this week [see postings below] Akiva Eldar bemoans the passivity of Israelis, especially its youth, in the face of political injustice. Many have tried, and failed, to right the wrongs of the occupation. Now they have accepted their powerlessness as normal.

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Bedouin homes demolished again


UN News Center: “Condemning the demolition by Israeli authorities of the homes of Palestinian Bedouins in the West Bank, a senior United Nations relief official today called on Israel to end such destruction and halt its plans to forcibly relocate Bedouin families.”

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Netanyahu fuels ethnic hate against Israeli Palestinians


In statements reminiscent of extreme right-wing ideologues, Netanyahu fuels ethnic hostility, holding all Palestinian citizens of Israel collectively responsible for Tel Aviv new year’s day shooting attack.

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Is the Palestinian Authority about to collapse?


Israeli security officials and political leaders are increasingly worried that the Palestinian Authority — which along with Israeli security forces is responsible for governance and security in the West Bank — is on the verge of collapse, and that when it does collapse, law and order in the West Bank will erode, bringing disaster for Palestinians there and potentially opening the territory to a takeover by Hamas or other extremists. Jennifer Williams assesses the likelihood of this happening…

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Who will succeed Abbas?


Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’ refusal to name a successor, hold elections, or reform the PA’s corrupt institutions is pushing his rivals to unite against him.

The staunchest of enemies—from members of Hamas to former members of the PA, including the Western-educated reformer Salam Fayyad and the exiled Fatah strongman Mohammad Dahlan—have found common ground in their quest to dethrone the aging Palestinian leader.

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What hope for the Joint List?

ayman odeh

In 2015, Israel ushered in the most right-wing government in its history. But the same election produced another notable outcome: for the first time, Arab parties joined in a bloc with the sole Jewish-Arab party, Hadash, to form the Joint List, with 13 seats in the current Knesset, making it the third largest party and second largest in the opposition.

Ayman Odeh, Chair of the Hadash party and head of the Joint List, is interviewed on a wide range of issues by Mitchell Plitnick.

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A dissident, rebellious and awkward Jew

robert cohen

Robert Cohen’s commitment to rescue the Hebrew covenant one blogpost at a time remains undimmed.

Here he sets out his stall for 2016 as a digital activist: pursue peace with justice; challenge the deniers; support BDS; occupy Judaism; keep a sense of proportion and a sense of humour

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Christians in the Middle East

In his Christmas message, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, denounced ISIL as brandishing a “false apocalypse” in which MidEast Christianity could be eliminated. Cardinal Vincent Nichols, RC, said violence in the name of religion was a “corruption of true faith”. The Pope and the head of the Church of England (Queen Elizabeth ll) also spoke of the darkness being wreaked by destructive forces. This piece by Al Jazeera doesn’t mention ISIL.

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Are we doomed to bomb villages every decade for defence purposes?


Our Signatories’ Blog this week is written by Michael Baron, early signatory of JfJfP and one of the founding parents of the National Autistic Society. He takes a critical but compassionate look at the BBC’s ‘Censored Voices’ in which old soldiers speak of their guilt and complicity in war crimes.

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The sense of lost hope has now entered our politics

In Peter Beaumont’s end-of-year assessment he meets engulfing despair. Only the young with their knives, and inevitable martyrdom, keep the idea of Palestinian resistance alive. When Abbas finally retires, there will be a leadership vacuum – although many feel that’s there already.

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Israel’s ghettoes for the unwanted

A ghetto can be a prison or a safe space writes Daniel Monterescu in this +972 article. Arab Israelis live in ghettoes – for safety or from town-planning necessity? While the free market has allowed a few well-off Arabs to move into ‘Jewish spaces’, the ‘lumpen-proletariat’ Mizrahim and most Arabs remain confined . That’s also the free market – mixed with state decisions on where to house the poor and unwanted.

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Terror suspects’ legal team accuse Shabak of torture

There have been small public protests, Knesset questions and a well-attended press conference by the legal team for the Israeli Jews arrested on suspicion of terrorist acts . Yes torture is wrong. Yes, perhaps some of the complainers might have taken up the well-attested cases of tortured Palestinian prisoners. Richard Silverstein and Chaim Levinson.

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Jewish terrorists want to overthrow Israel – Shin Bet

Shin Bet may possibly save the state of Israel from its own citizens. The agency appears to be single-handedly trying to identify and break up the network of Jewish terrorists.There is no way back if Israel is seen to condone family murder.

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