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Alleging antisemitism is Labour right’s ‘defining narrative now’

The cheapest and simplest way of felling enemies is to claim they are antisemitic. People who know little of Israel or Palestine but do know they abhor the Labour left are grateful to have been fed this line of attack against Corbyn et al. Al Jazeera and Mondoweiss.

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It was the Brits wot won it

Haaretz’s investigative reporter Barak Ravid reveals that British legal figures and diplomats worked directly with the Palestinians on the wording of resolution 2334 without informing Israel. The Brits smoothed the wording and made it possible for Obama’s administration to support it without involving any American figures. British diplomats also encouraged New Zealand to become one of the four presenters of the resolution.

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Move to Jerusalem ‘a colossal blunder’

Two reputable and knowledgeable bodies, Foreign Policy magazine and the Institute of Palestine Studies strongly deprecate the Trump team’s stated intention of moving the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, a hugely symbolic act, and issue sharp warnings about the consequences.

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May follows Trump

Not meaning she is one of the 18.2m followers of the next guardian of the free world, but after Trump had laid into those who criticise Israel May followed him with a new diplomatic rule: it is ‘not appropriate’ to criticise one’s allies. Which bodes ill for that free world.

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Bibi is behaving like a drunken diver

Ron Dermer, the Israeli ambassador to the US, sent his credentials to the White House in 2013 and, despite his links with the Republicans, Obama’s administration was happy to accept them. Now he is touring TV stations claiming Obama is a “runaway train”, that Israel had proof that the US was behind UNSC’s Resolution 2334 against Israel’s settlement policy, proof he would present to Trump’s staff – though there is evidence that he already has.

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The expanding settlers’ state

‘The Amona settlers have won the fight over Israel’s character and future. They will call the shots. They will lead, and the government of Israel and its leader will say Amen.’ Shlomi Eldar on a shameful appeasement of hilltop youth.

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In the US the antisemitic sewer covers are off

Forward’s JJ Goldberg writes about the antisemitism that has grown on both right and left in the US. From the Right it’s traditional Jew-hatred. From the Left it’s more slippery; it focuses on Israel and its policies but can slide into anti-Jewish feeling – Jews had the US-backed power to create the new state of Israel and all Jews share the responsibility of what is being done to the Palestinians. This is stronger when Muslims and left-wing people get together – Muslims are oppressed and need the left, Jews aren’t and don’t. It’s likely to get worse.

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PM backs new definition of antisemitism

For some reason PM Theresa May is going all out with pledges to combat antisemitism (not a big problem in Britain unlike anti-Muslim hatred, on which she is silent). She has chosen to back a NEW definition of antisemitism – who needs it? – which is largely anodyne but includes, as antisemitic, saying bringing Israel into existence was ‘a racist endeavour’. You may not agree – but it’s an argument which should not be censored.

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Rushing for ways to define criticism of Israel as antisemitic

These are all about efforts to define antisemitism which is not really a problem except for those who want to silence critics of Israel by coming up with definitions which condemn them as anti-Semites

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Hopes lost that Obama will make a last act for Palestine

Pro-peace activists buoyed up their hopes of the US finding a lever they could use against Israeli settlements by suggesting he might make a final grand gesture. Articles here dismiss that not least because in a few weeks Trump will be President and it is he who would smooth Bibi’s ruffled feathers. Anyway, the massive military aid which the US gives Israel carries on regardless of political principles.

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A Zionist on why he detests Netanyahu


Leon Wieseltier, cultural critic, has a great intellectual reputation. He is baffled by why former friend Michael Oren (once Israel’s ambassador to the US) expects all Jews to do things in a distinctly Jewish way and why all who disagree with him must be antisemitic.

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The spiritual heart of nationalism

No left-wing group is ever going to gather members if it scorns nationalism writes Uri Avnery. As others have said, the more crushing the forces of globalism the more those who fear being crushed will resort to the nation-state. The left should support both Israeli and Palestinian nationalists.

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Conspiracy ‘common sense’ usurps reality

This article from Times of Israel has little new material on Trump’s campaign. It is reposted because it comes from a publication which tries to hold a centre and neutral line. It can’t do that here. The video it posts shows a man who is happier resorting to conspiracy theories than dealing with reality. This is the thinking of the Israel-loving, Jew-hating Trump team.

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‘Celebratory violence’ of nationalist right

Americans were first to link the improbable swing to Brexit with the improbable swing to Trump. Hate crimes suddenly shot up, and quickly subsided in both instances; both rode on a fantasy that the days of white Christian supremacy were the best of days. Report from the Southern Poverty Law Center.

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Sacred Jews

Ever since Palestine-supporting Jeremy Corbyn was elected Labour party leader charges of antisemitism have been fired at him and all left-wing party members. This is the heaviest of all charges of racism, designed to sink him. Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi examines the growing reach of defenders of all Israel’s actions.

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What can a Liberal Zionist do about Palestine?

Student Jake Cohen here uses the term Zionist in the old-fashioned sense – wanting Jews to have a safe homeland preferably in Palestine. Even so, in any form of Zionism, Jews are at the heart of the picture. The task, he thinks, is to fully embrace Palestinians as sharing that point at the centre of the story and to support their struggle for liberation.

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No surprise to Palestinians that white supremacists love Israel

Many Americans have been shocked to find that Trump comes with a long train of white supremacists. It’s probably less of a surprise to African-Americans and is certainly not news to Palestinians most of whom have been born into a white supremacist regime.

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Thank you Mr Trump for your gift of unity

In a splendid example of irony, Palestinian entrepreneur and activist Sam Bahour thanks Donald Trump for the unique gift of bringing all progressives together – and struggles with the dilemma of how to send him an appropriate gift from Palestine.

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Fire crisis blamed on Palestinians

Fires have been burning across Israel for the last few days. Vegetation has been destroyed, buildings evacuated, Palestinian arsonists suspected – and accused by Netanyahu. 4 Palestinians have been arrested. Social media – forums for our worst selves – rejoiced at this punishment for Israel and were made much of by Israeli media. Seven countries have provided assistance.

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Awakening white men

Racism has not been so overt in the USA for half a century. Richard Spencer, leader of the alt-right movement, thinks Trump took ‘the first step’ but he’s merely a useful idiot in a march to restore the supremacy of white – which doesn’t include Jews – men.

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