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Brexit is fight-back against global plutocracy

Americans begin to protest about how much they subsidise Israel as a British ‘precariat’ demands a nation-state that can defend them. Neo-liberalism is creating nativist fight-backs says Jonathan Cook, changing how Americans see their huge subsidy to Israel.

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EU’s antisemitism investigator relies on Israel lobby for latest rumours

The EU has had a ‘combatting antisemitism coordinator’ since last December. She seems to spend her time hanging out with pro-Israel organisations and lobbyists. Is she coordinating Israel’s defence on our money? There is also a coordinator for combatting Muslim-hatred which gets less attention.

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None of the ‘solutions’ brings equal power

Over the years those looking for peace between Palestinians and Israelis have come up with a 1-state, 2-states, and now a 2 in 1 state solutions. The merit of this last is that it recognises both parties have a strong attachment to the land. The problem, says Yuval Eylon, it will still leave Palestinians as the weaker partner.

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Shame on those Jews who support Brexit

Anshel Pfeffer: ‘Voting to close off Britain, to turn our backs on our brothers in Europe and our fellow refugees who not that long ago could have been us or our parents, is the most un-Jewish act imaginable.’

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IJV rebuts notion of ‘new antisemitism’


The barrage of attacks on the Labour party as fostering antisemitism has led to this consequence: non-conformist Jewish groups have used evidence, energy and eloquence to rebut the charge, gaining in clarity in the process. This one from Independent Jewish Voices.

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Zionism is the bad solution to a bad problem

When did Jews begin to describe themselves as a ‘nation’? Probably at the time of the first Zionist Congress in 1897, given impetus by Woodrow Wilson’s 1918 ’14 principles’ which included ‘self-determination’. Zionism by then was the movement which defined Jews as a ‘nation’ with a right to self-determination. Robert Cohen returns to problems created for him by the so-called Chief Rabbi who elided Judaism, Jewish people and Israel as the same thing – and a liberal Rabbi who also refers to Jews’ unique right to ‘national self-determination’. What space does that leave for a Jew whose intellect tells him Judaism, Jewish people, Zionism and Israel are separate phenomena?

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Clash of civilisations in Jerusalem

For several years ‘Jerusalem Day’ has been a riot of ugliness and swagger. Now the more civil Jews in Jerusalem are fighting to save the city. Meanwhile, Ramadan has begun, a particularly rigorous observance during the longest days of the year.

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What singles out Israel is its lone pursuit of ethnic cleansing

Labour’s antisemitism row is nothing of the sort. It is, argues signatory Paul Keleman in Red Pepper, a weapon for protecting Israel against charges of settler colonialism. Most nations are born in violence – but most resolve rather than perpetuate it.

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Israeli arms sales to Europe doubled in 2015

If your biggest ‘security’ problem is a constant stream of refugees who do you turn to for protection? No, not the UN or World Develpment Movement but Israel. Who else has the kit and the systems to protect ur-Europe from a foreign swarm?

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Is this symbolic genocide?

If a people can no longer function effectively as a people do they no longer exist as a people – viz. genocide has been committed? Larry Derfner, formerly at +972, thinks the Palestinians have given up. There’s room for argument. specially about the role of the PNA.

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What Clinton will do for rich pro-Israel backers

This article by Phillip Weiss will not be as embarrassing for Hillary Clinton as it should be. Her strategy seems to be to schmooze the richest people (not all Jewish) and assure them that she will always put Israel’s interests first including preserving its monopoly of nuclear power in the region.

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Know the loss, shame, fear, hope

Two people who don’t fit their prescribed identities – Avraham Burg who wants to repeal the law of return and Ghaida Rinawie Zoabi, a secular Palestinian – both with long histories in peace movements, explore what they may have in common.

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Silence the evidence of war crimes

Israel’s state prosecutor has taken Breaking the Silence, the organisation of former soldiers who cannot rest until they tell what they have seen and heard, has prosecuted BtS and an Israeli court has ruled BtS must name its informants. Under what law? Is this court abandoning law at the government’s whistle? Reports from BtS and two others.

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The officer who dared

On Israel’s Holocaust Memorial Day (May 6th) the IDF’s deputy chief of staff, Yair Golan, did something extraordinary. He made a speech likening Israel’s current policies – and population – to the drivers and drifters of 1930s Europe’s descent into barbarism. Of course he has been cursed and condemned. But his speech,with his status, has brought heart to many.

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Breaking the rules on the Holocaust

It has been an unwritten rule, observed on this website, that lightly-made comparisons with the Holocaust are wrong. Uri Avnery, who was there while it was in the making, observed the same rule until now, when Maj. Gen Golan, broke it by making comparison to the making of a catastrophe. Cheers from Avnery.

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Regev muddles up Jews and Israeli nationals

In some of the more startling words of Mark Regev, formerly the voice of PM Netanyahu, the new ambassador to the UK confused the profound difference between Jews and Israeli citizens. He appears quite unaware of his mistake, Ben White reports.

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Drop the use of ‘Zionism’

‘Zionist’ is short-hand for many things. Different groups use the same word, with different meanings and moral positions. This much in Prof. Herman’s article is uncontentious. Ironically, the same could be said of her use of the term ‘the Left’ and ‘left-wing’ scholars’.

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Nakba Day, cue for focus on future plans

If Israel’s Independence Day is a moment of mourning for Palestinians, May 15, Naqba Day has become a thorn in the side of the Israeli government and a prompt to serious planning for a future Palestinian state.

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Where’s the row about Trump’s anti-Muslim hate speech?

To win an election D Trump has learned you have to find a great love for Israel and a great hatred of Muslims (it wasn’t hiding). This goes down especially well with white people in the southern states. Can Israel risk cultivating this new friend – even though his pro-Israel anti-Muslim stand has carried him into the establishment?

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The worse Israel behaves the more the charges of antisemitism are hurled

Step back from the commotion and ask, as Avi Shlaim and Gwyn Daniel do – why now? The entire western world has put all its money on the 2-state solution. But Israel won’t play. Let’s put up a smokescreen over that and run round shrieking ‘I spy antisemites.’

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