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11 Jan: JfJfP supports public letter to President Obama

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It makes no sense for Israel to make peace

That is, the Israeli gov’t maintains its hegemony by subduing Palestinians and stealing their land. No amount of US $$ is a good exchange for loss of the status quo. Four books reviewed by David Shulman

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Against antisemitism, against Israeli policy

This is a gem of a discussion from 2002, discovered by chance by the JfJfP postings team. The views put forward by the panellists were, at the time, fresh. Now they’re hackneyed. The terms of the debate have changed but not the sentiments – except, perhaps, for Zionism.

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Gaza carries the can for power owners

How absolutely wrong it is that the weakest people in the region – the Palestinians living in besieged Gaza – should be the ones made to live without sanitation, fresh water, electric light. And this is during the long hot days of Ramadan. WHO has stepped in to do what it can.

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The games Netanyahu plays

This is an interview with Yossi Alpher who has held many senior positions in Israeli security. The reason for the moves which are further destabilising the MidEast are not clear to anyone but Alpher pinpoints the Saudi-Trump ‘love fest’ as a key agent of change as well as Netanyahu’s machinations. Alpher is APN’s regular man in the know.

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London Palestine expo libelled by Israel loyalists

Palestine Expo 2017, a display of Palestinian culture, is at the Queen Elizabeth II Centre, London on 8-9 July. This is driving the right, led by the Gatestone Institute and its wealthy founder Nina Rosenwald, wild. For them, the only meaning of Palestinian is barbaric and they are doing what they can to damn the exhibition. Show them wrong.

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Balfour100: celebrate the ‘wrong sort of Jew’

The Balfour centenary is being treated by the Jewish establishment and, of course, Mrs May as the occasion for mass festivities. That will exclude many Jews and Palestine supporters. But, says Robert Cohen, the Amos Trust has organised a long walk to Jerusalem under the slogan ‘Equal rights for all who call the Holy Land home.’

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Monarchs of the Gulf kick out Qatar

On his MidEast trip Pres. Trump wanted to kick-start an Arab coalition against Iran. Having secured Saudi support he thought he’d got it made believing all Arab states are alike. He didn’t reckon on Qatar as a deal-breaker or on the many clashes between Arab states

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Actual Corbyn delights voters

Jeremy Corbyn should thank Mrs May for calling an early election with the ignoble aim of humiliating him. The man presented as weak (=bad), antisemitic, a throwback from the mad 1970s has been charming young audiences and not scared off all the Jewish voters. The lies peddled about him are definitely of the fake news variety. Jonathan Rosenhead and Anshel Pfeffer

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EU boosts Israeli control of natural gas

Last April EU ministers and Israel’s energy minister agreed to construct a pipeline to import gas from the large fields in the Eastern Med. Supplying a vital resource to the EU will benefit Israel financially and politically. The EU will gain politically if it wants to weaken economic links to Russia.

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Attempts to block book on Jewish terrorism

Israel was created by Jewish acts of terrorism against Arabs and British soldiers and police, not the benign moves of a sympathetic world. When Tom Suarez started a tour to promote his book, State of Terror, he found the pro-Israel establishment was doing all it could to silence him and his argument. Jonathan Cook and Suarez.

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PA asserts its power by cutting power to Gaza

The impossible situation in Gaza, which is short of everything needed for a decent life, is exacerbated by the PA’s cutting of their power supply. Abbas seems to believe his path to National Leader status depends on keeping Hamas subservient.

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Spreading terror

Sensibly Trump dropped his ‘Make America Great Again’ slogan on his first foreign tour. Now he’s the cheerleader for the forces against ‘terrorism’, hijacking the Manchester Arena bomb to make his point; which is that terror is all around and only common focus on this one threat will protect us.

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My Lesson from the Holocaust


Controversial columnist Yossi Klein, condemned last month by both Netanyahu and Lieberman for a previous op-ed, has produced a new hard-hitting provocation:

“The Holocaust was unique, terrible and happened only once, but not the processes that preceded it. They were so ordinary that their language of imagery fits into our language. The language of processes is always shallow; the images repeat themselves. There’s no need to be original, it’s all been said before. Long before Culture and Sports Minister Miri Regev, people referred to refugees as “a cancer” and talked about “domestic enemies” who “stab us in the back.” Whoever declares “One Bible, One Nation, One Homeland!” doesn’t know, or probably doesn’t care, that it’s a paraphrase of “Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Führer!” (“One People, One Empire, One Leader!”).”

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Hey presto! Palestinians disappear

Cornerstone of apartheid, magical thinking, annexing the West Bank by stealth: presented, oddly, as a bill to confirm Israel’s Jewish identity (it’s in doubt?) the ‘nation-state’ bill has more to do with annihilating the Palestinian political presence than a Jewish crisis of identity. Jonathan Cook’s judgment,

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Israel’s unchosen: dirt to be swept away

This is a review of Mya Guarnieri Jaradat’s new book about the life of asylum seekers in Israel – which is grim. If a state is established to privilege just one sect, it follows that everyone else will suffer from poor, racist, treatment.

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Gaza healthcare in melt-down as fuel runs out

Gaza gets its fuel for electricity via the Palestinian National Authority, dominated by Fatah. It imposes taxes on the fuel which Hamas says it can’t pay. The resulting power shortage is now having a serious impact on health-care and education. Al Jazeera and Electronic Intifada.

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Road to peace does not lead to freedom

Pres. Trump has said he wants to make a deal that will bring peace to Palestine/Israel. Israelis approve – an imposed peace will be another tool for suppressing Palestinian demands for freedom which, says Mitchell Plitnick, no western leaders have grasped.

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Against the Occupation? Act on it!

A strongly worded article by Zeev Sternhell says as Israelis will not oppose the Occupation, from which they benefit, it’s up to Europeans to show their support for Palestinian rights by making visits from Israelis more difficult.

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Trump torn between The Deal and the GOP

When Abbas met Trump he had an effusion of delight, declaring ‘we rely on God and Trump’. Good luck there. It tells of what scant support he had got from previous presidents that Trump’s drive to do a deal should so overwhelm him. But he’s not reckoning on the ferocious opposition from the Republican/Israeli coalition. The last thing they want is any deal that pleases Palestinians.

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A brief history of hunger strikes

Addameer (Arabic for ‘conscience’) is a Palestinian NGO providing support and advocacy for prisoners and information to the public. Here they provide facts on hunger strikes.

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