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Aug 2015: Call on Global leaders to lift the Gaza blockade



BSST is the leading charity focusing on small-scale grass roots cross community, anti poverty and humanitarian projects in Israel/Palestine

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The new test of who’s a good Jew

Having decided to lead the world (viz. the USA) in a crusade against Iran, PM Netanyahu has had to cast his decision in the most hyperbolic terms – good v. evil, for Israel or for another holocaust of Jews? Only Israelis are listening.

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Abbas in ‘unfathomable panic’

President Abbas sits in his palace moving his knights around – and ejecting them from his web of intrigue. His most recent move was to close down the Palestinian Peace Coalition – the Palestinian side of the Geneva Initiative – to skewer its head, Yasser Abed Rabbo, former secretary-general of the PLO.

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Palestine bursts Bibi’s belief he has Arab allies

Netanyahu’s belief that he is leading a world-wide crusade to make Iran an impotent pariah state has crumbled. Not only have the USA and EU turned in the opposite direction, his belief that he could recruit the Gulf states – no friends of Iran – is baseless. They will do no public deal with Israel unless and until there is a negotiated settlement with Palestine.

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Meeting and greeting Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn has been most strongly attacked for his positions on foreign policy – he is a long-established supporter of Palestinian rights and of talking with one’s enemies. What have been treated as his fringe causes usually, over time, become mainstream and the only answer to violent conflict. Antisemitism accompanies him – fight back !

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Stick to fair play: Wales should not play coloniser Israel

Fair play for Palestine_front

We understand the desire for some areas to be outside politics. But, like soft porn, football is used in Israel to display, to its own citizens, that it is one of a family of civilised nations. It is the faux form of normality. This con is swallowed by all those who want to carry on as usual – e.g. the Welsh football team. Colonial rule is colonial rule, even if extreme violence is not used.

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Typhoid enters the ‘the lowest reaches of hell’

Many Palestinians have been able to leave the notorious Yarmouk refugee camp on the outskirts of Damascus, Syria after fighting broke out in 2013 and again with ISIL in April this year. Those without contacts, money, health, passports are still there – with little food and water, but with an outbreak of typhoid.

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Settler leader to be be public face of Israel

If any proof were needed that Netanyahu has retreated to his bunker then look at his appointment of Danny Danon as UN ambassador. The PM would rather have have Danon in New York expressing his repellent views than challenging him at home.

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Time to call it what it is: Israeli apartheid

An anguished Bradley Burston, who immigrated from LA to Israel in 1976, has finally had to recognise that the mesh of laws which the Israeli state has amassed to restrict every possible form of independent Palestinian life can only be called apartheid. Every self-respecting Jew should oppose this injustice.

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Homage to Eyad El-Sarraj


In a piece in New Formations magazine, “Resisting despair: non-violent resistance in Israel Palestine – A homage to Dr Eyad El-Sarraj,”, Lynne Segal reflects on how people in Israel /Palestine find ways of continuing to survive, endure and resist in the face of overwhelming odds.

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They wouldn’t know a Jewish terrorist if they fell over one

Richard Silverstein casts his knowledgable and sceptical eye over the scrambling of politicians and security services to distance themselves from Jewish terrorism – though terrorism has always been an integral part of Israel.

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Settler thugs shock the US

The apparent uncritical devotion of the USA to Israel raises the question of how they regard the killing by fire of baby Ali Dawabasheh, his father and possibly his mother (who is in intensive care). A sample of the US press.

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Murder made in Israel

Pressure is on Israeli security forces to do what they have long promised to do: identify and charge the youth who fire-bomb Palestinians. There is disagreement here over whether this violence has been long-coming or whether it’s sprouted from a new, anti-Israel, fanatical sect.

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Fifth Palestinian shot dead in July 2015

The only language the Israeli government seems to understand is violence. It took the incineration of a baby for them to make any move against settler thugs. Its only response to protesting youth is to shoot some dead, to terrorise the rest.

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Unnoticed killing of a Palestinian ‘lion’

What harm had Cecil the lion done before an American dentist decided to kill him? What harm had a 15-year-old Palestinian boy called Laith (Arabic for Lion) done before an IDF sniper/hunter decided to shoot him dead? Whose name is now better known? Comment from Palestinian Animal League.

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Call these murderous wreckers what they are: Jewish terrorists

As Israel began so it goes on: terrorist acts against all who have no place in the fantasy kingdom. The failure to create a stable, civil society is now coming back to haunt the country. Two Op-Eds from Ynet.

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Israel’s fragmented heart

Shock may have swept through Israel at the murderous attacks on Palestinians and Jewish gays last week by right-wing religious Jews. But there was no common bond of protest, no solidarity with the victims writes Etgar Keret. Israel is not held together by any common sympathy or sense of justice.

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Our unarmed resistance can defeat the bullet

Khader Adnan, now in hospital after a long hunger strike, tells Al Jazeera he refused all supplements, including salt. Politically ‘the prisoners’ movement and hunger strikes in particular are a symbol of the principle and demand for justice in Palestine.’

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Torn between settlers and world opinion

The plans announced by PM Netanyahu (see post below this one) included more units at the Deinoff buildings. The following day defence minister Ya’alon ordered their evacuation and demolition – to the fury of justice minister Shaked. The coalition cannot withstand two irreconcilable forces.

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Susya the symbol

As Amira Hass and Nasser Nawaja point out, Susya is unique only in the international support it has attracted, becoming the symbol for the precarious status of Palestinian villages. But documents obtained by Haaretz may stay the hand of the demolishers; they prove the Palestinians’ claim to the land.

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‘Reasonable belief’ war crimes committed on Mavi Marmara

Ali Abuminah was the first to report the decision by the ICC that an investigation into the killing of nine Turkish activists should be launched. This is a more detailed account of the legal implications.

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