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IDF stops human rights workers getting into Gaza

The MAG – military attorney general – responsible for investigating possible war crimes says it values input from HR groups. Such groups are not allowed into Gaza for ‘security’ reasons. Hamas does not protect HR workers in Gaza. The PNA does nothing.

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Israel profits from more dangerous world

This story from AFP was published last year but is more timely than ever. Israel’s leading edge is not in conventional warfare; it is in controlling domestic populations. European states want to buy their weapons and techniques.

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The power of recording Israeli theft and violence

The Israeli occupation is enforced in many and various ways. Dogging the state agencies’ footsteps is B’Tselem and its growing band of video volunteers. From their annual report the breadth of their activities, especially in recording and publicising Israeli violations, is extraordinary. No wonder the gov’t tried to shut them down with its anti-NGO ‘transparency bill’.

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Bibi hopes to lead Israeli-Arab-US alliance against Iran

Netanyahu hopes to lead a security alliance against Iran. He has been working on better relations with Arab leaders for over a year and believes he has Trump in his pocket. At their joint press conference he said ‘now’ was a moment when “Arab countries in the region do not see Israel as an enemy, but increasingly as an ally” – an anti-Iran front.

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People clearance by home wreckage

More Palestinian homes were demolished by Israeli authorities in 2016 than ever before reports B’Tselem. The ‘reason’ is contemptible – lack of planning permission which all know is hardly ever given. Home wrecking is a tactic in the long-term aim of corralling Palestinians into as small a space as possible, making living conditions intolerable.

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The world now sees Israel through the clouded prism of the settlements

‘If we do not take action to avoid profit from settlements and annexation by concrete, we will be answerable’ said 1 MP in this debate on settlements. The MPs’ debate did not follow party lines – unlike most party members – and the debate informs you of all the arguments. There were persistent demands for the government to say how it would further a 2-state solution.

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Anti-Jewish vandals in Arizona

Before Trump was elected as next President, American Jews were comfortable in the feeling that antisemitism did not exist in the US – it was an archaic phenomenon of Europe and the MidEast. No longer. This account of twisting a menorah into a swastika is a reminder of the deep racism in the southern states – from which Jews don’t get a free pass.

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Parting Shots 1

John Kerry’s bravery is evident in the hugely hostile response to him and his speech in both Israel and the USA. Here we post the two favourable responses from Barak Ravid (‘3 years too late’) and the NY Times.

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For peace-makers John Kerry says it how it is

John Kerry, outgoing Secretary of State and indefatigable worker for Palestine/Israel negotiations makes a definitive speech because he thinks that the incoming administration will be a disaster for the 2-state solution – ‘we cannot, in good conscience, do nothing, and say nothing, when we see the hope of peace slipping away.’ Full transcript.

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Lawyers say calling for BDS is lawful

No European parliament has passed a law against campaigning for BDS but executive action has been taken in several countries – most harshly in France, by the Cabinet Office in the UK – to restrict or ban it. Why are the people denied freedoms of speech and assembly by such very undemocratic means?

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Choking Gaza in the name of ‘security’

Gisha, the NGO concerned with freedom of movement, produced this report 2 months ago. It records a recent unexplained clamp-down on Palestinians wanting to leave Gaza through the Erez crossing. While economic policy must be for freedom of movement of students, business people and goods, so-called security policy is for the complete immobilisation of Palestinians.

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‘Celebratory violence’ of nationalist right

Americans were first to link the improbable swing to Brexit with the improbable swing to Trump. Hate crimes suddenly shot up, and quickly subsided in both instances; both rode on a fantasy that the days of white Christian supremacy were the best of days. Report from the Southern Poverty Law Center.

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American Jews denounce ‘Muslim registry’

Donald Trump is not yet President and he may be as unclear as everyone else about what he’ll actually do. But his campaign pledges of excluding and tracking Muslims have brought a strong reaction from American Jews.

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Settlers’ group uses forgery and theft to get land

For the last few years Haaretz has been following the land-grabbing techniques of the settlers’ group Amana. These include forging documents to show Amana owns the land. The group has assiduously cultivated links with the IDF and other state bodies and thus escaped prosecution for its illegal acts.

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All Jews are not responsible for Israel’s actions

Here is another very valuable contribution to the debate about what constitutes antisemitism and, where it occurs, how to respond.If all Jews are blamed for Israel’s actions they are also then guilty of dual loyalty. It is written by 3 academics and was sent to the Home Affairs select committee inquiry.

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Take away that man’s citizenship!

The basic facts of the Israeli occupation, of its treatment of Palestinians and its expansion of settlements have been in the public domain for a long time. So why is a Likud MP now demanding that Hagai El-Ad be treated as a traitor? Because, as the post below suggests, the B’Tselem director stated the need for outside intervention in the face of Israeli complicity and passivity.

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Chuck facts, go with the flow

As a founding member of JfJfP Richard Kuper draws on his personal experience and his extensive knowledge of Israel to analyse the Home Affairs report on antisemitism which floats on a raft of fixed assumptions that Labour antisemitism is a fact for which no further evidence is needed.

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The ways of making seized Palestinian land ‘legally’ Israeli

Yesh Din -volunteers for human rights – has analysed the means Israel uses to confiscate Palestine land and declare it state land. Yesh Din also helps Palestinians bring legal challenges to these seizures, with some success.

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How Palestine became colonised

Here are two documentary videos from telesur-English that show, first, what it says in the title and second ‘Inside Palestine’s refugee camps’. Could be shown to groups for discussion,

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Mass knee-capping of Palestinian youth

This article by Akiva Eldar and report from Badil tell us that the IDF, under Lieberman’s orders, are engaging in an orgy of destruction and arrest of young Palestinian men in refugee camps. The favourite tactic seems to be crippling them by shooting them in the leg. These tactics says BADIL are a crime under international law.

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